Repo The Genetic Opera rp!!!

Started by Usani, September 02, 2012, 12:08:08 PM

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I have a new craving for a Repo rp.  I wanna do a Shiloh/Graverobber pairing.  I need someone to play Graverobber.  I wanna do something where it's been a year since Genco had changed forever and since Shiloh got her cure from the Graverobber and now they've grown very attached to one another.  Well, it's been a whole year and now she's 18.  Well, turns out her blood disease became so bad she had to get a heart transplant.  Genco is under new management and has a new repo man and it is now after her.  Can the Graverobber save her before it's too late?


I just watched that movie for the first time in a while just the other night. I've always wanted to do a Shilo/Graverobber story. Unfortunately I'd be playing Shilo, though. But if I was more interested in taking on a male role and was confident in playing Graverobber, I'd see if you were interested in me as a roleplay partner. Good eye for a roleplay, though. ;)
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OMG OMG OMG I love you!!! Thank you for the huge smile this thread suggestion put on my face! EEE I love Terrance!
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Lmao I do too thats why I'm looking for someone to play the Graverobber for me.  :/