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May 21, 2018, 10:28:44 AM

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Author Topic: With love...  (Read 601 times)

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Offline SamanthaTopic starter

With love...
« on: May 12, 2008, 06:03:36 PM »
Once upon a time has never been mine, or anyone else’s life that I know of. You don’t look outside, see dragons flying; castles off into the distance from your own torch- filled one. Not every ‘once-upon-a-time’ story is depicted like this, but it is nearly always depicted as the most beautiful woman around, you’d think as time would go on, they’d cover every area of land in the world, some of them not even on land, and the most dashing of men somehow meeting and falling in love. Now the beauty is not just any beauty, for the sake of the story, she will be… independent, outspoken, and yet at the same time, so beautiful that at least three men, including the other protagonist that has already fallen in love with her, and they have to fight in some way, shape, or form to prove to each other that they’re meant to be. Then the man, the man is always so thick-headed that he cannot see when the woman loves him, and in turn making the reader insist on reading the story until the two people finally confess their love towards each other… This, to the reader’s dismay, is always at the end of the book, when it’s around 30-40 pages from the end. And I believe that it is that story… that makes one love the story, an independent woman, a stubborn man equals awesome!
   I’m not trying to sound like a cynic, but, I have read so many of these books, so many love stories… and I don’t mind, but they’re always similar characters… And it’s not REAL life, in the tangible world, not the one people imagine while sitting back and enjoying the said tales, not everyone is the perfect, outspoken woman, and not everyone is the rugged man who claims he will never fall in love. Even though, in the world, it is that which fuels the human races beliefs that the women should be beautiful, and the men stern. Take high school, or the workplace, or at least what it should be… for example. No one cares about the nerd sitting in front of the class, or the fat girl sitting in the corner, in attempt to blend in. Or, should I put it, the newest employee, or the bigger woman, because no one will notice her simply because the girl with the skinny legs, and who wears short skirts just down the hall from her. But the world’s people, and our society, only cares about the cutest couple, only cares about who has the next best thing coming along.
   Let’s face reality, in high school, people may make fun of the nerd that gets all the good grades, but… in all reality, within the years to come, they will more-than-likely work for that nerd. And, it’s not the bigger girls, who most will grow up with morals that will end up sleeping around, getting pregnant and have to decide whether they will have to abort it, give it up for adoption, or keep it and marry the guy that knocked them up. Sure, most of them will not have that choice, but they will also have to grow up, learning what’s right and end up going to college to accomplish their dreams, while it’s the one’s that had the beauty and copied the nerd’s papers who will end up in the town that they loathed as they grew up.
   I’m not saying this is wrong, it’s not, by far. But why can’t there be the bigger woman who ends up with the handsome man that would love her… not the beautiful woman, until the end of time. And on the other extreme, why can’t there be a woman, of great beauty, and the not-so-attractive man falling in love? OR… here’s an idea, why can’t there be two not very ‘hot’ people who love each other, yes there would still be the strife’s that they’d have to go through, but why can’t they be enough? There hasn’t been one single story I’ve read that has portrayed such an idea.
   So, I have taken it upon myself to write something with the idea… Well, all of the three ideas that represent true life… there just has to be one… one simple time for it to happen. And… seeing as how I know nothing of the difference, why can’t I base my characters on myself? I think I shall… and in turn… showing that not every man is a knight in shining armor… or the random pirate that every female seems to just somehow manage to fall into love with.

I will start... I just need to know which idea we're doing...