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Author Topic: A Magical Collection of Ideas (M seeking F)  (Read 2069 times)

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A Magical Collection of Ideas (M seeking F)
« on: September 03, 2012, 03:39:50 pm »
My complete list of current cravings and game ideas. Organized (generally) by post.

1. Blackmail / Coercion / NC / Cheating
2. Incest Themed
3. Mutual / Romance
4. Dominant / Submissive
5. Misc.

If you don't like any of my ideas below, feel free to send me a PM with your own ideas.

-World War 2 Era
-Historical Time Periods
-Time Travel
-Culture Clashes

-Taboo- Probably my greatest turn on. If its something that society considers Taboo, you can bet that it turns me on.
---Ageplay, Incest, Teacher/Student, Boss/Employee, Interracial, King/Maid, Queen/Adviser, Queen/Servant, Princess/Noble, Monster/Maiden
Really too many to list here. Just ask me and I can tell you.

My Characters:
-I only play Males, but that extends to Fantasy and SciFi Races as well.
-Age Range from 16 - 65 years old.
-Looks vary. Cock sizes vary. All based on partner preference.
-Not Involved in D/s
-Nerd to Jock, Virgin to Gods Gift To Women, Classy and Sophisticated to Dirty and Simple

My Partners Should be:
-16 to 55 years old.
-Varied looks and busts. Partner preference once more.
-Not Involved in D/s
-Nerd to Cheerleader, Virgin to Succubus/Nymph, Classy, Sophisticated, Dirty, Whore

Keep in mind these are only suggestions of what I like. I am more open then I realize I am, or that I can write on here. I hope that is the one thing that is conveyed to you.
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Re: A Magical Collection of Ideas (M seeking F)
« Reply #1 on: September 03, 2012, 03:40:01 pm »
1. Blackmail / Coercion / NC / Cheating

The Housewife

[Housewife] is still a beautiful woman but harbors a dark past: she used to be a Pornstar.

--Option 1: Her neighbors son has discovered this past of hers and plans on blackmailing her into becoming his 'Dream Woman' for the summer.

--Option 2: The Neighbor - a man of her age - discovers her past and can't help himself, a fantasy of his having been to sleep with a Pornstar.

Office Blackmail
Drew was the type of person you didn't notice. Sure, you noticed him for all of the 5 minutes he spent fixing your computer, but after that you quickly forgot about him. He was one of those IT-guys who lived in some dark whole, glued to their computer screen. Only, Drew wasn't that sort of person. No, he was a bit different.

For starters, he was the head of IT on Floor 3 and had his own cubicle in the main office beside everyone else. It allowed a fast response time to when things needed fixing. Of course, no one ever noticed him sitting in his dark little corner. But he noticed them.

Specifically, he noticed her.

Cherry (name can be changed) was the lust of the office. She was beautiful and a natural tease. She was smart and well educated. She had a bright promise in the company. Many of the guys openly flirted with her and all had tried to get in her pants at some point. But she had turned them all down. Drew knew her - knew of her - but she never said anything to him when he tried to speak to her. It angered him, but all the girls were like that with him.

So Drew watched her. He noticed things about her that no one else did. And soon he discovered her secret - she was sleeping with their boss! He set up cameras one night and remotely logged into them. Sure enough, she managed to stay later then everyone else as did the CEO. The two wasted no time once they were alone in his office. The clothes came flying off and she submitted herself to her boss. Drew found it angered and aroused him.

It was time for Drew to assert himself. He was going to blackmail her.

[An off shot from my older Office Blackmail idea. This one will explore the Dom/Sub relationship between 'Cherry' and her Boss as it escalates, while at the same time exploring the Blackmailing and the things Drew makes her does (on her own and secretly to Drew) as the dirt he uncovers is something she doesn't want anyone knowing, even if she doesn't know the identity of the blackmailer. Lots of Kinks can/will be covered in this one]

Blackmail #1
[Girl 1] and [Girl 2] are beautiful women - so called trophy wives as they married men who were rich but not too attractive. And like all trophy wives, [Girl 1] and [Girl 2] have their dark, dirty little secrets. When their husbands are away, they come out to play. [Girl 1] is much more forward and confidant then [Girl 2], but both share a lust for cock that sees them visiting ex-boyfriends for some group fun when their husbands are away. [Girl 1] initiated such things, bringing [Girl 2] along for the ride. The two often perform on each other and together, doing all sorts of naughty things, with anywhere from 1 man to several at the same time. Such indiscretions are about to catch up with them, however, and they are about to be blackmailed into some ones slaves for two weeks.

