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Author Topic: The Merchant's Wares (Jynx & Airindel)  (Read 1073 times)

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The Merchant's Wares (Jynx & Airindel)
« on: May 13, 2008, 07:36:51 PM »

It was a rather busy day in the market place. Merchants hovering out in the streets trying to move out their merchandise to anyone who seemed to perk interest as they passed by, and even to some that didn't seem interested at all. Children played, running through the streets, woman gossiped as they normally would, The Market was a buzz with many different people.

Gilran made his way through the crowded market place, looking about as he did. His long Silvery hair was back in a pony tail to keep it from his face. He had long pointed elven ears, that protruded through his hair. His face was slender and rather handsome. His deep blue eyes seemed to glisten in the sunlight. He was dressed in simple clothing, A brown leather tunic, a simple white shirt and brown pants.

Gilran pushed his way through the crowd until he reached a merchant. " you have a moment, I desire to make a sale." He reached for a pouch on the side of his belt, and from it removed a rather stunning diamond necklace. He kept a tight grip on the necklace but he rose it high enough for the merchant to see. He smiled cheekily as he showed it to the merchant, "it would bring you a pretty much would you give me for it?"

The girl had watched the merchants in the market area for days, had dallied through the crowds as a supposed shopper; noted their wares, she did, and the currency that was exchanged. The chink and tinkle of coins always sent a rush of heat and excitement through her, an electrical sensation which pulsed and beat throughout her thin form, sent a shiver of live within her, and truly, she could not help but to acquire the said coin. With exceptional skill, the girl could lift money from a pocket, and when bored, she would acquire collectable items of various assortments, give them to her fence to sell, but now, she dared her ability, pressed it, and there she stood behind the merchant's counter disguised as a man.

The full beard that she had attached to her face itched, and she did not know if it was the glue or the hair itself, and desperately she tried not to scratch at it with her slender fingers with the square cut nails; a hangnail made one puffy and irritated. The clothing she wore was of quality, hues of tan and navy, and undergarments of padding were draped across her flesh to fill her out in the appropriate areas, and lessen her feminine figure.

When the elf approached, the girl was appraising a silver necklace with an amber pendent, and little heed did she pay to him until the sparkle of a diamond, brilliant in the sunlight, gleaming with perfection, caught her line of sight. She offered the elf a smile, and before she spoke, the girl appraised him and wondered what sums of money or trinkets he may also have on his person.

“Indeed, good man.” The girl said as she tried to make her voice gruff. A velvet she unfolded, placed on the counter between them, and blinked at the elf. Would he notice the absence of the guards? She risked it. “Please, my fellow friend, to appraise it I will need to see the entirety of the necklace.”

The true merchant, gagged and bound, rested under the counter completely out of eye sight, but a muffled moan escaped him. The girl's boot pressed against the merchant's head to silence him, and she coughed. “An exquisite piece it looks to be, Sir.” She added, hesitantly.

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Re: The Merchant's Wares (Jynx & Airindel)
« Reply #1 on: May 13, 2008, 08:17:49 PM »
Gilran tilted his head slightly, watching the merchant with a careful eye, taking note of certain things and disregarding others. For all he knew this was merely a merchant, however he did know that as a whole most people where greedy. However even as this crossed his mind he handed the diamond necklace to the merchant, it sparkled brightly. Gilran watched eagerly, his eyes trying to keep sight on the lovely necklace. "So much is it worth to you merchant? I assure you it is of the finest quality" He smiled smugly, as if her where sure it would bring him a good amount of coin.

Gilran shifted his weight to his other foot, it was evident he was nervous, He brought his gaze to the merchant for a moment trying to read him, waiting for him to undercut the value greatly, as all merchants did. His soft silvery hair fell to his face as he brushed it back.

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Re: The Merchant's Wares (Jynx & Airindel)
« Reply #2 on: May 13, 2008, 08:57:46 PM »
The girl held the loupe in her hand loosely for the faintest trace of sweat beaded on her fingers and the palm of her hand. The instrument was proving to be hard to hold in the damp grasp and she desired to wipe her hand on her breeches, but refrained for it would look peculiar, yet she could use the excuse of a warm day. ...anything to ease the discomfort... Her hand met her pants, dried her palm and ignored the elf as best she could for the time being.

Anxiety raced though her. The desire to grab the necklace and run, flee from the elf, from the city guard that meandered through the throngs in the market area, and although it would be simple enough to do something made her suppress the urge. She remained steadfast and carefully examined the diamonds; clarity she was looking for, yet she was distracted by the pendent which was pear shaped and weighty. It was more than a carat, and suspiciously, the girl peered up at the elf who shifted from foot to foot, and looked suspiciously about his being. Only then did it occur to her who he was, and her eyes narrowed.

Only a few years had passed between them since they ended their partnership, and although elves rarely physically changed in that slight time, his  hair was longer, paler, and tied up instead of loose and cascading. The girl straightened and studied the elf to make certain of her memory. Only one man had those colour of eyes, and her fingers wrapped around the necklace claiming it for her own.

“I am certain it is of the finest quality, yes, agreed,” The girl said in the same gruff voice and suspiciously gazed about her. No city guards were in sight, and she leaned close to the elf so that her words could only be heard by him. “Which nobleman's wife offered the pretties to you?” The girl asked, her voice her own, and then she whispered his name. “Gilran.” Idisa smiled at him, one that was a little too confident.

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Re: The Merchant's Wares (Jynx & Airindel)
« Reply #3 on: May 14, 2008, 10:39:00 AM »
Gilran watched the merchant take the necklace and then suddenly found himself off struck by an all to familiar female voice, his body went from his nervous stance to full erect at attention to the female as he heard her speak his name. His once present smile faded to a look of sheer terror as he realized how out of reach the necklace really was.

He looked up to see Idisa smiling at him through her fake beard and merchant clothes, it was apparent he would not get the necklace back. His face slowly moved to a slight frown, he placed his hands firmly on the booth in front of him staring at her, his blue eyes seeming to darken from a crystal blue to almost a deep dark blue. His frown then went to a slight sarcastic smirk as he watched her carefully. "Idisa" he said softly.

He bit at the bottom of his lip, a bad habit he had around her. He usually was calm and cool, always trying to hide his true feelings, you think he'd have it down by now,as often as he attempted to deceive someone, but something about her, had always brought out his true anger, discomfort or fears. Perhaps that is why he left her to fend for herself, she had been such a thorn in his side.

He cleared his throat still staring her down, not remmoving his gaze from her now narrowed eyes. "I see you still lack tact.." He said in a aggressive tone. He sat watching to see what she would do now in order to try and devise some way to get the diamonds back from her, hoping that possibly a guard would pass through the area or she would slip in some manner and someone else would notice she was not the merchant. His slender fingers extended towards her in a calm manner, "I'll be taking those back, unless you'd like for me to cause you trouble from getting more shinnies my love" His smirk widened slightly, he was almost certain she had not thought her escape through, as she rarely did.