~Naughty Wannabe~ (MxM, substance abuse, slight age gap)

Started by LilySnape, August 27, 2012, 10:47:08 PM

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Sam (my character) x Jack Brasko

Jack Brasko: Similar to this above look that Johnny Depp has; slightly rugged, very handsome, musician-like, bad boy-esque yet fairly friendly and persuasive.  Can be around late twenties, early thirties, whatever you prefer.

Sam: 17 year old private high school boy.  Handsome, young-faced, protected by his strict parents.  Loves motorcycles, but isn't allowed one.  Goes out to watch races instead.


Sam meets the attractive Jack Brasko at a local downtown motorcycle show.  It's that fateful night that they share their thoughts, and Jack comes to find that the boy feels trapped at home, protected, too protected...

Sam wants the drugs, he wants the alcohol, the cigarettes.  He becomes extremely attracted to Jack, realizing that he wants to be just like him...he craves the bad boy image, and despises the perfect son his parents want him to become.

Jack is persuasive, and though nothing is spoken directly, the two start spending time together at his house, and it becomes clear that something is developing.  Sam disappears on weekends to go get lost in the smoking and drinking with Jack, then lets the man take whatever he wants from him physically in return.  Drugs for sex...and they're both enjoying it.

Sam is finally breaking free from his "perfect boy" image, and he's never felt so good as he does then, high, drunk and lying beneath his new idol.
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