--Option 1: A friend of their husbands who is a technician has a tape on some one who works in a hotel, so she lets him hide cameras in rooms for his personal viewing pleasure. One room is occupied by our 'heroines' in this story, giving the friend the perfect information to blackmail them with. The husbands - business partners - are heading off for two weeks, so the Friend will have 2 weeks to sexually exploit the women.

--Option 2: The Neighbors Teenage son witnesses the two women having sex with each other in front of the pool boy before he joins in. The Neighbors son snaps a few pictures before approaching the two women, threatening to expose them to their husbands, who have just left for 2 weeks. Thinking that the boy will be a push over, they agree to a threesome with him and think that will be the end of it. But it is not, the boys appetite exceeding their own, and he proceeds to humiliate them and use them as entertainment for parties with his friends for the next two weeks.

--Option 3: One of the husbands returns home early and catches his wife with his best friends wife and another man. After chasing the man out, he takes advantage of the situation and forces both women to be submissive towards his every whim and desire.

Adultery #1
Jill and her husband Mark had a pretty plain, normal life. Sexually, things were quite vanilla. Jill always spit and never swallowed and Mark always wore a condom when they had sex. And it was always vary plain sex - mostly missionary, occasionally with Jill on top or in the doggy position. But Jill wanted more, so much more but she was afraid it'd turn Mark off. He wasn't very manly so she was afraid it'd hurt his feelings. But Jill had a plan.

She got along well with her boss at work, a handsome, muscular man who oozed masculinity unlike her husband. She dressed up at work to impress him, his compliments made her feel pretty and there was a chemistry between them that was missing between her and Mark. Knowing Mark was headed off for the weekend, she decided to use the time to seduce her boss. A big project was coming up so she purposely left her papers at home. She'd have to go back to get them, but if her Boss came with her at the end of work on friday they could use the time to get started on the project.

Flustered and aroused as she brought her boss home, it was clear what she had in mind. And he was willing to play along. As soon as she saw him and his impressive cock, she knew she had to have him in her in every way. She knew she would swallow every drop, she knew she'd ride him bareback with out a condom, she knew she'd let him fill her every hole - all in a way her husband never could.

--Option 1: A wild weekend with her boss opens the doors for Jill. She starts an affair with him, more then just the weekend, but her husband starts to catch on. His suspicions confirmed when he spies on her, only to find himself aroused as she does things with another man she'd never do with him. He makes her relive it that night, forcing her to tell him every detail, and he has sex with her with out a condom for the first time. He then encourages her to continue and to seek out other men. He wants to watch, wants to join in, wants to record the encounters. He even wants to see her with other women.

--Option 2: Role reversal. Switch Jill and Mark (aka Mark cheating on his wife) who encourages him to see other women, even inviting over her best friend so that she can watch her be fucked by her husband.

The Halloween Party

For this, I would like a cheating wife. Dressed like this: or this:

Its around Halloween and she is hosting a party. Her husband is busy with work so might not make it, so she decides to have some fun. One of the guests is a handsome man that she has flirted with before. She follows him upstairs to the bathroom and seduces him. She takes him into a bedroom, leaving the door wide open. Another guest stumbles across them and she invites him to join in, which he does. The husband finally arrives, dressed as a bear (or some such) having wanted to surprise his wife. He finds her in bed with two other men and he joins in - she thinks he is just another man.

More can be discussed with interested persons.

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Re: A Magical Collection of Ideas (M seeking F)
« Reply #2 on: September 03, 2012, 03:40:19 pm »
2. Incest Themed

NSFW Sharing Sarah

Daughters Friends
“Don’t worry daddy, Sam and Liz know they’re not herejustfor a skeepover, I told them that you were interested in fucking them and they were more than happy to come over - they almost ran right over here after I told them - and we were in the middle of class! But then, after all I’ve told them about you fucking me, who wouldn’t? So, do you want us one at a time, or do you think you can handle your baby girl and her two friends all at once, hehe?”


