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Author Topic: A Genie in a Bottle (Metis and Sherona)  (Read 1299 times)

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A Genie in a Bottle (Metis and Sherona)
« on: May 14, 2008, 12:01:42 AM »
One might think that living for almost a thousand years contained inside an ornate bottle would be maddening, at the very least cramped. However, Ezmerelda did not find it cramped or maddening at all. Once inside her tiny captive space, it was quite roomy. Oh she supposed it had something to do with the spells that bound her to this place, with its lush pillows and sustanence whenever she thought of it. She really didn't care to dwell on that too much.

Ezmerelda was a genie, one of average power and ability by genie standards. She looked quite human, even could pass as one if she so chose, not that she chose much of anything. It was all up to her current Master. Whoever owned the bottle. Even her appearances tended to change due to her Master's whims. For now she was between master's, stuck inside the bottle for centuries, collecting dust on some antique dealer's shelves. So she kept the form her previous Master had given her. Short, barely reaching five foot even, with red hair that curled past her waist. Her green eyes sparkled mischievously and not an ounce of extra weight could be seen anywhere.

Her clothing was of the time period when she last left her bottle, close to the eighteen hundreds, so her gown was quite a sight. Billowing skirts of softest green, an off the shoulder bodice that hinted at her bosums but did not divulge. All in all she was quite a sight to behold, that was of course assuming that anyone was going to be laying eyes upon her any time soon.

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Re: A Genie in a Bottle (Metis and Sherona)
« Reply #1 on: May 14, 2008, 12:18:34 AM »
Peter was a natural born sucker.   Over the years, his gullibility had cost him quite a bit.  He had dated girlfriends with male friends that liked to visit after hours while he was away, had never masturbated until his twenties when he found out that the hairy palms and blindness weren't true, he had even sent his money in aid to a certain Ethiopian prince.  All of this had been much to his detriment, but today his naivete was going to pay off for once.

"You sir!" The shopkeeper called out from the counter while Peter was browsing, "Something about you, I like.  I make a special deal deal for you.  Genie lamp, fifty dollar."

Peter's cocked an eybrow, "Genie lamp?  You mean an old fashioned oil lamp?"

"No, no...this real genie lamp.  Grant wishes, it does." The swarthy shopkeeper replied.

"Oh really?  Then why don't you use it, grant your own wishes?"

The shopkeeper thought for a moment, "Um...I am but a simple shopkeeper.  I have all I want."

"Well, okay...could I at least see the genie come out before I buy it?"


Peter frowned.  This was almost definitely a scam.  But still...his own genie...

"You said seventy dollars?" Peter asked.

The shopkeeper didn't miss a beat, "Yes.  Yes I did."

Peter bought the lamp and took it back to his small apartment.  Filled with excitement, he began rubbing it just as the shopkeeper had instructed.  For a moment, nothing happened.  Had he been scammed?

(Ah, just wondering, but in a forum, how does one handle other character's actions?  In chat, I usually let the other person control themselves and vice versa, but it seems that might slow things down in a forum roleplay.)

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Re: A Genie in a Bottle (Metis and Sherona)
« Reply #2 on: May 14, 2008, 12:29:30 AM »
(OOC: In Forum play its Kosher to allow others to handle their own characters. Small instances such as "He moves her arm" it is ok, but huge instances "She is so excited to see my character that.." is not. :) If this is unclear let me know and I will try to explain better)

Ezmerelda was not particularly busy, there is not too many things one can do within the lamp to entertain oneself after the cardtricks got old. So it is with great surprise that she started to feel the tingling, the sudden vaccuum that seemed to almost take her very breath, and the disorientation that accompanied such vaccum.

Outside the lamp, it begins to shake, just subtly until steam of a purest green started to fall from the wick, filling the room almost with a green fog. It might have seemed like hours that the fog rolled through, but in actuality it was merely seconds. Ezmerelda was outside for the first time in nearly a millenia.

Her red hair curled around her waist, moving as she hesitantly looks around, wondering if she was to  have a Master or Mistress this time. Seeing a man her face brightens with a smile and she hurriedly moved towards him, her out-dated clothing rustling slightly. "Master!" She exclaims, her voice airy and light even as she drops to her knees at his feet. "My current name is Ezmerelda, and I am here to serve you Master. In exchange for releasing me from my prison I offer to you my servitude until you either pass the lamp on or until you cease to exist."

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Re: A Genie in a Bottle (Metis and Sherona)
« Reply #3 on: May 14, 2008, 12:39:33 AM »
(OOC: Okay then.  Also, what's the average number of words per post?  Single sentences are obviously out, but one character monologing while the other listens seems a bit awkward as well.  If I do anything wrong or just not very well, please call me out on it and I'll try and do better.)

Peter looked at the kneeling figure in front of him, jaw wide open.  The largest part of his mind had been telling him that the lamp would be fake.  After all, he'd seen no evidence for magic yet.  His wild expectations had envisioned a strangely colored man with smoke for legs.  Not...a rather well endowed woman humbly proclaiming her servitude to him.

"Are...are you a genie?  You grant wishes?"

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Re: A Genie in a Bottle (Metis and Sherona)
« Reply #4 on: May 14, 2008, 12:48:26 AM »
(OOC: There isn't a number of words per post limit. Thats really up to each individual writer. However, plot advancement, character developement, etc are what makes a good story :D Basically if you can answer these questions 'What is my character doing, thinking, feeling? What is my character saying? Did I leave enough cues for my partner to build a post from?" then generally your post is good :D Btw, what does your character look like? For some reason I keep imagining Peter Parker from Spiderman...:P)

Ezmerelda looks up as he speaks, her large green eyes wide and adoring. This is what she was created for, this is all she knows. Perhaps she could even read minds, or perhaps it was simply because he was her Master she knew his desires -or percieved- desires. With a simple clap of her hands the green fog returned in a blink of an eye.

Instead of her short red-headed frame, there floated a man of some eastern descent, his ageless face still holding the adoring features. No legs could be seen, though the green fog had accumulated into a column below it. The Genie's skin was tattooed by many tribal designs. "Is this better Master? I grant wishes, yes, I fullfill deepest desires."

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Re: A Genie in a Bottle (Metis and Sherona)
« Reply #5 on: May 14, 2008, 01:01:33 AM »
(OOC: Okay then.  It's getting late over here, so this will be my last post for the night.  Peter Parker's appearance is perfect for your generic down on his luck guy.  Something like that, minus the Bruce Lee body tone and with slightly longer hair.  Can't really think of a way to casually introduce that this late in the roleplay though.  Probably should of done that my first post.)

" really." Peter blushed, "Think you could...uh...turn back into a woman?"

Her form shifted back to that of a woman, "Of course, Master."

"So...wishes, huh?  And desires..." Peter looked at the genie as his mind raced with the possibilities.  Money, of course, would be nice.  Though, if she could grant his wishes, money would be totally unnecessary.  Material pleasures seemed so unimportant at the moment when he had an adoring, all powerful, and well endowed slave right in front of him.  He began to imagine her wearing nothing but a collar and leash...

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Re: A Genie in a Bottle (Metis and Sherona)
« Reply #6 on: May 14, 2008, 01:06:21 AM »
Her form shifted back to that of a woman, "Of course, Master."
This would probably fall into the 'too much of a power pose,' :D My character might have decided not to turn back ..though yeah she would have and it saves time,  but it still kind of plays my character. Just a small thing to avoid :) Your doing great hun Glad to see you around E.)