Devotion's RP Ideas (All Taken For the Moment)

Started by Devotion, May 14, 2008, 12:17:22 PM

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Friendly Affection
Sarah comes off as a sarcastic pain to her older brother’s best friend. Being a friend to the family for years, the two never meshed well but lately as she’s matured the friend has been taking notice of both her body and her mind. She doesn’t seem just like his friend’s ‘kid-sister’ anymore. As an opportunity arises for the friend to come along on a family camping vacation he agrees to lighten the load by taking Sarah up with him to the cabin first. As they arrive a horrible storm ensues, knocking down several trees and preventing access to the cabin from the rest of the family. Left alone, the friend decides to take advantage of the situation and have his own idea of fun.

I will be playing Sarah and I’m looking for a male RP partner to play the friend. This role play can be either consensual or non consensual with opportunity for bondage etc.

Extracurricular Fun

Chloe is a freshman in college, excited to be living on her own and to explore her sexual desires. Coming from a strict household she finds the freedom to be exhilarating and loves the attention she receives from the males on campus. However, she is harboring a secret infatuation with her gorgeous English professor who she tends to flirt with after class. After submitting her first paper, the professor sets up a meeting to discuss her work where he takes full advantage of the situation.

Looking for a male RP partner to play the English professor

A Royal Scandal
Evelyn is the youngest daughter in a powerful kingdom. Looking for steady alliances her father ships her off to be married to a young prince in a neighboring kingdom. Never before setting eyes on the prince Evelyn is naturally against the marriage, but can’t help noticing how attractive her betrothed is. Forced to spend the night with him to consummate their marriage she struggles at first but eventually gives in to her desires.
The next morning she finds that she hadn’t slept with the prince at all, but his older brother. The brother uses this information as blackmail to continue making her sleep with him so he wouldn’t reveal the information to her husband.

Looking for a male RP partner who feels comfortable playing both the parts of the prince and his brother. Some details need to be worked out still, but this has potential for bondage etc.


I want to take this time to call the friendly affection rp! ;D
I stole your heart, love.


i do love the Extracurricular Fun idea. But the Royal scandal is also good... hmmm... *Thinks hard for a moment*

If your up for it id love to play the Extracurricular Fun story with you. ;)