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Author Topic: Star Frontiers: A Fistful of Credits (Char-gen, Cast, and Rules Thread)  (Read 1256 times)

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Character Generation Summary

Determine Ability Scores
Allocate 200 points among your four ability pairs.  This will give you an average of 50.

Determine Race
Adjust your abilities and record special abilities (if applicable).
Human (may add +5 to any one ability)
Dralasite (+5 STR/STA, -5 DEX/RS, Elasticity, Lie Detection 5%)
Vrusk (-5 STR/STA, +5 DEX/RS, Ambidexterity, Comprehension 15%)
Yazirian (-10 STR/STA, +5 DEX/RS, +5 INT/LOG, Night Vision, Gliding, Battle Rage 5%)

Determine Combat Abilities
Initiative Modifier: 10% of RS
Punching Strength: +1 per 20 points of STR
Ranged Base To-Hit: One-half DEX
Melee Base To-Hit: Higher of one-half STR or one-half DEX

Determine Skills
Select a PSA from Military, Biosocial, Technical, Spacer, or Mentalist
Select 2 skills at level 1, one of which must come from your PSA.

Equip Your Character
Roll d100+250 Cr and consult equipment tables.

Final Details
Name, appearance, handedness, gender, etc.

**Edit: I noticed, belatedly, a typo in Digitally Remastered.  Dralasites and Vrusk had their ability modifiers listed under the wrong column, at least when compared to my hardcopy of Alpha Dawn!  It's been fixed... **

and here's a quick character sheet...but if you want to find and use a more complicated one, feel free!  Then post your character below.



STR/STA 00/00
DEX/RS 00/00
INT/LOG 00/00
PER/LDR 00/00

Punch Strength:
Initiative Modifier:
Ranged To-Hit:
Melee to-Hit:
Special Abilities:



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Offline Hunter

Name:  Feezor

Race: Yazirin
Gender: Male
Handedness: Left

STR/STA 40/60
DEX/RS 60/50
INT/LOG 50/60
PER/LDR 40/40

Punch Strength: +2
Initiative Modifier: 5
Ranged To-Hit: 30%
Melee to-Hit: 20%
Special Abilities: Night Vision, Gliding, Battle Rage 5%

PSA: Technological
Skills: Technician 1, Robotics 1

Standard Equipment Pack

100+1d100 credits

Offline Ace86

General Data:

Name: Adam Johns      Age: 28                    Walking: 10M
Race: Human             Gender: Male             Running: 30M
                                Hight: 1.75M              Hourly: 5KM
Hair: Black, Short       Weight: 68 Kg
Eyes: Blue                 Handedness: Right       Experience: 0


Adam wears a cowboy hat that is usually pivoted down to cover his eyes. He wears a long black shirt with a light brown vest, really worn out tan pants, and dark brown boots.   

Profession: Bounty Hunter
Employer: Currently unemployed
Pay Day: N/A

Physical Data:                  Combat Data:                  Medical Data:       
STR/STA:    30/50          Initiative Modifier: +7         ---------------
DEX/RS:      75/70          Punching Score: +2            i                   i
INT/LOG:     50/40          Ranged Weapons: 40%       i       50         i
PER/LDR:     55/35          Melee Weapons: 40&          i____________i

Weapon Data:

Weapon:         Damage:        To Hit:       Range:                Notes:     Ammo[/b]:

Automatic         1D10/5D10         60%        5/15/30/60/150                   5 Clips (100 Rounds)

Racial Abilities:        Defence Data:         Energy Record:

                              Suit: Non                Source/SEU:
                              Screen: Non                  Non

Skill Data:                          Equipment Data:                                       
Skill/Level:                           Item/Weight:

Projectile Weapons/2               Flashlight/0
                                           Gas Mask/0

PSA: Military

Wealth: 53 Credits
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Offline JadeCore

For the sake of getting the game going, here's my character with a lot not yet written down (alot in my head though). As stuff may be subject to change, anything subject to change is TBA/N/A. Panda has the general concept of what the character is intended to be - a cross between Robert Oppenheimer/Tony Stark and Indiana Jones/Lara Croft... in space. Or some such. Something along the lines of an intellectual athlete and adventurer wouldn't be far off.

Name: Ophelie Elysees Summerfeld

Race: Human
Gender: Female
Age: 27
Handedness: Left

STR/STA 50/50
DEX/RS 50/50
INT/LOG 45/60
PER/LDR 45/55

Punch Strength: +3
Initiative Modifier: +5
Ranged To-Hit: 25%
Melee to-Hit: 25%
Special Abilities: N/A

PSA: Biosocial
Skills: Environmental 1, Computers 1

Equipment: 2 Credits, Standard Equipment Pack, Knife x 1, Mono Wakizashi, Yazirian Disc-Grenade

Other: N/A

At-a-glance: TBA; Blonde wavy bobcut, dark eyes, 5'7", professional appearance, athletically slim

Appearance: TBA

Background: TBA
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