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Author Topic: Those Rpers Out There  (Read 858 times)

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Those Rpers Out There
« on: September 09, 2012, 11:43:33 AM »
I know the title is a little funny but I am finding the more and more I read in the welcome/introduction area that a lot of people here have rped in the past.  I was wondering what people rped.  Like are you more fandom based on forums or do you do email only sort of things.  What PG13 rps do you enjoy?  Please don't post links here to other boards and things like that because it is a little rude of course.  Just wondering what other sorts of things people are into.

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Re: Those Rpers Out There
« Reply #1 on: September 09, 2012, 12:25:40 PM »
This oddly got placed in the wrong forum and I am sorry about that.  If it could be deleted or moved would be grand.

Offline Moraline

Re: Those Rpers Out There
« Reply #2 on: September 09, 2012, 01:07:01 PM »
I personally started mostly RP'ing over messenger but have moved onto the Forums recently.

All of my role plays are adult in nature. I like a lot of story and a little naughty fun.

Here's a selection from my On/Off's thread (you won't be able to read the full thread until you get approved but here's a snippet):
* Note that I don't mention sex/erotica in the descriptions to much.  That is because it occurs as part of the story, not as the main focus of it (usually.)

Scenarios/Stories I was involved in:   (These are just samples to show you what I have already played. I like new ideas)

Wasteland - A world ruined and scourged by war/famine/plague/environmental decay.  Now filled with ruined cities and pockets of civilizations, most people live in small enclaves, roam in gangs, clans and packs.

I played a young woman(teenager) that was a forager in the cities.  The male played a loner that came along and spotted me. He captured me and took me as his property.  In a land of survival like this, I(she) adapted by becoming subservient to him and they roamed the countryside fighting for survival. 

Lycan Clan - In a world of Lycans and Nosferatu I played the part(s) of the girls that were taken by the Lycan clan. Abducted and turned into members.  It was a brief one off role play that focused on non-consensual/forced.

Call of Cthulhu - A magic based horror game. I played the part of a young (teenage) witch being guided by an older witch in the ways of fighting back against the nameless horrors that dwell in the dark dimensions.  Those that seek to crawl out of our dreams and consume the world.  The male played the game master and also had a main character that became a sort of fighter/guardian to my young witch.

Patient / Therapist - A modern world role play setting where I played the part of a wife that was having marital issues and sought out marriage counseling with a therapist. 

It revolved around her being troubled by a terrible car accident that nearly cost her life a few years before.  After undergoing radical facial reconstructive surgery she was now uncomfortable in her own skin and felt that her new look was tearing her marriage apart. 

It's focus was on her mental issues and the relationship formed between her and her Therapist.  ((I played this one with a few people and each had different takes on it - 1) seduced her, 2) lived vicariously through her erotic stories 3) took advantage to control her. ))

Psychology Student / Survey - I (my character) started the game by going to do a survey and ask them questions about their sexual behavior for a sexual psychology paper she was writing.  As the story unfolded it became a study of incestuous sexual behaviors and the way in which social restrictions affected the psychology of our ideas on sexual behavior among close family and friends.

Cyberpunk Distopian Future -  My character was a vocalist in a Korean Pop/Dance group and in trouble with a local organized crime lord. The male was one of the crime lord's hired men and turned to help me escape.  The world was sort of Blade Runner'esque.

Borderlands -  Never got started but the idea was that we were to be bounty hunter / treasure hunters in a world just like the Borderlands video game.  Nasty and full of mutated freaky people and animals.  Sort of Road Warrior'esque.

Spy Games -  Male and Female (me) spy team sent to bust into a building and retrieve information/eliminate targets.

Cyberpunk / Anti-Hacker Squad -  Young college drop out that is a computer hacker joins an investigation team.  The team was set up to investigate a new wave of computer viruses that leap from computer to person and reprogram their brains. 

