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Author Topic: A Wolf's Cravings (dom male looking for female)  (Read 342 times)

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Online IrishWolfTopic starter

A Wolf's Cravings (dom male looking for female)
« on: August 25, 2012, 04:40:41 PM »
Greetings my fellow roleplayers!

I am IrishWolf and I have a few ideas kicking around in my head that I want to share with you. Now I would like to say, I don’t post every day, hell I can go several days without posting. Its because of my job, I don’t have set hours and we’re in our busy season at the moment. Somedays I’m working 14 hours, come home, crash and have to go right back. Others I get up and try to post, only to use my keyboard as a pillow. So I don’t post everyday but I do post on fridays, guaranteed, its my day off and Saturday afternoons is good for me too. The rest of the week, its hit or miss but I will always try or at the very least, I will send pms begging forgiveness.

Oh and PMs is the best way to contact me but feel free to post your interest here too.

On the the plots and settings!

The Spoils of War
Low or High fantasy setting, the world is beset with wars and feuds of all kinds. Mercenaries grow fat on gold, as lords and kings swell their armies with them. We’ll talk about the setting more, find out what you’d like to play.

Our story begins with a wealthy Duke feuding with his counterpart in another kingdom. He would challenge the man or gather his knights and storm the man’s home but his own king has forbidden it, as the kingdom is recovering from a recent struggle. So, to remove his enemy once and for all, the Duke enlists a company of mercenaries, paying them to storm the home of his enemy and kill him, along with the rest of his family line. There are strict orders not to rape any of the other duke’s family members, as they are still nobles but they all must be put to death.

So a few weeks later, a band of mercenaries storms into the other Duke’s home, lead by a ruthless captain, my character. Taking the guards by surprise, his men easily take the castle, killing men-at-arms, knights and servants alike. Rounding up the Duke and his family, their captain despatches him and his wife before their three children. Turning his blade upon them, his is stopped by the eldest of the children, the Duke’s only daughter, your character. She makes a deal with him, spare her siblings and she’d submit to anything he wants.

The story would follow the company of mercenaries, as they march from job to job, keeping her siblings among the camp followers, to make sure she doesn’t run off.

Changes in Fortune
Its the year 2345 AD, Human Standard Calender and the fast freighter, the Stellar Raven , the interstellar version of a tramp steamer, is in a predicament. Like the steamships of old, she sailed the stars without a schedule, going wherever required to deliver its cargo. However, after making a delivery into a large mining system, they found that everything going out is controlled by the local corporation , there are no independent contracts to be found and without a contract, there is no money for fuel, the Stellar Raven is stuck. The small crew, just a captain, an engineer, and a deckhand, is in trouble. The last of their funds dwindle away, the winds of fortune change.  Theres an job, an easy job, with a lot of pay and only a fool would turn it down. Almost too good to be true, they jump at the opportunity and see just how far these winds will blow them.

Whats the job and the pay you might ask? The transportation of a small number of passengers, who they do have room on board, in cabins. The pay? A full load of fuel to begin with, refueling when they get to their destination, ten thousands credits worth of platinum per crewmen and the offer of government contracts.   

So who do they have to take? A small and all female ambassadorial team from Ujazian Federation, who need to get home for undeclared reasons and their own government has failed to retrieve them.

Of course there is a small catch, unknown to the captain of the Stellar Raven , which has to do with Ujazian biology. Back in the early days of their species, when a female went into heat, everything but mating became secondary, including eating and sleeping. One female going into heat would send any other female they encountered, save for those with young, into heat as well. It also drove males into a kind of rut, where they are driven to mate with the females, more then normal and often fight if the male to female ratios is less then 1 to 3. They were a source of prey for a number of major predators in the food chain, at the time and needed such intensive breeding to keep surviving. As their evolution progressed and their predators died out or were in turn hunted down, this trait was lessened to a slight degree but never removed and remains to this day.

Primitive Ujazians found that the leaves of some plants would reduce the intensity of heat and rut cycle and as their cultures progressed and their understanding of science grew, they were able to refine the plants into highly effective medications to suppress the urges and maintain normal brain functions. However, should one go off the drug, the cycle comes back stronger than ever before and painful to deny, a pain which grows with every day.

As the Ujazians discovered space travel and began to interact with other races, they sent single sex teams to negotiate with them, in order to diminish the chances of embarrassment, well supplying theses teams with the drug to keep them under control. The delegation had used up their supply of the drug, in fact, they had rationed it out to just barely get to the point where they board the ship. The courier they had been waiting for, was supposed to have brought them a new shipment, so they could continue trying to hammer out a trade deal. However, that ship had been waylaid by pirates, a fact they no one would find out for years to come.

This coming loss of control had also influence the ship they chose to hire, as they were looking for both a fast ship, with a small crew.

Oh, what do Ujazians look like?

Ujazians are a tall humanoid race (which is to say they stand up right on two legs, have two arms, although they have five fingers and a thumb on each hand), the shortest adult generally making at least six feet and the tallest  over seven, as humans measured. The skin of this alien species, could be described as a prussian blue in color, with the common hair colors being white, dark green and purple. Their eyes tend to be large for their faces, as humans would see it and be completely black, with the hint of other colors within. They lack a nose, having only slits were the nostrils are in the human face. They also have tails, which tend to be about three feet long and completely prehensile.  In the manner of genitals, they match humans, save for the fact that females have a second, smaller pair of breasts, set just under the larger, primary pair.

This is one of the few times I will ever specify the race of your character(s). I’d play the humans, you the Ujazians. If this is too many characters to handle, I don’t mind changing it to just one human, one Ujazian.

This one is going to be in the extreme section, with a fantasy setting.

There is a very large, old dragon, who rules over the land. In the days of old, he made deals with the villages and tribes living in his territory. In return for his not burning their settlements and eating them, each village must send him a seasonal tribute, be it treasure, livestock or a maiden to eat. Most do so without having to be reminded, once their elders or chieftain visit the remains of those villages which disobey.

That is, save for one village, very close to his cave, who worship him as a dark but protective god. They have to send but one maiden to him in a generation, to serve as the Dragon Priestess, a female who serves to fulfill the dragon’s needs, be they making sure his tribute is collected and ready to be presented or announcing his whims to satisfying his urges. Over time, as he mates with her, her body will begin to transform into that of a quarter dragon, often growing a tail, wings, horns and some scales.

The dragon can shapeshift, moving his mass into a pocket dimension, so that he can take on smaller forms but not larger ones. So physical interactions between our characters would range from his being in full form, a diminished but still draconic form to human form to anything else that would please him. 

There would be elements of gore, vore, penis worship, scrotum worship.
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