The stableboy, and other ideas. (M/F - M/M) Looking for either.

Started by Nachtmahr, September 03, 2012, 04:47:43 PM

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Hello there, dear reader.

While I'm aware that I've already made a big and awesome thread-request thread, I have however been slightly out of ideas I wanted to put on it, and it also feels like people don't really see the actual ideas once they're there. (Although that might be my fault, because while the design is -sweet- the stuff there is a bit rubbish, and I'm sort of renovating it.)

Anyways, back on track. I was looking through one of the countless picture threads on the board, and suddenly a certain picture of a boy popped up. First of all I didn't really know what to do about it, but I was falling in love with him, deeper and deeper by the second. Soon I realized that I was only going to rid myself of this deep desire for this boy by playing him, which seems to be the way to deal with desire around here.

Here is a few of my favorite pictures of the boy in mind;

(And just to avoid any inconvenience, this boy is confirmably 18+ and appear in several threads on Elli.)

Now for some basic story ideas. Keep in mind that these may be updated, or moved altogether to my main RP-search thread if people seems positive.

The stableboy.

Timeline; Long term.

Setting; Possibly something victorian or medieval. Mainly, I'm thinking something in between 1500-1800, normal world, but I'm open for any suggestions, and possibly something steampunk'ish.

Themes; Mainly something romantic and somewhat vanilla. While there will probably be intimate clashes, I'm not thinking of this as a mainly erotic story, but more storydriven with a slow, down-to-earth and realistic approach to mid-late teenage romance in the given ages. Mainly I'm thinking something M/F, but I'm keeping this open to M/M as well, should some interesting suggestions drop by. I also somewhat like the 'forbidden love' aspect that this could cause.

Your character; Possibly a princess/prince, or perhaps a noble of some kind. Preferably 16-17 as the site allows. Please don't offer me anything below that, as I have no interest in breaking Elli's rules, and currently cant offer any alternative platform for roleplaying. You will have quite a bit of craetive freedom to work on your own character, but I will probably ask for at least a rough draft of what I will be playing against.

My character; Matthias, or Matt between his sparce friends, is a 17 year old boy. He has been a war-orphan ever since he was rather small, and as such he has grown up being accustomed to being alone. He might be considered somewhat shy and socially awkward. In his late puberty he was hired to come work as a stableboy in the royal stables (or possibly a noble or lord/lady of some kind) and he took very well to this job. He knew that he was lucky to even get a job, roof over his head and food on his plate, and cherished the fact that he would not have to roam the streets, or turn to begging to prostitution, like many of his fellow orphans had to just to make some kind of living.
He has a bit of a hard time around people, as he's not really accustomed to any kind of kindness or interest, but he seems to show quite some love and compassion for the majestic horses that he tends to, and he is fairly good at his job, being allowed to take certain liberties every now and again, like taking some out for a ride to town, or through the woods. It also turns out that he is a rather brilliant horseman.

Plot; The plot is rather basic from this point and onwards. As explained above, Matt is a rather shy young man, but rather attractive. Perhaps even attractive enough to somehow get the attention of a young, fair maiden at the place where he serves. Ofcourse this would never do, and he/she could never really confess any intimate interests in him in public, but perhaps this youth you would be playing had enough of a sense of adventure to pursue his/her crush on this fine young man.
This would then go to slowly build into some kind of relationship between the two, and they may indeed end up having to hide their otherwise to sweet and loving affair in the hay of the stables or out in the woods, or whatever we might think of.

What kind of partner am I looking for? Normally I'm not very picky, but for a plot like this, I really cannot stress the point that I am looking for someone with interests similar to my own. Someone interested in a rather laid-back romantic ride, a love story of two youngsters who should not by social standards be allowed to interact, but somehow falls for eachother. There will probably be some sexual elements, but I doubt that they would be all too adventurous, so if you're looking to tie someone up and spank them senseless, this wont be a story for you.
Basicly, I need to get this story out of my head, and to help me do that I need someone who can enjoy a romantic, probably rather realistic late-teen romance between unlikely lovers. Someone up for a bit of a Romeo and Juliet story. Hopefully someone like that is still around? If you are, please send me a PM, and I will get back to you ASAP.

Please don't reply in this thread!
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