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Author Topic: Getting Ready To Be Sold  (Read 694 times)

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Offline AllysianaTopic starter

Getting Ready To Be Sold
« on: September 01, 2012, 02:57:42 PM »
Ally opened her eyes and wiped her long matted blond hair out of her eyes.  Her head hurt from a deep pain, and she was slightly disoriented.  There was bright sunshine beaming against her face, and the heat from the sun was making her forehead sweat small beads of perspiration.  She moved her hands to her eyelids and rubbed, then opened and began to look around to see where she had woken up.

She was sitting and leaning back against a stone wall in what seemed to be a large pit, with giant sandstone walls reaching up high around her, and the sun shone into the pit with its full fiery fury.  All around her, there was complete chaos.  Several large men wearing only loin clothes and huge gold jeweled necklaces that covered their large bare chests were taking other girls by a collar, and pulling them around by a long chain.  Ally saw several girls led through a stone alcove door on the other side of the pit, and her brain tried to process more what was going on around her.  All of the other girls she saw looked as confused and disoriented as Ally felt at the moment.

Looking down at herself, Ally saw she was wearing only a loose ragged camisk which hung loosely over her thin body, and covered her from just above her breasts down to only the tops of her scratched thighs.  Her knees were scraped bright red and when she looked at her hands and bare feet, she saw they were caked with sand.  She felt her hair and it was tangled and knotted with dirt and sand.  Then she became aware of the collar.  Feeling her neck, Ally’s fingers touched a steel band that was locked just below her jaw.  Ally’s eyes widened in surprise that the collar was there, and that it felt cold despite the hot sun and burning heat in her large pit. 

Suddenly one of the large men bent down and snapped a chain onto a ring in Ally’s collar.  Pulling Ally up, the man tugged her and said nothing other than a stern “come!”  Her feet dragged in the sand as she was led to the alcove door.   Ally tried to keep up, her hands holding onto the chain in an attempt to not trip and be dragged to the door.

Once inside the alcove door, Ally noticed that the air was cooler and extremely humid.  The man yanked her again by the chain and dragged Ally to a fresh water pool.  With a quick kick, Ally was pushed into the water and felt her body slip and fall into a hot shallow bath.

“Get clean” ordered the man as he unfastened the chain from Ally’s collar.  “Wash the dirt and sand from your face, and if you want to be sold to one of the cleaner harems, you had better wash your hair too” he said as he dropped a bar of well used soap into Ally’s lap.

“Sold…harem?” Ally could not think very clearly, as her head was still swimming in fog from what must have been some drug.  Her last memory was riding in a caravan through a valley in the desert, when it was suddenly attacked.  "Slavers...." she moaned to herself beginning to understand what must have happened.  "They have kept me alive for...what?"  Slowly she picked up the bar of soap and started to wash her hands, and then slipped soapy water over her face.  She still did not know where she was, but knew that perhaps getting cleaner may help her find a way out of this mess…

Offline backbreaker86

Re: Getting Ready To Be Sold
« Reply #1 on: September 20, 2012, 10:46:34 AM »
A hand reaches out for the door nob and pushes open the door to see a room that was lit by the only window set at the back. the light was shinning down at a desk and  an old man who has seen plenty of wealth over the years because his belly and clothes seemed to fit the bill. The old man was busy working at some piece at his desk but gave only a  slight notice to the man at the doorway before returning to stare back at his work. "Marvin." The old man says. "What can i do for you?"
The man at the door stood there abit, shocked to know what he was going to do next. No matter how much you think about this Marvin, this is still wrong. he clenches his large hands into a fist as his large fit body starts to tighten up beneath his green tunic.  "This is it, im through with all this! i want my pay and that is the last you'l see of me!" Marvin shouted at his old employer before thinking he should have said that with less anger. he always had that problem with people he knew were wrong but another problem would be the guards that would come rushing in here for his head if he continued to act like this. he didn't care as much, he wanted out of this line of work.
The old man stops his action with his work and stares up at Marvin before speaking. "If you want to leave, here is your pay. You may go." it couldn't be that simple, thought Marvin. just grab my pay and go, do not look back. as he walked over to the desk where his pay was resting, Marvin saw the old mans eyes for the first time then and he wished he never saw them, they were bright yellow. the eyes of a demon he thought. he reached out to grab the coin purse with his brown gloves before the old man with his swift movement caught his arm and pulled Marvin down closer to him before speaking.
"Do not think wrongly here, you are no different than me." he released his grip on Marvin's arm and stared directly at him while Marvin picked his coin purse up and turned to walk out. the only sound was his leather sturdy boots. Marvin reached the door and was in the middle of closing it behind him before he heard one last response from his employer. "Remember boy, you are a slaver. Do you really think you'l do any better out there?"
Marvin answered with the closing of the door and walking out into the city and his new life.
 Hard stares from other slavers were piercing him as he left the employers office into the barracks. He didn't mind, not one of them would touch him but to be sure he held on tight to the butt of his blade that was hanging off the left side of his belt. he stepped out onto the lively city and the light of the sun which seemed to cast out the evil of that trade in him, his short stylish brown hair seemed to feel the soft breeze and he could start to feel abit at peace but the old mans last words still haunting him. I may have been a slaver and done some bad things, Marvin thought, but i did not kill that girls whole family. He walked off in the journey of redemption hoping that it wasn't to late..