Steampunk / Bounty Hunter -  My female bounty hunter drives her moto-car (3 wheeled old fashioned looking thing) into a town looking for a famous weapon-smith and ends up signing up the man's daughter as her new partner and they fly off to Paris together via Dirigible to get work.

.. but this is a really really big forum with a lot of different type of role players in it.

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Re: Those Rpers Out There
« Reply #3 on: September 09, 2012, 01:26:16 PM »
Oh cool those sound interesting.  I really like the boarderlands one even though I do not have the video game.

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Re: Those Rpers Out There
« Reply #4 on: September 09, 2012, 01:54:19 PM »
Hi and nice thread.

I discovered online role playing when I was 35.  Never knew such a thing existed until a then online female friend introduced me to it.  After a year of trial and error she owned a series of hugely successful adult HP and vampire/ellimental sites, of which I moderated with her.  Towards the end I owned one of the sister sites.  It was a lot of work , and by the time I left, too much work which destroyed any desire to write.

Anyway I found an adult site a few months later that I just loved. Made a couple of long term friends and learned to write so much better.  Unfortunately it closed a while ago. And I've got here and another sister site. Both of which have been found by my friends.

I love my role playing. I don't like none erotic writing however.  In saying that I won't be involved in stories that are only sex based. I have to have a good plot with "some" sex.  I never ever get involved with email or private messenger Rp. Not my thing.  I write onsite only where boundaries are set.  It's a wonderful form of escape and very fulfilling when shared with the right partner.  I participate in Historical and contemporary play. And I love the romantic thrill in writing up the trials and tribulations of relationships. I don't touch cannon characters or plays based on books or movies although I do use book jackets as inspiration.

Don't know if this helps, but I hope there's an answer in the ramble somewhere.

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Re: Those Rpers Out There
« Reply #5 on: September 09, 2012, 03:25:56 PM »
I own my own board that is semi successful but it is fandom based.  The one thing we love about it is the fact that we are set up a lot like this board.  Public areas are for PG13 and private whatever is fine with us.

Offline VicodinRhapsody

Re: Those Rpers Out There
« Reply #6 on: September 10, 2012, 04:57:46 PM »
I began about 10 years ago in the AOL chats. Someone in another room said 'Let's go make fun of the roleplayers', and when I watched them, I was in awe! I loved the idea! So the next night, I made a new screen name and started, with an anime character I later rewrote as my own and still play to this day. I joined my first guild less than 6 weeks into playing and became a division leader less than 2 months later. I left that guild when the overall commander allowed for rule-breaking that ended in violent harassment. I was threatened with violence over and over and the offender was finally banned, only to be invited back as second-in-command a few months later. When I made an argument about it, I was told I could deal with it or leave. So I left, and took 2 other division commanders, and 2 division seconds with me. The guild commander was left scrambling to fill the void. This incident is why I LOVE the structure and rules of places like this.

The second guild I was in allowed me to reach the rank of Major...and it eventually closed. I did, however, meet a wonderful RP partner while there, and played opposite her for several years. We parted ways a couple years ago. Such a shame it happened, we had the best RP story going, a rewriting of the career of the rock band Queen. I had the heavy job of playing all four boys. Not easy, but great fun. I still play Brian today.

Now, I RP with my best friend, still with my two main characters...and a secondary SL with another dear friend (who introduced me to this site). I've played countless characters, both male and female, in reality and anime-based worlds. So now I get to see what will happen here.

Offline MobatsTopic starter

Re: Those Rpers Out There
« Reply #7 on: September 10, 2012, 09:05:33 PM »
Oh that is epic.  I still have my first character who I started an PB rp board with that just celebrated 12 years.  I no longer run it but do stop by from time to time.

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Re: Those Rpers Out There
« Reply #8 on: September 11, 2012, 11:26:38 AM »
I started on site that I am pretty sure no longer exists, it was a place that linked people wanting to RP through email. I found quite a few decent groups through there, including my first taste of adult RP that wasn't supposed to be quite so... adult, lol. Me and this one other writer hit it off, then our characters, and we were basically cybering right in the middle of some plot I still can't remember, lol. Not my finest moment, but it was pretty fun anyway.

