Fox's Hunt! QUARANTINE EDITION! Plots, Pairing, Pictures Galore! (F for M)

Started by DevonFox, September 02, 2012, 11:07:06 PM

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UPDATE - 3/5/2020 - After an absence of SEVERAL YEARS, I'm back, babes! Performing some minor construction here and bringing it all up to date with my current wants and needs!

Last updated: 3/27/2020
Hello, my lovelies! At the current moment, my city is in COMPLETE shambles and under an intensive lock-down indefinitely. (Something I am sure most of you, if not everyone, is experiencing...) My job is currently on pause, with the hopes that the place won't shut down completely in this insanity, and I've been left with ENDLESS amount of free time on my hands. Humor me and take a gander at what roleplays I'm in the mood for, and help a lady out here by making a beautiful story with me!

What I'm Looking For In A Partner:

World Developing - Work with me, here! I want to at least work out an over arching plot with you, and solidify our two characters as best we can before we delve into it. Smut is all fine and good, but with little to no plot leading to it or revolving around it, then it gets boring.

OOC Chatting - Obviously, we'll be chatting a decent amount before we get started, just to get our story sorted out. But I wanna still chat with YOU during, even if it's just to check in on how you're holding up during this insane pandemic. We can share out opinions of where we think the story is going, where we WANT it to be going, etc.

Literacy - We all make mistakes! So I'll never ride your ass for little typos, especially when we can get a little excited during the most fun scenes...  ;) But it becomes really difficult to work with a mess of constant typos and grammatical errors. If it's more of a habit than an infrequent occurrence, it kills my buzz. I also tend to post a minimum of 3 paragraphs per reply, and then the sky is the limit from there. So I hope to find partners who can at the very least match that, if not far exceed that and challenge me to write more. I LOVE getting 6-8 paragraphs replies, just thick and juicy with material to go off of.

Romance + Smut - We all know why we're here! We're all here for a good time! So smut is a promise with our stories! But I like at least a little bit of romance. Even in a more non-con situation, I love when there's an aspect of lust and longing (be it one sided or not.) This is something we can always talk out beforehand.

I'm sure there's more to add, and I'll do so when I think of it!

READ MY ONs and OFFS, s'il vous plait!

Table of Contents:
1. Plot Ideas
2. Pairings
3. Fandoms
4. Half Ideas
5. Picture Inspirations

1. Plot Ideas:
     - These are just suggestions, and not all plot points and details are set in stone
     - If one of my plot ideas inspires you and get your gears moving in a different direction for a story, reach out and let me know what you've got!

Mind of a Hunter
[My Character] is doing her best to life a meager life in the city, earning a pittance as a bartender, and distracting herself as much as possible from her true responsibilities of the heir to an ancient and well respected werewolf royal family. She wants nothing to do with the role, and the fact that she is expected to find a mate and assume the throne soon. [Your Character] is the older son of the most successful and sought after werewolf hunting family. After failing miserably at his first expected kill during a massive "rite of passage" hunt, he discovers that he severely lacks the blood lust and in fact doesn't have the stomach to follow through with it. The kill is granted to his younger brother, and he is quickly exiled from the family until her is ready to actually follow through with his birthright. After two years of living in the city and avoiding even thinking of the hunter's blood that runs through his veins, it's only when his family threatens to finally cut him off financially that he actually considers returning to their fold. Coincidentally meeting as most young adults do, through a dating app, the two soon find out about each others identities, and are faced with surrendering to their true natures, or following their hearts (and lust...)
     -werewolf/werewolf hunter
     - potential male dominance
     - modern setting, in a world where werewolves are unknown to the public, despite living among them

You're My Only Hope
It was on a dark, chilly night, under the full moon, that [My Character] stumbles upon a dark secret that her best friend and secret crush [Your Character] has been trying to conceal and suppress for nearly his entire life. Terrified into completely cutting off communication with him and ignoring his constant attempts to reach out to her and explain, she finally reconsiders removing him from her life when a violent ex makes a sudden and surprising return, with a new secret of his own, not too dissimilar that her friend's. With great courage, she seeks out her friend and pleads with him to help her and fend off this ex. (Potential were on were fighting)
     - human/werewolf/wereanimal
     - male dominance
     - modern setting

