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Author Topic: Glitch's Sea Of Pleasures (M for All)  (Read 4331 times)

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Offline Glitches are coolTopic starter

Glitch's Sea Of Pleasures (M for All)
« on: September 01, 2012, 07:42:30 am »
Dip your toes in, won't you?
If something pleases you, PM me, please don't post here.

Thank you for stopping in! Since I joined Elliquiy, I’ve been introduced to many different ideas, stories, and types of people. My experience here has been incredible, and I can't wait to add you to my ever growing list of RP partners.

About Me
I’m an experienced male writer who is well and familiar with a great number of different styles and genres of writing. I’ve been roleplaying for many years now, not just on this site. I just love the creation of a story, hammering out important details and forming a beautiful world with another person. I'm generally outgoing and positive natured, and my characters usually reflect that personality. Other than writing, my passions include biology and just about anything involving the oceans or beaches.

I prefer a partner who will write well and help me craft beautiful stories. Length of post isn't usually an issue for me, but I need my partners to be able to write with good spelling and grammar. I also want a partner who can give me enough to work with on each post, not just reactions to my character but adding something that continues the story along.

Important Note!
I do not care what your real life gender is. If you can play the other character in the roleplay, your sex in front of the screen doesn’t matter to me. I have no problems playing with any range of gender types. As long as you can present an engaging story and an interesting character for me to work with, I’m happy.

Ons and Offs
My Ons range all over the board. I’m most enamored with curvy characters, male or female, and I’m not afraid to dabble with everything in between. A vanilla human and human relationship is fantastic, as are the darker passions of humanity. Bondage and latex go very well with me. Passion between anthromorphs or a human and anthro partnership is great. Lately, I am into dominant/submissive play, pregnancy, and heavy amounts of cum. My tastes are always changing, so perhaps it's easier to just tell you my Offs.

I do not do gore or genuine torture, by which I mean torturing for the sake of causing pain rather than pleasure. The only exception to this is if it is for some plot advancement (a battle scene between two warriors, for example), but I don’t engage with it for sexual purposes. I also will not do bathroom play of any kind, and in the same vein, guro.

Final Thoughts
It always works best to run a story by me and discuss the ideas. If you find anything of interest, or you have an idea that you think would work well, send me a personal message and we’ll see if we’re compatible. Please do NOT post in this thread if you are interested by something; a PM is fine!

Oh, and if you're interested in what sorts of things are really interesting to me at the moment, please check out my Tumblr. Once again, thank you for stopping by!

Select Writing Examples
Snake Fangs
Little Lost Red
A Simpler Life
Troubled Tropical Life
The Centauress
New Life

Story Ideas

The Clinic (Tentacles, sexual subjugation, gradual corruption)
YC is in a profession of high stress, but high reward. They've clawed their way to the top of their career and have everything they could ever enjoy. It wasn't without sacrifice, completely losing out on the sexual desires of the body. But there is an exclusive club they can now be a part of, a place where they have all their strength taken away, subjected to the desires of something else. One visit seems like a delightful dream, the second leaving a lingering itch, the third, the fourth, on and on until they can't even think straight.

If heartless monsters isn't up your alley, maybe a loving monster girl is more your speed?

Made To Order (Female robot, modification, latex)
"A brand new offer has come to your inbox, your very own Gynoid Pleasurebot is now available at this century's lowest price! Easy installation payments mean that no human will go without sexual bliss. Programmed to be completely subservient and built with ExploriCo's patented Living Latex, they can meet the needs and desires of their owners no matter how out there they might be! Order today!"

In the far flung future, robotic creations keep the world running in pristine condition while humans are left to enjoy their lives. Free of war or conflict, they naturally seek out indulgences of the flesh. Enter ExploriCo, the world leader in "sexbot ownership." These robots can change their bodies at the will of the owner, even down to quality replications of fluids. Normally reserved for the elite, the company has made moves to sell their partially defective units at lower prices, enough that YC can own one! On the first few days she arrives, it's like a dream, completely functioning normally. But then she begins to develop a mind of her own, still quite dedicated to YC but one that seems to actually think. You're supposed to return units that show such individuality, but can you bring yourself to do it? Or will you live your life with this malfunctioning robot, and whatever consequences come with it?

Subject #22586 (Futa, Alien, Transformation)

I don't really have a deep idea for this one, but I love this image set to pieces. Scientist at Area 51 gets much more interested in one of their residents? The alien copulation introduces a transformative virus, designed to help spread their species in times of lower population, which gradually changes the human the more they have their close encounters. Human tries to escape with her lover, perhaps some of the story can take place on the alien's homeworld as the human is shown the wonders of the universe?

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