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~ Visna's Bedroom ~

I'm always open to hearing ideas. Like the basis of a story, but want to change something? Just let me know. Like the relationship, but want to play as a different gender? Feel free to ask. I'm very flexible, and I aim to please. A lot of my plots are simply small ideas attached to a photo. I prefer fleshing out the story over PM with my partner so it fits us perfectly. Also, most of my MxM plots involve transgenders. So be warned~

Before reading on, I'd recommend everybody check out my sexual interests. There is a link in my signature.

Feel free to toss me a message or post below! Note that a lot of my ideas are sparked from pictures, which I sometimes post along with the plot line. Some of these pictures are NSFW, so be cautious.

This is a work in progress! I will be adding a lot of story ideas over the next few weeks, so keep checking back!

The Stories

The Sugar Momma FxF
We have all seen stories about a sugar daddy romancing a younger girl, just like we have seen stories with cougars seducing younger men. But what if we merged these two ideas, and added in some lesbian flavor? What if a rich, old business woman had just divorced her third wife, and she was looking for a new girl friend? Why would she look for somebody her age when she could attract a nice girl out of high school or college who was a little too interested in the size of a person's wallet?

The Guardian Angel FxF

A romance story involving lesbians and pregnancy... Certainly an odd combo. A woman has been unable to find work, but she has been living with her boy friend and getting by. She finds out the news that she is pregnant, and shortly after her boy friend leaves her. Her family turns against her, she is unable to support herself financially, and she begins to consider abortion. That is when her best friend of over ten years comes in to save her. Her best friend comes out of the closet, claiming that she has always had a crush on her, and that she wants to raise the baby with her. She picks up a second job and lets her pregnant friend move in and relax while she takes on the fatherly role of working and tending to her. Their relationship changes quickly from friends to a true, loving couple. Drama would be very apparent as the pregnant woman would be very moody and still unsure about dating a woman that she has thought of as a friend since middle school.

The Assassination Plot FxF

The story could take place in an alternate reality or in modern society. It could be set anywhere between the 80's to 2050. Two women from an underdeveloped country are international terrorists. One of them is a mastermind when it comes to her job, and she has been devising a plan to bomb an entire sky line in order to start a war. Her motives are filled with revenge and hate, and she is determined to complete her task no matter the cost. Her partner in crime is her female lover. She is quiet and beautiful, which is why she is liked by her partner, but she has a lot of doubts about their mission. There will be a lot of drama involving their romance. Will the more conscious partner turn on her lover to try to save the city, or will her lover keep her in line and fill her mind with propaganda? Choices... choices...

My Parents are Away... It's Our Time FxF

Two high school girls have been friends since they were very young. One is an open lesbian, and the two have been flirting and curious about each other for quite some time. The only problem is the other girl's parents are extremely over protective. Her mother is a stay at home mom, and she is always on the watch. Her computer is so protected that she has been unable to view porn for years. After years of waiting, a miracle happens. The virginal girl's father decides it is time for a romantic getaway, and he purchases two plane tickets for a weekend out of country. After much decision, he decides to leave his darling, only daughter at home. It proves to be a big mistake. The girl calls up her best friend and invites her over for a weekend sleepover. The clothes stay off all weekend long as her best friend finally gets to show her the ropes. They find out that maybe they are the perfect match that they've always believed they could be.

The Strength of the Pen FxF

Although bondage is a possibility, the story would be focused mostly on the romance side of things. The story would be set in a modern setting, located in America, and involve and mention a lot of issues that are present today. One of the women would be a middle-aged woman who is a blogger, feminist, and gay rights activist and planner. She is one of the biggest voices in the media, and has been planning and running several gay rights events over the past few years. The other girl is a young student straight out of college with her undergraduate degree. She is extremely poor, unable to find a job, and has a nearly useless major, but she is positive and a big supporter of social rights. She is also a huge fan of the other woman, reading and subscribing to all of her blog posts. She attends one of her events, and, by chance, runs into her and starts up a conversation. The younger girl admires her for her activity in the gay rights scene, her intelligent mind, and her own open sexuality. She even admits that the writer was one of the people that helped convince her to come out of the closet to her family and friends. The older woman finds this younger girl funny, attractive, and playfully naive. They exchange numbers, and decide to meet up the next day during the convention for coffee.  Things hit off quickly as they realize how much in common their views are, and how much they both adore their personalities. The writer has been single for quite some time, breaking up with her last girl friend over personal reasons, and she is quite interested in this young girl. The same can be said for the young, experienced student who worships the courage that the older woman possesses.

Nerves on the Job MxM or FxF

The setting for the story is definitely up for discussion. I was thinking it would fit best in an alternate reality, modern world, but there are a lot of other options. It could go a FxF route as well, but I designed it for MxM since it is slightly more believable that way. The story follows a group of rebels that are tasked with assassinating several of the world's most powerful leaders. A small group of intelligent men spent years searching for the perfect candidates to form a squad that could kill a leader and get out with perfect success. They needed men who were perfect at what they did, but also had no ties to any government or military and would be entirely gullible and trustworthy. One of the most important parts of the puzzle is the team's sniper. Shortly after the group is formed, training begins, and the rookie sniper begins to have second guesses. He is worried about actually shooting popular figures. The training tests show that when he is nervous, his shot is entirely off, but when he is confident, he simply doesn't miss. One of the leaders, a transsexual that the young soldier has been eying, devises a simple plan to calm the young soldier. He openly flirts with the young man, offering him sexual favors as stress relief. But the soldier doesn't want a body offered to him. Instead, he wants a body to control and brain wash him.

