Contemporary ideas, F looking for F or M!

Started by Eleria, August 30, 2012, 06:45:36 AM

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This is my first request thread ever so, try to be nice with me :)

Anyways, a few of things before anything:

~ Read my roleplay preferences to make sure that we're fairly compatible before getting in touch with me.

~ The ideas exposed here are always negotiable, but none of them are "first come-first served". Make sure to include your own thoughts and desires for the idea/s that interests you for having a better chance of getting it! Or in other words, if you only a send a "I like this idea" then... you're not going to get it at all...

~ Feel free to include any questions that you may have for me about anything and everything, I don't bite, unless you ask ;)

And that's all! I play the character on the left and... my current ideas are:

~ Angel x Demon (more details below) (This one is taken as F/F)

A demiurge, for those that don't know, seems to be some kind of entity that is in charge of creating and managing a functional heaven and hell, just so no souls are lost, think of it like... some kind of overly stressed architect ~giggles~ Anyways, the idea is that this entity has two assistants that regularly offer advice and guidance to him, an angel that offers advices about the themepark for the good souls of the Heaven. And a demon that does the same thing but for the Hell.

I don't really imagine angels and demons in the typical way, you know, feathers, halo, wings, horns, tails and lack of navel. In my imagination they look like us, maybe with a bit more of light or darkness around them, and they don't walk around in robes, they use clothes and outfits appropriate for the setting, which is contemporary (modern real life like).

What's the plot? Well, the two assistants are forced to work together for a common goal, which is assisting the demiurge. So with you playing the demon it could get pretty funny, mainly because my character would be the purest thing ever. So sweet, naive and adorable in an almost childish way. Opposites attract, right? :) Maybe at some point he asks her out. The rest is up to discussion!

~ Cousin x cousin, sister x sister or sister x brother (this second pairing is taken)

This one is based around the theory that two related persons feel an extreme attraction to each other if they have not been raised together at all. So, on all the pairings the two wouldn't know each other much, maybe a visit from time to time, enough to see how they grew as years passed by. They're both very attractive and the story would start with the two meeting by chance or by fate in a blind date.

But before that, maybe when they were younger or just kids, they shared one first and perfect kiss, something innocent but that at least marked my character. This would be the trigger, at least for my character to (during that blind date) go on with it and, when formally asked out for a real serious date, to accept it, despite their shared blood. And that's the idea :)

There is also a high chance of my character being the kind of girl that goes for no sex until the wedding, although that doesn't means that she's a total prude at all :)

~ Soldier x enemy soldier or pilot x soldier (add variants as desired!)

The NATO are doing several missions on enemy territory, we can choose who are the baddies later on. But anyways, the situation has gotten so stressful that women, like my character, are doing their best to help kill the baddies. I imagine that my girl is proably a sniper or a lone pilot, so that she can be slightly behind the lines offering lots of support and trying not to get in trouble.

The problem is the stress. She's very good at what she does but she's very attractive too and... she's single. So depending on who do you choose to play the story could go in several different ways. Regardless, it should be a pretty action filled story, with a couple of different missions in which our character interact all the time, maybe help each other or, if they're enemies, feel forced to cooperate against a bigger threat, like... mass destruction weapons.

Due to the nature of the story, if there is sex involved it will probably be pretty rough, dirty and adrenaline filled, kind of ~right here and now!~ instead of a slow and tender session.

~ Nymphomaniac x Friend (this one is taken too, as F/M)

She started to have trouble with her sexuality in her early teens, as hormones ran wild through her young body she couldn't help but explore her body in her lonely nights. The problem for her came as time passed by, she kept playing with herself at night and then more.. and more until satisfying her lust became a priority over everything else. Nowadays she still has the same problem but thanks to a persistant friend that actually cares for her... she might hopefully get better.

This is a story centered around character development, it's also about what could happen as two friends get to spend more and more time together, bending the lines of friendship towards something more, which could potentially cause more damage to my character if things go wrong. I guess that, in theory, she can still be virgin if my partner desires so too, as usual I don't mind it although it could be interesting if her sex problems were intensely based around that fear, or she could also be a lesbian with a similar fear and anxiety issue.

~ Bride x Best friend (or friends!)

It was the night before her wedding! She had waited for this day since she was a little girl, furthermore she had kept herself virgin for the next night. Everything was just like in her dreams too! She had just tried on her dress when she heard someone coming. It was her future husband talking with someone... and so she hid to prevent him from seeing her in her pure white dress. To her shock... he walked into their bedroom already kissing and groping another woman, much to her shock one more woman came after and in no time the three were having wild sex on her bed.

She was shocked, she couldn't even move nor cry nor react, she simply kept herself there, silent, watching in horror how her future husband betrayed her in every possible way. Then they left the bedroom and it's when the poor bride moved out, crying as tomorrow was supposed to be a perfect day. Without thinking about it she moved out of the bedroom and ran towards a certain room. She knocked and one of her best friends opened the door.

That's when our story starts, I'm specially looking for someone to play two male roles at the same time (although one could work), they would be my character's best friends since childhood and she would take revenge that very same night, if she can anyway. The idea is that the bride cancels the wedding after the scandal and starts dating her childhood friend or friends at the same time, which would lead to threesomes and a nasty love triangle.

And that's all for now! Feel free to PM me at anytime :)

~ Eleria


Updated the title so that it reflects that I'm also interested in F/F pairings for every idea and... added a new one! :)


Added the bride idea! :)

edit: sister x brother is available!