To Serve And Protect
After the bloody death of her brother, the captain of the king's guard, while at war, [My Character] assumes the identity of a man and enrolls to train for the king's guard herself. A crime punishable by death for a woman. [Your Character], the oldest prince, a womanizer and fan of the drink, is forced into training for the guard as well after an embarrassing, drunken incident that shames the royal family. Quickly becoming partners and friends within their ranks, the war quickly worsens, and they are soon forced to join the action. The night before they are sen off to the battle fields, the two drink themselves into a stupor and drunkenly practice sparring late into the night, nervously talking over their fear of the coming morning. During their rough housing and bonding, her secret in revealed, and he is faced with a huge surprise. He could easily inform his father of her true identity, and most likely earn his safe return to the palace and avoid ever seeing battle, but having grown so close to who he is now realizing is a woman, could he have the heart to do so? After a possible strange attraction is further solidified, he struggles with the choice to save his own life, risk both of theirs, or possibly plot a scheme that could save them both.
     -human/human prince
     - potential male dominance
     - ye olde setting/fantasy setting (I prefer a mixture of both!)

Shining Armor
NEW!!! - Craving!
On a dark and stormy night, [My Character] closes up her bar are the end of a long shit. After hours of shitty customers and shitty tips, it was just a shitty night over all. While waiting in the rain for her bus home, [Your Character's] suddenly stumbles through an ally behind her, clad in a full suit of armor. Turns out, he is from another world adjacent to her home, and he's in some serious trouble. After deflowering the princess in a drunken stupor, the king now wants his head, and he escapes to the mundane world elude punishment. MC is left with deciding to help this drunk, handsome stranger or leaving him to fend for himself. When he is finally caught while in her company, she is brought back to his world as his accomplice and now faces the same fate as him.
     - human/human or paranormal
     - the romance and roles of these characters are totally up in the air. Possible Dom/sub
     - modern setting (+ possible adjacent paranormal world)

In Need Of A Raise
[My Character] is a brand new part-time secretary/assistant at [Your Character's] veterinary clinic (or any other business setting). While she struggles with being a full time student with a rent and bills to pay, she picks up a second job as an exotic dancer at a  gentlemen's club in the city (can really be any city). At the same time, he, a slightly older professional married too young, is suffering through a failing marriage and eminent divorce, during which he could possibly loose everything. Through a chance happenstance, he stumbles across her second job, as well as her desperate need for money, and she learns of his plights at home. As they fall into an elaborate but enlightening affair, can they both find a way to resolve their problems with the aid of the other?
     - human/human
     - dominance isn't too important but VERY much preferred
     - modern setting

2. Pairings:
     - These are pairings I would be interested in, but have yet to come up with a solid plot for
     - Role I would prefer to play - This color!, but that's only a suggestion
     -  :-* = Craving

Werewolf+Werewolf Hunter  :-*
Faerie+Human  :-*
Faerie+Faerie  :-*
Basically most supernatural pairings... Vampires, Mermaids, etc.
Assassin+The Law  :-*
Bounty Hunter+Bounty
Naughty Cowboy(girl)+The Law  :-*
Pirate Captain+Nobel (ye olde or space)
Pirate Captain+Stowaway (ye olde or space)
Teacher/Professor+Student  :-*

3. Fandoms:
     - Fandoms I may be interested in doing a pairing from
     - Can be with or without established characters and stories, Canon or OCs are fine by me (aka just in the world of the fandom)
     - No promises!
     -  :-* = Craving


4. Half Ideas:


5. Picture Inspirations:
     - JUST A HEADS UP, THESE ARE SUPER OUTDATED!!! These will be refreshes soon...
     - These are fun to inspire some quickies! But if they turn into something more, hell yeah!
     - These are absolutely NSFW

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Updated 9/4 - In Need Of A Raise is off of the table! Working on adding new ideas, though! COMING SOON!


Updated 9/6 - Added Oceans Away and Exclusive Story!


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Updated 9/9, part 2 - Two more pictures you added


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Updated 10/6 - Cleaned up a bit, altered the format of the pictures, and added instructions for you guys to actually PM me the pictures you're interested in, to prevent confusion.


Updates 6/23/15 - Back after several years! Altered some stuff on here. Took some stuff out, added some new things. More to come as well!


Alright, so I've just done some major reconstructive work on this post after nearly 5 years since I was last on here! I'll be continuing to do so, but hopefully I've done enough so far to adapt this all to my current wants and lusts!  :-* Its good to be back!


UPDATE! Just added Shining Armor, as well as other little fixes and buffs!  :-*