Medieval, Romance, plot driven, (F for M)

Started by Chiarra, August 26, 2012, 10:08:00 PM

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Aronia and Eldonia have been on the brink of war for ages.  But with the princess of Eldonia coming of age her father offers her hand in marriage to the prince of Aronia in hopes for peace.  The deal is struck and she is sent shortly after to marry him.  And while her husband is abusive and uncaring, she slowly starts to fall in love with his brother, who in turn, returns her love.  A story of deceit and betrayal, passion and lust, and forbidden pleasures.  Will she and her prince find a way to be together or are they doomed to be apart from each other forever and more importantly will her husband find out about it?

Okay there's the plot.  Feel free to PM me and talk about the details.  I am flexible.  If there is something you want to add to the plot or change or anything at all, we will talk about it and make it fit.  I also want a partner who isn't afraid to make unexpected twists and turns in the plot without telling me.  I like surprises too.  So don't hesitate to throw something in without asking.  Also be committed please.  If you do get bored of it after a bit then at least tell me and then we can discuss on how to make it more interesting.  If that fails then please feel free to tell me that you want out.  But I don't want you to just quit.  Also, I am not strict on posting.  If you wanna drop a one liner feel free but only if you absolutely cannot come up with anything else.  I try to type out as much as possible and I expect my partners to do the same.  I will not accept posts with five words or less though.  If that happens then I will be sending you a PM.  I do try and match the post length of my partner though if they write longer posts than me.  Also do not play my character, that annoys me.  I'm not going to play yours.
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