Gifted. An Untamable Power

Started by Sabby, May 13, 2008, 11:42:37 AM

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Liru was born a Halfing, something that had never been given its own title, the result of a union between a full blooded Wolfen, and an Elf. The Wolfen was a powerful magic weilder of a feared and respected race of Lycanthropes, and the Elf, a highly trained Assassin sent to kill him. A love had been formed between them, and Liru was the fruit that union had bared.

Her parents are dead, killed when she was still in her cot by her mothers very own Assassin sisters. They had spared the child, and Liru grew up with foster parents. It was clear early on that Liru was gifted... her natural talent for magic and the art of fighting was something to be admired, and she was able to heft a sword and summon the elements before she was even old enough to attend school.

It was soon realized her 'Gift' went beyond this. Her affinity with magic, her ease with a weapon, her sharp mind and ability to master almost any obstacle or lesson was unheard of. No one had ever displayed such natural talent, such power. It was clear normal schooling was not enough.

In school, she had constantly questioned the methods and the rules and the philosophies, her child like, innocent logic baffling and frustrating her peers. She was skilled to pass these classes a thousand times over, but she never did.

She was a free spirit, and even at 17, she still displayed that youthly innocence, the honesty, the childlike understanding of the world. The world was silly to her, its layers and layers of complications both amusing and puzzling to her. She didn't understand the need for schooling, or for fosterparents, or for money. She walked out of school, she walked from her home, she slept where she chose, she took her food when the theft wasn't a major setback for its owner.

Who was going to stop her? She wasn't even an adult yet, and there was no soul around that could match her. And besides, in her mind, she wasn't hurting anyone. An untamable power, indeed.

One day, a teacher passes through and no doubt hears of the Halfling, the Gifted young Wolf Girl who refuses to come into society, the infuriatingly innocent source of untold ability and natural Talent.

He will spark her curiosity and tame the girl, and teach her to unlock her real power.

I want to play Liru, but as for her new Master... I wanted whoever takes that role to also use their own concepts for magic and lore and weapons and techniques. This Halfling Wolf Girl is naturally talented, but knows nothing of the things she is so gifted in, so for the Masters player (or Mistress) to create the laws of the world, it will work that much better, as I'll be as ignorant as Liru.

I look forward to the creative player who takes this up and spins a nice little world for me ^_^


*Wanders in and leaves a Stamp on the wall *Interested, greatly*



Hehe, that was quick :) already discussed this on MSN, so spend a little time bringing the thing together and we'll start up ^_^