1 game wanted several ideas to choose from (game found)

Started by GothicFires, May 12, 2008, 08:25:02 PM

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Since I lost one of my only two games, I would like to pick another one... just one up. If you would like to check here is my o/o https://elliquiy.com/forums/index.php?topic=4514.msg
I am the type of girl who likes a story. I write in paragraphs and expect the same. My posting rate will probably be twice a week. Sometimes i may have time for more. I will try not to go with less.

So the ideas:

Yeah... its a little Harry Potterish... but I like the possibilities in this picture

What i am interested in... wizards are turning up dead in  England. Corruption in the highest circles of magic are suspected, conspiracies are always whispered behind closed doors. The High Counsel of Magic has recruited a foreigner to pose as a student at the local university to see if she can discover who is behind the murders and the attempt to end the rule of the High Counsel.

Needed: A potions master (a mix between wicked and good) to seduce or save the heroine to/from a world of black magic, sex, power, death... and all the other lovely things that can be thrown in.

A little swords... a little immortality... yeap I guess it is movie night. Something based of Highlander... but with out the annoying Scotsman.

I would like to play an young immortal... who hasn't died yet. She is a fencer being trained for the Olympics... Her current instructor is a mildly insane immortal who is trying to protect her yet refuses to tell her that she is immortal and even tries to discourage her from learning any sword play other than fencing. Bring in the evil immortal who kills her coach and forces her to cross paths with with another immortal who reluctantly takes her under his wing and teacher her what she needs to know. The immortals don't need to be cannon. The only one I remember that I like was Methos. It would be cool to put the oldest and youngest immortals together, but not necessary.

The Hunter or the Hunted?

Game Type: 1 on 1

Genre: Horror/Goth

Setting: Louisiana or Mississippi United States

Idea: Inira Theron lost her parents when she was seven. During a camping trip they were attacked by werewolves. Since that time she has never cared for any race that was not human: vampires, ghosts, demons, other creatures of legend… but especially werewolves. She has trained her body into a killing machine and now goes after the most dangerous of the non-humans. For those who break the law, she is licensed to kill.

He has gone by many names in many different languages. He is THE WOLF; the wolf that is spoken of in every fairy tale… in every legond. Be it good or bad it was he that all the stories were about. Now he is hunting for her. Why he doesn’t know. When he he see's her, he is reminded of red capes and axes.

What they don't now is that her latest bounty is not a mere werewolf. It is much larger, much deadlier and so rare that it is a legend to the legends… A warg. This is not just any warg, but the other half of him. He does not realize that he separated onto a mostly good and mostly evil half. But his twin does and now seaks to kill the two people that would have a chance in killing him… The Huntress and <insert name here>.

i do have many other ideas listed on my elliuki page... also open to ideas as well.
looking for new games
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You have a PM forthcoming... the first idea strikes me the most. I'll send along some ideas.