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Author Topic: Wobowos  (Read 623 times)

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« on: September 01, 2012, 03:42:32 pm »
'You will never find a more wretched hive of scum and villainy.' - Obi Wan Kenobi

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The President of Club Ice. He's the baddest mofo in Calypso and his business associates are top mafioso mobsters, politicians, cops, cocaine dealers, high-class escorts, etc. He specifically leaves Club Ice open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week so as to keep his empire going and to keep the patrons happy. Commandant commands a certain degree of respect, and even the law-enforcement knows better than to barge in uninvited. The mafia that make the club their trading grounds keep their guns to themselves at the risk of losing a venue for their black market deals.

Yet somehow, nobody really knows how Commandant looks like. The manager himself is somewhat of an enigma, although he holds substantial political sway and has a morbidly obese pocketbook overflowing with credits. He consistently stays holed up in his office on the top floor of Club Ice with about a dozen armed men and about as many drug dealers and space strippers. Since the club's opening, he's only been spotted downstairs 1 or 2 times and it was for a brief period, usually to make a decision about something. Probably someone's life and whether they get to keep it. Commandant is Ice's father and they run the business together, which essentially means the accountants do all the difficult logistics, while Comm. and Ice shake hands with mobsters and drug dealers. 

The President of the Club wants his son to become just like him, only more powerful, but Ice is content with just holding on to their already-secure power. Secretly, Commandant told Ice he's in charge of the club while he's away on business trips and/or recuperating from business deals. Commandant had very little faith in his son's ability to keep the club afloat financially, so he assigned the task to Valkyrie also, and told her to make sure Ice behaves.

Ice: 'the Judgment'

Possible psychic, but has demonstrated very little psychic ability. He predicted the weather was going to be bad once and the club suckups thought he was genuinely psychic, much to his chagrin. He's known also as "the Judgment" because of his amazing ability to...determine which clubgoers are "this month's VIPs." He decides if you're a cool kid, and if you're not, you're by default known as a Leech.

He's got a mouth on him and his position within the company as the President's son grants him the security to say whatever the hell he wants to whoever the hell he wants, without repercussions. Ice does not know the word "no" and he has never experienced rejection in his life. He's certainly spoiled, but unlike many of the more modest clubgoers, he's entirely willing to flash his money. In a recent interview, several of the clubgoers have shown their deep admiration of Ice and have been quoted as saying:

"Oh my Higgs Boson, Ice is so goddamn cool! He's the hippest thing in the club, ya know? Maybe even cooler than Valkyrie." said drunk woman #3.
"J'adore that face! Magnefique! He's cooler than absolute zero! Tres magnifique!" a flamboyantly dressed gay spaceman exclaimed.
"He did all of my space cocaine once!  He's so ultracool." a fat mob boss boasted.

For all intents and purposes, COMMANDANT, Ice, Valkyrie and Rendezvous are the coolest people in the club, and nobody would ever question that. There are always people trying to worm their way into Wobowos, but nobody ever joins besides those 4. There are, however, the officially-named 'Cool Kids.' They are the hippest beasts on the disco floor short of God himself. In fact, God was actually slightly lower on the "Cool List" than the group just under Wobowos.

But then there's the scourge of Club Ice - the Leeches. The result of a recent economic crisis and Hollywood scandal, not as many celebrities, movie stars, mafioso, cops and drug dealers come to Club Ice. They all still visit frequently, to perform shady under-the-table deals just not nearly as much as before.

Due to Club Ice's ultra-chic, exclusive, fat-rejecting, outfit-judging status as an "impossible to get into" club, business was not booming. Commandant hired Ice, his son, to bring more revenue towards the club, but Ice would rather keep it exclusionary and away from un-hip people. The club has always been known for rejecting people left and right, so eventually people got the idea and stopped coming. However, the club needs to maintain a certain degree of mystique and elitism and if there are no people to reject, Club Ice loses its notoriety and elitist status.


Club Ice's resident giga-chic female. A no-nonsense, no-prisoners-taken, no-holds barred attitude ensures that nobody messes with her. She's got a loose kinship of sorts with ICE and they have a love/hate, brother/sister relationship. Possible lesbian. Definitely at least bisexual. She's a rough-and-tumble chick in pant suits. She loves business suits, but she doesn't wear skirts. Valkyrie is cool, cruel and a huge tool. She often won't participate in fights, simply because she knows she could kick the other person's ass. Valkyrie is a tad more mature than the other members of Wobowos. If she's challenging you to a fight, you know you've done something wrong and you should lay down on the dance floor right there, because you're about to get your ass whooped. If you don't sit there and take your punishment, she'll make it hurt even more. What the party-bugs have to say about Valkyrie: 

"She beat me up before! It was so fucking awesome." a stout man told everyone around him. How did he get into the club? He was probably someone important, if someone that aesthetically displeasing managed to get past the front door.

