Time Traveller seeks (f) partner

Started by TheMarquis, August 24, 2012, 12:51:44 PM

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...but *nothing* like Doctor Who!!

Think more like HG Wells and that would be closer.

Looking for a sexy, but kick ass partner who is able to take care of herself, but also knows that when the Marquis gets into dominant or assertive mode she secretly loves it.

This could turn into a very involved and complex RP as I only at present have secret plans for a time machine and so it must be constructed from scratch. We won't even know if it will work. The Marquis and his partner have a fractious relationship. Both are attracted to each other but neither will admit it. Their relationship swings between helping and supporting each other through to open ambivalence.

Am especially interested in the idea that both characters are time anarchists. Avoiding the advice of 'never to change history' we both actively set out to do just that -and view the results by jumping forward in time. our actions don't always work out for the best...

Any sexual contact should be held off for as long as possible till both characters can't stand the tension any longer. From this point the adventures could develop where their time travelling sends them to more adult points in history and scenarios.

I'm looking for someone who can offer more than a few lines contribution -at least every few days.

Looking forward to the ride!


The Marquis

Tall, brown eyes, slightly muscular, shoulder length hair. He is a physicist prodigy, but also a live wire. Kicked out of the elite science academy in France for exposing the inaccuracies in their standard teaching materials and exposing set 'laws' of physics to be inherently false, he fled to London with a young girl who taught him how to tattoo, skydive and play guitar. Badly.

A travelling expedition to Egypt led them to the secret formula for opening the stellar stone at the Sphinx. Despite heavy machine gun fire they managed to both almost escape with the prize they found inside -a small metal case welded tightly shut. She, however, was hit by a bullet in the abdomen. Although the Marquis managed to drag her away to the hideout in an old archaeologists house she died the following day.

The Marquis -or M, as he is known to friends -takes the first flight out of war-ravaged Egypt, still clutching the box, unsure of its secret and also unsure how to open it without damaging the contents. The old archaeologist seems to know more than he lets on, because he has given M the address of someone who he is convinced will be able to help with the prize now in his possession: a brilliant, but (''temperamental'') scientist from the UK, called Sabina Nicholls....
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Hmm this seems interesting. You didn't happen to name him Marquis after Marquis De Sade did you?


Sorry, Starcry -just seen your reply (now on Notify!).

Yes, indeed, named mostly after de Sade. However, read my ons/offs for a fuller explanation on why! In short, my love for him has its limits.
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It's quite all right. ^_^

Oh I see why. Yes, he truly was the pioneer of his time. It is quite sad he went unappreciated. Yet at the same time he also showed how far you shouldn't go. (If I remember correctly he never actually killed anyone. But he did mutilate and poison people.)

I haven't read any of his works, but have seen 120 day of Sodom. It was interesting. People have recommended I read his stuff as it is quite a fascinating read. I am yet to do so though. lol

I am quite interested in rp-ing with you. Please look at my O/O and let me know if and when you want to get started. :)


I remember reading 120 Days years ago. Took me a few days to get to day 100. Another week to read the last 20 days...

Loved your ons/Offs. I'll start us off tomorrow if you'd like? In the meantime if you fancy a natter or exchange of ideas before then just drop me a private message:)
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Considering how the film went... yeah I can see why the last 20 days would slow you down. I admit it was a little hard to watch after a while. (Even though I was told about the interviews in which everything was fake and the cast actually had fun filming it. It still doesn't stop me cringing a little...)

But yes! Tomorrow sounds great. Gives us time to plot and stuff. :)


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