Planet of Perils (Sci-Fi, Possible EX? Looking for a GM)

Started by Terian, August 30, 2012, 07:55:30 PM

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Okay, It's a bit more up there then my usual tastes, but it's just gotten into the back of my mind and hasn't actually bothered to get out despite my best efforts.

I could come up with a big, dramatic backstory--and provided there's interest, I probably will come up with something, but here's the idea in a nutshell.

Cute Lady Space Soldier Stranded on a Death World, taking on the flora, fauna, and outside enemy forces, and trying to find a way off without getting killed.

Her advantages? Elite training, significant genetic and mechanical enhancements to performance, and incredibly advanced powered armor.  Plus, she's got a map of research outposts on the planet that she can use to take a breather, recharge life support, and reload if need be.

Her disadvantages?  Complete isolation from allied forces, limited resources, and a world that hates you and wants you t die, completed with poisonous atmosphere, super deadly predators, and nasty plant-life.

The Goal?  Get off the planet without getting killed.

I'm looking for less "Random Sex and Violence", and more of an adventure game with high stakes and a high level of danger.  Think Super Metroid as opposed to Halo or something along those lines.  I'd ideally like a GM who's willing to punish mistakes, but ultimately reward clever thinking.  We can also include a "Restart from Last Checkpoint" feature when one of the inevitable Bad Ends comes down the pipe.  The potential EX rating is just because there's a lot of really unpleasant ways to go.  From getting shot up, to running out of air during a trip from one outpost to another, and running afoul of one of the Bad Things out there.  Though obviously, going into much detail isn't mandatory, and we could probably scale this down to NC without an issue either.

Here's some visual references in case it helps.

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The Main Character (Currently Nameless)--Inner Suit

Power Armor

Either reply in the thread, or send a PM if you're interested in running this!


One month bump, had some initial interest that didn't pan out really, but I'm still interested in trying this.


One more shot at this before I give up on the idea--I'm completely willing to modify the basic idea a bit though, as long as the core concepts remain more or less intact.


any interest in incorprating your character into my space themed idea? i see you have the gal stranded on a lone planet, well there is a part in my adventure where the main planet has war refugees she could be one...

take a look and pm me telling me what ya think :)

just browsing and thought id toss it out there

heres the link
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I'm rather interested, though I do have a question. I can easily understand how the more violent portions of this could come into play, but what of erotique? Would there be natives of the planet, or some very creatures who are giving you a wrong sort of look?

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Quote from: Vassus on October 30, 2012, 12:35:42 AM
I'm rather interested, though I do have a question. I can easily understand how the more violent portions of this could come into play, but what of erotique? Would there be natives of the planet, or some very creatures who are giving you a wrong sort of look?

Either's fine, as I said, looking for more of a "Metroid" theme on "Hostile alien world that can and will do Nasty Things to you if your equipment or training fails", so natives and creatures are kind of par for the course, and Bad Ends more of a "Thing that's going to happen at some point or another" rather then an implied kind of thing.

So, one part "Survival", one part "Action", with the more ero stuff being more Bad End material (Especially since chances are, if they get far enough along that they're able to actually Do that, then they're either creative enough to molest the heroine through her battlesuit--which would be interesting in and of itself!--or she's not long for this world anyway :P)

Quote from: iridum248 on October 30, 2012, 09:52:46 AM
I'd love to play in this - You phrased it much better than I could have!

More possible art!

Well, like I said, I'm looking for a GM, not necessarily more players.



It's probably not going to happen at this point, but I'll try bumping this one more time for the road.


Actually got some interest last time!  Even if the GM didn't have the time to carry on...  Anyone else want to try running this?


I'll give it a shot. Shoot me a PM and we can discuss!
Well, I'm back after more than a year!


Bumping this again, had another taker, but real life got in the way.

Hoping to get a run that goes places next time!