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May 27, 2018, 04:51:31 PM

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Author Topic: Yes Officer! (At least 1 female character and a character of any gender needed!)  (Read 879 times)

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Offline IrishWolfTopic starter

Alright, so I had this interesting idea for a small group game pop into my head this morning.

Two cops patrol a beat in the city, through troubled neighborhoods and rough quarters. Each and every night, them come across women, ranging from teens to their 40s, committing crime, be it simple things like spraying graffiti, to dealing drugs, robbery and worse. Maybe its gangs or they fly solo, doesn't matter. Each and every night, they have to decide, book theses lawbreakers, allow them to offer bribes or take the punishment of those they catch, into their own hands.

I don't have a setting for this. It all depends on what the group wants to play but I can see this as modern (set in a made up city), a small jump into the future, alternative history or having a complete sci-fi setting. I'm kinda digging the sci-fi but its my story, how you want to play it.

So far, I have only one defined character and thats mine. Male cop, in his early to mid thirties.

Second cop: The only thing I want about this character is that they're younger then mine. They can be of any gender and I'm willing to let them push against my character for who's in charge.

The criminals
The rest of the players. I know I said girls in the storyline and I would prefer mostly girls but I don't mind a boy character or two. I hope you like being punished.

So tell me what you think. Are you in and want to do some world building with me?
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Offline wiccaangel311

Yeah I really wouldn't mind being one of the criminals, maybe one who constantly gets into trouble ;)

Online AurelieCatena

If you need someone with very few limits to abuse and humiliate, you can call me!

Offline IrishWolfTopic starter

Well thats two for receiving some harsh justice. Anyone want to help me dish it out?

Offline Belisuavious

I'd be interested in giving it a go, if you were still looking.

Offline IrishWolfTopic starter

As the second cop?

Offline Belisuavious

Yeah, unless that's been filled in the meantime.

Offline IrishWolfTopic starter

Excellent, the position is now filled by you Jecter.

Now then folks, before I set this up, I need your help! Whats our setting? And Whats our story, just random crime or should our two cops be trying to take down a gang or are we in the middle of a street war, taking on several gangs at once?! What do you want to play folks?

Online AurelieCatena

As I see them, my characters would be rather short-lived. There would be a fight, or an attack/ambush, my character would get abused/tortured, and then she would be killed or imprisoned. And then I could spawn a new character.

Offline Sussurus

I don't have time to jump into this immediately, but if you end up going with a futuristic setting, I'd definitely be in further down the line. I want to play a holographic graffiti 'artist.'  :D

Offline IrishWolfTopic starter

Alright folks, these game will be opening friday evening, keep on giving me suggestions for a game we'll enjoy!

Offline IrishWolfTopic starter

Ladies, Gentlemen, Pain Sluts! I give you the official, OOC Thread

Offline duchess85

are you still looking for characters in this?