seeking rp (females or males)

Started by luna146, August 28, 2012, 03:56:12 PM

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Hi i just came back after a couple year hiatus and looking for rp. I have a few ideas.

1 . Strip poker

2. Combat (magical or just plain fighting which ends in my humiliation)

3. Battle of the sex - we play various games to determine the better sex

4. A day where my luck turns bad putting into Humiliating situation after another

5. Strip debate


hi the idea of strip poker is fun however i have a question, how do you plan on having the cards play out in the game? would it be planned out or just think on the go?


Well the result would end up with me nakef


well i did gather that part, i mean how would you choose which cards were played and who got which cards in there hand? am i right in guessing it would be Texas hold em poker?

also can we continue this via pm? its easier when i'm using my phone