The Sky Guard and The Mercenary (Forgotten Realms 3.5 setting. F seeking Dom M)

Started by Spero, August 26, 2012, 04:43:28 PM

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The Sky Guard and The Mercenary
Type: Fantasy 3.5
My Character: A Half Elf Mercenary Hired for a job aboard a Halruuan Skyship
Your Character:The Halruuan Skyship's Captain of the Sky Guard or someone who could be an effective GM. They would have to have knowledge of the Forgotten Realms setting along with knowledge of the city of Halruuan.
Idea: A Halruuan Skyship campaign, based in the forgotten realms; A Skyship "Farwind" is about to embark on an epic adventure through jungle, mountain, plain, and swamp in order to try and stop the return of the dread necromancer Akhular. In a desperate search against time for the fabled tablets of the Judakariim -- which may be the only hope of maintaining the balance. So they have what it takes to survive sailing the high skies upon an airship with the famous captain, the legendary Chimera himself, into the seas of stary night and beyond in search of truth, power, and redemption.

She was a mercenary hired by the captain of the Skyship "Fairwind" to help them on their journey.

He has been a long time member of the "Fairwind." Along with his twin brother, he has always been in charge of both the guards on ship and the guards that patrol the skies on the backs of golden dragonelle.

....I have a rough plot idea, but I would really like to work something out the person I will be writing with.     


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