"She was really well dressed too from what I remember, but she gave me a concussion so my memory is a bit hazy," the man added.


He's the bouncer of Club Ice and trying to get past him is like trying to topple a mountain. big, dumb and stupid. Also a bit of a moron, but he's the Wobowos' personal artillery. A cannister of steel and beef, he's the Wobowos muscle. He's no pushover and he has a testosterone blood level that is illegal in all 50 states.

He'll rush you at with no warning. The drop of a drink is usually enough to set him off. In reality, he's only told to act that violent by Commandant. He's of very average intelligence. Not the brightest tool in the shed, but he's not retarded. Has a weird pet/master relationship with Valkyrie. He's the pet. Used to be in Commandant's personal guard, until Commandant graduated him into the supercool force Wobowos.  Rendezvous is highly requested for personal bodyguard jobs and takes pride in his gargantuan physique by drowning himself in fatty, fried Saturnian cuisine, illicit steroids, and apple martinis. On occasion, he's the driver for Valkyrie and Ice when they don't feel like using the private chauffeur. 

"He beat me up a couple of times and I'm here all the time. I really miss those days. The music was louder, the dances were dirtier and the space breasts were less silicone and more helium-3.  He's moved on now and beating up other people." a news anchor recalled.

"He knocked out my grandmother! It became the 'week's hottest scoop' in the holonewspaper." the sexy reporter beside him added. 

On occasion, he's the driver for Valkyrie and Ice when they don't feel like using the private chauffeur. Beyond all of his aggression and violence, Rendezvous is a deeply loyal friend to the end.


tl;dr summary:
"He was shot right there, outside the entrance to the club. Women in unnecessarily high heels stepped over his lifeless body and a couple of minutes later, some guys in pressed suits came out, casually threw the cadaver into the back seat of a black sports hovercar and drove off. The party continued as if nothing had happened and somehow, nothing changed. The dead man was erased now from the annals of history. His family would probably never find the body again, and if they did it wouldn't be in its original condition, but that was how things were operated around these parts. Nobody blinks an eye, everyone minds their own business, and yet somehow they have their nose in everyone else's business. Club Ice is a safe-haven for crooks and criminals of all caliber, from major Venusian drug dealers to the mafia that operate on the dark side of the moon. I'll have a Plutonian maritini. Shaken, not stirred."

The culture of futuristic society is bleak and not the pinnacle of evolution our modern society assumes it will be. The society has not undergone any spiritual revolution since the 2000s. They are all as dull as dishwater and still Hollywood-obsessed, gossip-spreading, status-climbing, etc. Futuristic people are all as vain and self-serving as ever. Space travel between planets is feasible, but these people would much rather not leave the home planet, Calypso. Club Ice is their entire social life. They go to work and whatnot, but come back to Club Ice on a nearly daily basis.

Club Ice is situated on Calypso, Saturn's most prestigious moon. It is operated by a premier team of 4 douchebags that deny entry to everyone who isn't a celebrity, mobster, drug dealer or politician. The "President" of the club is currently away on a business trip and so he left his 3 cronies, Ice (his son), Valkyrie and Rendezvous to keep the club financially afloat in his absence. The bar/dance club has been facing tough economic times and Wobowos will have to start letting in "undesirables" and un-cool people.  There are Leeches trying to worm their way to the top constantly, but none are worse than the undercover cops. A squad of surprisingly hip undercover detectives are trying to take down Commandant and are looking for any evidence that would allow them to do a raid on the club. Word of mouth around Club Ice says that an impending drug raid is looming overhead, but Wobowos meticulously screen everyone that attempts to gain entrance to Club Ice.

You will be RPing as an unpopular, undercover cop and social pariah within the club scene. Your goal is to party your way to the top, make friends and connections who will drag you to the top (or drag you down with them,) all without rousing the attention of Wobowos. You are part of a small group of social climbers who wish to establish their place in the club - through espionage. Your goal is to whittle away at Club Ice's foundations and employees until the club is kaput.
Note: I'm also looking for people to RP COMMANDANT, Valkyrie and Rendezvous.

And remember, Hip Is In.

Who is in?
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Re: Wobowos
« Reply #1 on: September 02, 2012, 08:17:06 am »
You can fill CS out now if interested and PM it to me. Have 1 person so far, looking for at least 3 more.

Quote from: Character Sheet
-Leech Name:
-Age: (If you're over 40, you have no chance of getting into the club.)
-Social Skills & Graces: (3)
-Appearance: (Not optional. You must provide a descriptive appearance.)
-Personality: (Concise paragraph. This is not a bio section.) 
-Favorite Alcoholic Drink:

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Re: Wobowos
« Reply #2 on: February 13, 2013, 09:20:47 pm »
Figured enough time has passed. Anyone interested?  8-)