Idea 1 NSFW
[Female] is a submissive slut. Her two kids don't know it but behind closed doors she does WHATEVER her husband says. When they were younger, that meant having sex whereever and whenever he wanted it. He'd be rough with her sometimes and that made her hornier. He'd invite friends over and she'd take turns pleasing them all. She even did it with other woman, watching helplessly while bound as her husband banged her best friend. She loved it all. She loved being bound and spanked. She'd do anything that her husband asked of her. And tonight, well, tonight was going to open new doors even for her.

Tonight was her quiet sons birthday. Her husband had been wondering what to get his quiet son and had finally settled on it: he was going to give his son a night he'd never forget. He told her about it first and found that the idea of it made her even hornier. So [Female] was going to fuck her own son and possibly even take his virginity. The only thing she wondered about was whether or not he had inherited his fathers big cock or not.

Stripped naked while [Son] was at school, her husband more then got her in the mood. Her beautiful body was on full display, her hands bound with silk behind her back. Then she was forced to wait in her Sons room, sitting on his bed, hoping that she did not disappoint him or her husband tonight.

Themes: Bondage, BDSM, Master/Slave, Incest (Mother/Son), Anal, Cum, DP, Group Sex, Bukkake

More, please!

More, Please! - Family Incest started by a Spanking.

Isabella was caught with a boys cock in her mouth. Her father was not happy at all. After chasing the boy out of the house, he had turned his attention on Isabella. He lifted her skirt up, bent her over his knees, and spanked her raw. It had hurt at first but that hurt turned into pleasure. Her father left her dripping wet between the legs. Then she started doing things on purpose, in order to get another spanking. It had almost become a daily ritual.

She loved being spanked. But what turned her on more was that it was her father doing it. In fact, she was starting to have indecent thoughts about him. She discovered that she was love with him, the way he dominated her with his spankings. He asked her to clear the dishes after dinner one night while he watched TV. She did not and went to her room. She wanted to know if he loved her as much as she loved him. She lay on her bed, on all fours, and pulled her bottoms down. No panties this time. Then she turned her computer on and began watching some Daddy/Daughter Sex, her favorite lately. How would he react when he came to her room to spank her?

[Heavy theme of Incest here. Options to involve some of Daddys friends down the line once she becomes his personal little slut.]

Tag Team

I am looking for a beautiful Mother/Daughter Tag Team for this idea. I would also like to see some Mother/Daughter Incest as well.

There are several ideas for this, and some of them can be merged together.

1. Mother/Daughter share a boyfriend that is the Daughters age. Open relationship with Daughter, mother quietly seduces him, before revealing it was planned the whole time.
2. Mother/Daughter share a boyfriend the Mothers age. Reversal of the roles in the above idea.
3. A combination of the two - Mother/Daughter both have boyfriends, both seduce each others, leading to a kinky foursome and threesomes.
4. Daughter is struggling in school. She seduces her teacher for better grades. Mother also seduces teacher to seal the deal. Teacher embarks on illicit threesome relationship with them.
5. Dominant Males starts dating Mother. Makes her watch as he fucks the Daughter. Starts a new life with them, to slaves for his every desire - and those of his friends.

Countless more.

If interested, either PM me or post here.
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Re: A Magical Collection of Ideas (M seeking F)
« Reply #3 on: September 03, 2012, 03:40:29 pm »
3. Mutual / Romance

The Bookworm and the Butterfly
The Bookworm and the Butterfly - A Beauty and the Beast styled roleplay

Mark ran a second-hand bookstore all by himself. There used to be three people there but due to online stores like Amazon, his bookstore had suffered. So now it was down to just him. He did his best trying to keep things organized but there were just so many books. Of course, most of the day no one came into his store, but he was often reading the books himself or trying to figure out how to reorganize them. Then a group of people would arrive, like they had just hopped off a tourist bus, and everything would be out of place again. And then she came in.