District 9 FxF

In a futuristic, alternate reality, either Japan, China, or North Korea has taken control of most of the globes. After taking over each country, they formed the colonies into areas called districts. At first, peace was relatively common. In the recent years, many of the districts have rebelled. At first, the mother country allowed the districts to elect a ruler from their own populace. The new ruler of China is a hard nosed woman who has begun punishing rebelling colonies by replacing their leader with a Chinese official. The new laws of the districts have begun to grow more strict, and taxes have increased. The ruler realizes something that most don't: the country does not have the power to stop too many more rebellions. District 9, previously the United States of America, has a history of rebellions. Their population is massive, and many are predicting that a rebellion will soon spark. They recently elected a female representative who has, apparently, been keeping them in check. She seems pro-China in her policies, and has even publicly sucked up to the mother country in many of her speeches. Worried and still unsure about District 9, the ruler of China travels directly to meet with their new representative. She is surprised to find that the woman is not only pro-China, but she idolizes their new ruler. She has been silently executing rebel leaders and successfully quelling any hopes of rebellion. She is also stunning gorgeous. To make sure she stays loyal, the Chinese ruler follows one of her tactics that got her into her seat of power: seduction and sex.

The Cross Player Mansion MxM
This story would be focused mostly on smut. It would involve a rich man and his obsession with Japanese modern culture. He has hired several staff to find young, attractive boys who are interested or already involved in cosplay. The staff hire these boys to service their rich boss by playing along with a game. The boys are flown to his mansion and shown around while the rich owner isn't home. They are then allowed to do whatever they want around the house. They can eat from the fridge, order food, use the billiards tables or pool, and sleep in any beds. There are only three rules! They must cosplay as a female character. They must act "in character". And they must obey the owner of the house. The story would follow the owner as he randomly stumbles upon feminine boys doing random things around his home. He would then play around with them, perhaps chasing them or playing hide n' seek. The result is always the same. They have sex with him and then they are allowed to leave and collect their pay check.

Sibling Rivalry MxM
This story focuses on three brothers and their competition involving a single boy. The three brothers are all rich, but their personalities are different. The oldest is a wealthy business who cares only about his money. When it comes to sex, he hardly even cares. The personalities of the other two are up for discussion. The oldest man is married to a young and attractive male who has very feminine features. He has been married to this boy for some time, but their "marriage" has grown stale. It was started only for sex, and, now that the man has lost interest in sexual activities, they simply do nothing together. The boy has grown increasingly bored, and desires to be dominated by the older man like he used to. He never leaves the house, and he simply waits around for days only to be let down when his husband is always tired after work.

But things change suddenly. The older man has two younger brothers who have recently moved nearby. They are both rich as well, and they begin to often visit their brother's house for business or to use his mansion for parties and entertainment. They both fall in love with their brother's cute husband. They always mention how beautiful he is to their oldest brother, but he doesn't even seem to care about the boy. As they hang out near him, they both decide to make moves on him whenever their brother isn't around. The boy loves his husband, but he is always looking for new lovers who will actually lay in bed with him and do more than simply lay there.

What would happen? There are a lot of possibilities. The boy would definitely be willing and submissive, but he wouldn't be entirely easy. Plus, he wants to keep things hidden while the brothers seem to think that they're strong enough to take their relationship public. What happens when one of them gets caught by their older brother and is killed for touching the boy? Would the other stop once the addiction is set in?

Backfire FutaxM
I'm largely undecided on the setting or political background to the story. I was thinking that it could be set up in a modern, alternate reality.

A group of African terrorists have been wrecking havoc world wide for months. They have been found to be the root of multiple bombings and the deaths of thousands. Their leader is a woman whose identity is unknown. She is said to be the reincarnated devil herself, but even the United States government has yet to catch her. Finally, they catch a piece of intel that they believe may lead them to the woman. They send a group of their finest SEALs. They break into the premise deep in the jungles of Africa only to find a stronger force of the terrorists inside. All of them are killed... except one. A single soldier is knocked unconscious. When he awakes, he is face to face with the she-devil herself. She is a large, dark skinned woman whose frown is enough to make a man shiver. They moved to a different location, and she planned on interrogating the soldier before killing him. Surprisingly, he spills everything he knows without being tortured. He begs helplessly for his life, claiming he would do anything for this woman killer. She decides not to kill him, but rather to use him to her compound's advantage. She keeps him locked on and personally talks to him daily. She fills his head with propaganda proclaiming herself as the devil and ruler of the world who is seeking to bring peace through death. She openly flirts with him, teasing him with false promises. He is weak and falls for it. She keeps him locked up for some time, eventually moving onto stage two: creating love. She doesn't like the man in the least, but she begins to sleep with him. She is actually a hermaphrodite, but the man grows used to this and begins to enjoy it. Eventually, once he is totally loyal to the cause, she sends him back to the United States to spy and gather more intel. She tells him not to come back unless he has a certain piece of classified information her own spies have been unable to access. Once he comes back, she promises him much more than ever before. The plot would follow the entire story from beginning to end.


Talk about Chrystal-Bait, Vis...

Which ever of these you still most want to do, let's talk about!

The only one I'm less keen on is the assassination plot, because I'm not really sure what you have in mind. However if that is the one you are craving most, then we can talk about it...

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Added several new stories. More to come later today!