I didn't get really seriously into it until I joined a LotR fan RP, that was a helluva lot of fun and I met some great people. We met on YIM all the time, sometimes to discuss RPs, and sometimes just to chat. I remember I had to break their habit of calling me Frodo because that was the first character I played with them.

That after that, I played in a several really awesome modern fantasy groups, with two characters I grew to like very much, and many others I just played for a time or two. But the groups, all run in the same circle of writers, pretty much imploded after a fair bit of drama, and I decided to leave groups behind for a while and focus on 1x1 stuffs. I met all sorts of wonderful and talented writers, including one who opened my eyes to the possibilities of non-straight sexuality.

Whether group or 1x1, I almost always played free form, with one very awesome and notable exception where I played in a GURPS based game, with a phenomenal group that I got so close to, I went out of state to visit them for a week. We sort of drifted, then I found another group, started a few awesome games, tried to run one myself that didn't work out so well, then moved in with one of them for a while, heh. Since then I have been drifting from site to site, until I finally found E, where I have finally found what I think I have been looking for, for quite some time.

I hope the answers to your questions are in there somewhere within my rambling?  :-)

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Re: Those Rpers Out There
« Reply #9 on: September 11, 2012, 12:00:39 PM »
I don't think there is a right or wrong to the question I just like to see what people like to rp besides what is offered here. I am a curious person so I like to know these thing.

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Re: Those Rpers Out There
« Reply #10 on: September 11, 2012, 02:16:24 PM »
I've actually only ever done forum RPing when it comes to doing stuff online. I have quite a bit of experience with PB having run a few sites myself and currently running one more. I'm not ashamed of my past so I'll admit that my first RPing experience came from something to do with Gaia... *shudders* I will never go back there. However, that IS where I met my now best friend and former co-owner of sites. From that place, I found my way to PB through wrestling. Joined what is known as an "E-Fed" as KingBear. This was roughly 6 years ago. As I said in my intro, I've only been RPing online for about 7+ years.

When I joined that E-Fed I saw that they had RPing on there as well and was very intrigued by the idea of writing out a wrestling match with someone. I read a few of the matches and decided to make a profile for it. Won my first match in the fed which was kind of interesting to do. The fighting system was the best system I've ever been a part of. So I kept RPing there, eventually created a tag team known as The Coven with a friend and we became the Tag Team champs beating out one of the "GMs" (mods) of the site for the title. I convinced my friend to join us at the site and we formed our first Stable with the three of us and another friend.

As The Coven we wreaked havoc on the other members of the site before the site closed down for personal reasons. I had heard murmurings of the site closing and decided I would create my own E-Fed as a place for their members to go. Did this, it was successful for a while until we merged with another Fed. Heh, that was pretty epic, it almost instantly created feuds between members of my site and members of the other site. The sad part is our best faced off against their best in a "Pay Per View" of sorts and we ended up winning every match.

My E-Fed career continued and I stopped match writing as much and mostly just ran The Coven and ran the RP side of the E-Fed. I created story lines and egged people on to get to certain points. The Coven acted as enforcers with KingBear as their leader. Nothing could stop them. After a couple years, I had a falling out with one of the other Owners of the site and decided to make my own site again.

At first it wasnt super busy but once loyal friends heard about me opening another site, I had quite a few members. We set a precedent for how to RP and how matches were judged. It was awesome. I eventually retired from running the site and left it to my best friend after almost 2 years. Last I saw the site was still going strong. And now I'm here after a decent off period of not being able to find anything worthwhile. Too many rules or not enough rules or no process of weeding out.

That's just my online experience, sorry it's so long. There's actually a lot more but I tried to keep it as short as I could. I also have been writing since I was in high school. Actually all through school, my teachers all complimented me on my writing and ability to tell stories. And I've been playing a form of tabletop RPing since I was 13.