He didn't know who she was but she was beautiful. A tall, leggy brunette. The stuff from every mans dreams. And she quietly flirted with him, even though he was social awkward. She was smart too. When she left, he never thought he'd see her again. But she came back, and came back again. And then, one day, she kissed him. They had sex for the very first time right there among all the clutter in his bookshop. But she wasn't done with him.

She took him out on dates. They went to dinner. They went to the movies. To a play. To a sports game. And she always managed to find her way into his pants. She was certainly opening him out of his sheltered life and introducing him to things he'd never have experienced before.

[Looking for a Romance styled one here, with a heavy dose of kink associated with it. She has needs that need satisfaction. Willing to take this one into the BDSM world, exhibitionism, etc.]

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Re: A Magical Collection of Ideas (M seeking F)
« Reply #4 on: September 03, 2012, 03:40:44 pm »
4. Dominant / Submissive

The Submissive Wife - - - *CRAVING*

Mark and Sarah were happily married for a year now. But the Catholic in Sarah was starting to shed her protective outer shell and want to spread her wings. She was happy with life in general but had been harboring some darker, inner desires that she was now having the courage to finally bring forth. Their mostly vanilla sex life had taken a turn for the kink when they had a ceiling mirror installed above their bed. Sarah really got off on watching herself getting fucked by Mark and so did he. It added a new spice to their life.

That spice was only increased when Mark convinced her to let him take photos of them doing things. This had turned Sarah on even more. While she was always hesitant at first, she always agreed to whatever Mark wanted or said. It was part of who she was, a natural submissive. She had even found some of the websites Mark had looked at - porn - that involved submissive women and bondage and the like. It set the cogs in her head turning.

So, summoning her courage, she approached Mark in a submissive manner and asked for him to dominate her. Not just in the bedroom, but in every aspect of their life. This was a dream come true for Mark, who had always found it hard to stick with one woman until he had met Sarah. He wanted to do things to her that her conservative upbringing had no idea about. He wanted to tie her up, parade her in front of her friends, he wanted to watch her with other men and he wanted her to watch him with other woman. Sarah had found her true calling in life.

[Looking for some one to play Sarah, and whatever minor female roles pop up. I'll play Mark and all the other male characters as their vanilla life takes a turn for the Kink.]

Losing the Bet
Losing the Bet - a Tale of Submission

Katies husband had a gambling problem. They were young and in love, but he loved gambling more then he loved her. Unknown to her, when she thought he was working late, he was at a gambling den, betting his life away. Out of money, he made one final bet - if he won, he got all his money back, debts were cleared. If he lost, then his Wife was to be given over to the Den Shark and would be his until he could pay off his debts.

Of course, he lost, and before she knew it Katie was whisked off to live with another man. A wealthy, affluent man. Of course, she had no choice in the matter, believing her husband would come to her rescue. She was stripped naked, showered, shaved, and dressed only in garters, heels, and a collar with a leash attached to it. The other servants gave her strict instructions on how to behave with her new master. She was led into his office. It was warm and inviting, smelled of old leather and books and cigar smoke. She was made to kneel on a leather chair and await her masters arrival.

The scary part wasn't that she wasn't nervous - it was that she had never been so wet in her life.

[Looking for Katie, a natural submissive just discovering this about herself as a Stranger, her new Master, takes control of her life, turning her into a willing plaything for all to use.]

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Re: A Magical Collection of Ideas (M seeking F)
« Reply #5 on: September 03, 2012, 03:40:58 pm »
5. Misc

SOLD! Celebrity Edition

Name: SOLD! Celebrity Style

Content: Varied - depends on partners kinks.

Scenario: The Dark Side of Hollywood is kept a secret. Affairs, Orgies, Drugs. You name it, it takes place. And no celebrity has avoided such dark and sinister aspects of life. Of course, Stars make their money from movies and the like, but there is another alternate income for them. Especially the female stars. They can sell themselves for the night - to be the sex slave of the rich and famous for the night. Some of the famous 'leaked' Celebrity Sex Tapes are from such encounters.

This one-shot is one such encounter, between a man of wealth and his favorite female star.

Setting: Modern

Requirements: Few offs. Looking for an OLIVIA WILDE and/or a NATALIE PORTMAN (as pictured).

