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Author Topic: Jetblackmirror's current cravings (All are welcome.)  (Read 849 times)

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Jetblackmirror's current cravings (All are welcome.)
« on: September 02, 2012, 10:47:23 PM »
Hello, hello! I'm looking for more role play partners. :D I only play female roles, and would prefer it if you played a male role. If the story line calls for F/F, then that's fine. :) I like to think that I'm fairly easy going, and not very picky. Ideally, I would love it if you could give me at least a paragraph to reply to, but as long as you give me something to reply to I'll be happy. Keep in mind though I give what I get. However, if you're expecting novel length posts, I might not be your girl.

PLEASE READ: I am NOT my characters. I will not roleplay as myself ever, and for the sake of my own comfort, I ask you to do the same. Or, at least don't tell me. If you're expecting a cyber buddy, keep moving. I'm not interested in starting a relationship with you. I roleplay for my entertainment, not for my sexual gain. But anyways, long story short - If you start to get creepy, I will ignore you, and possibly even block you. Just being honest.

Please check out my On's and Off's before PMing me!

I have many pairings and other things I will role play listed on my On's and Off's. If any of those interest you, but I do not have a story line up for it, feel free to pm me and we can do some brainstorming.

New! Dec. 18 2013
It was her purgatory. She was once a revered Angel, one mortals looked upon to bring love and passion into their life. She always had a weakness for them, watching as they went through their day to day hardships and heart breaks. That's how she fell. She fell in love with those who she was suppose to be above - she felt for them. She didn't see them as obkects or subjects, but as peers. She was more one of them than she was Angelic, and when the others saw this, they casted her down to earth to live amongst them - but not one of them. A secret and solitary existance, only to watch from a distance and continue her one and only purpose. She would grant love into others lives, but never experience for herself. She would never know the touch of another. The feel of a lover's arms around her. She would help others indulge in their passions, but never truly get to feel it to herself.

She would shoot her arrows, invisible to anyone but her. So what do you do when all you want is to be human? To feel, to taste, to touch, to love. What do you do when it becomes too bareable? This was a punishment after all. There was no way out of it. Until she turned an arrow on herself, hoping it would be the end, and she would fade away into a different sort of blackness. Only it didn't. She opened her eyes, to see another pair looking down into hers.

Based off of Ed Sheeran's "Give me Love"
I would love to brain storm some ideas for this plot. I absolutely love Ed's music video (as well as his music) and think this could make for a beauitful love story, filled with some drama, action, and other sorts of adventures. Basically, I'm thinking that after her attempt to end her life, she becomes human. But because she had tried to cheat her way out of her punishments, the angels become angry, and that puts her life (and her lover's life) in all sorts of danger. That's just one idea. :)

What I want more than anything!
Teen Wolf!
I am dying for a Teen Wolf roleplay. I'm a wee bit (a lot) obsessed with the show, and even more obsessed with Issac -swoons-. Here is a listing of pairings I would be interested in trying (And you get extra brownie points if you play Issac <3 ) The role I would like to play will be bolded. :)
Issac/Female OC
Issac/Male OC
Stiles/Female OC
Stiles/Male OC
And of course, all of the other Cannon characters will sort of be NPCs. I'm open to brainstorming up a long term, or one shot story. Once again, I will love you forever if you will help me indulge in my fandom geekyness.

Other Plots:
Hunted: For centuries, werewolf packs have lived amongst regular humans, but also very discrete lives. Serious relations with those outside of the pack are more or less forbidden; especially intimate relationships. Largely to secure the safety of the pack, and also making sure the bloodlines are kept relatively pure. As things become more and more modern, the younger generations are wanting to go out into the world, experience things, and go to school like everyone else. Families have allowed this, simply stating that they are to keep relationships friendly, but to never tell them what you are, and every full moon the entire family is to meet back at the pack house. Your character is a young werewolf, attending the same college as my character.

It's not secret that witches have been in history, as well, for centuries. Some more out there and in to their craft then others; and some, it's all just wishful thinking. For my character, witchcraft has a long history in her family. Her mother is rather eccentric about it, but my character really isn't all that into it - skeptical even.

One night, at a typical college party, our characters meet. Instantly they hit things off pretty well, and your character is torn between the rules of his family and his emotions. What would one night hurt? It's not like he's never been with a girl before (perhaps he hasn't). One night is harmless. Except it isn't just the one night. They become very close, and start spending a large amount of their time together.

A large reason why packs have become more lenient with letting the younger ones go out into the world is because they are always watched with a close eye. Periodic check ins aren't unfamiliar. So, when once of your characters older brother pays a visit and finds his younger brother with a girl, and it is clear that he is not willing to let her go, he is told that he has until the full moon to break things off with her, or they will take matters into their own hands.

I'm thinking my character's family history with witchcraft comes in, in the form of dreams for her. Premonitions, and such. I may have more ideas, once we discuss the plot more, but that's where I'd like to start for her. I am open to any suggestions or ideas you may have. :)

Radioactive: After a nuclear disaster wiped out the majority of the world, years later small towns start popping up, bringing with them new industries and other means of making money. Most of the new worlds government are rather corrupt, and have began attracting residents with a new entertainment industry, the big one of those being through fighting. Some of these fights are minor - nothing much more than boxing or wrestling. But others, and the ones that pay the most, are blood baths. Think gladiator styled fights. The winner is showered in riches, however, they have to keep winning.

YC is the current champion of these fights. This is where we would have some discussion to do. We could say YC is all ready married to MC, in which case he may feel that it's time to get out and go off of the radar. I am open to MC being the sister to YC, who YC has been taking care of and a romance between the two forming (if you're into the incest plots). I'm also open to MC being the daughter of the "ring leader" so to say, and after YC retires of quits, he is imprissoned, and MC works to set YC free, involving taking down her father. There are many options, and I'm ok with even dicussing adding him supernatural elements to it. This is definitely a plot I'd like to discuss with someone. :)

 Sorry if it's a bit scattered, that's just how my brain works sometimes.

Also, this is somewhat inspired by this song (for those interested):
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New craving added. :)

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Re: Jetblackmirror's current cravings (All are welcome.)
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