Other info: The fewer offs, the better. Must be open minded. This is a CON game as well.

Winner! Pornstar Edition

Every now and then, Pornstars are forced to go on a date with a lucky Fan. The Fan wins a contest - The Dream Date Raffle - and gets to spend the day with his favorite Pornstar. Only, in this case, the Pornstar notices his Pornstar sized bulge and curious, decides to give the Fan the Date of his life. [Can be turned into a long term affair - PM if interested]

Bibi Jones

MILF Edition:
Jessica Jaymes

School Idea 1

Female 1: The popular girl in school, everyone wants to be her and look like her. She is attractive and knows it and is her own little ring leader. A bit of an attitude, she gets what she wants when she wants it. A little known fact is that she is bi, and is having a relationship with Female 2. Female 1 is in control of the relationship.

Female 2: The quiet girl in school, no one ever seems to know her name. She is shy, very innocent, and always seems to hang in the back, always following Female 1 around. She has never been with a guy and Female 1 is the only person she has ever been intimate with. She would/will do anything Female 1 tells her to do.

My Character: Most likely a teacher, to be seduced by Female 1 before slowing gaining dominance over the two girls, making them into his 'pets'.

The Stud
Jessica's dad was a stud. A former pornstar, he has since retired and settled down with a family that produced a daughter. At 18, he is glad she hasn't followed in his footsteps. He keeps in amazing shape, especially now that he is divorced and raising Jessica alone. He's even turned to porn once more, making home videos of his toned body and large cock, jerking off and the like. Never with anyone else.

One night while his daughter has some friends over for a sleepover, he poses in front of the camera once more. It was an income he enjoyed having on the side. One of Jessicas friends walks in on him in the uncompromising situation but instead of being embarrassed, she is turned on. She'd recently discovered his pornstar past and found her attraction to her friends father even stronger. She'd never seen a cock so big and asks if she can touch it.

The rest, they say, is history.

[Looking for the Father to embark on an affair with one (or more) of his daughters friends.]

Babysitter Ideas
Multiple Babysitter Ideas

Some of these are smut heavy, some are more long-termed in mind.

1. The Babysitter gets caught watching porn and masturbating when the Father comes home early. Naked and aroused, she isn't about to refuse getting to play with an actual hard cock, especially given how handsome her boss is.

2. The Babysitter gets caught fooling around with her boyfriend. The boyfriend gets sent running, while the Babysitter gets punished, and her first taste of a real mans cock.

3. The Babysitter is being driven home by the Father. She explains she is in a tight spot financial and was wondering if she could work more hours or do 'something' to make a little extra money on the side. The two work out a deal but soon she's in it not for the money but for the sex, the husband in it for the thrill of the affair.

4. The Babysitter hatches a plan to get more money from her boss. When he stumbles home one night, drunk, she uses the opportunity to seduce him. She films it all as well, but she wasn't counting on just how impressive his dick is - instead of holding the one movie over his head to get more money, she instead forces him to make more movies with her, making a profit from selling them online.

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Re: A Magical Collection of Ideas (M seeking F)
« Reply #6 on: September 03, 2012, 03:56:03 pm »
Updated with ideas and organized!

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Re: A Magical Collection of Ideas (M seeking F)
« Reply #7 on: September 10, 2012, 05:00:05 pm »
Updated with the Housewife.

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Re: A Magical Collection of Ideas (M seeking F)
« Reply #8 on: September 17, 2012, 01:32:00 pm »
Updated the Incest Themes with two new cravings.

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Re: A Magical Collection of Ideas (M seeking F)
« Reply #9 on: September 28, 2012, 04:11:44 pm »
Added two ideas to the MISC category.

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Re: A Magical Collection of Ideas (M seeking F)
« Reply #10 on: September 28, 2012, 08:06:41 pm »
If you need someone to play "Third Wheel" in a cheating wife spouse BBC scenario, I'm your guy.

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Re: A Magical Collection of Ideas (M seeking F)
« Reply #11 on: November 23, 2012, 10:19:44 am »
Updated the Pornstar Idea and Added the BABYSITTER IDEAS.