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Started by Peachie, August 23, 2012, 07:09:11 PM

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Hello! Glad you have stumbled upon my requests...

Please check my Ons/Offs before PM'ing about a request.

A Goddess is Born
Set in ancient Greece - A beautiful girl is born to a small town with the strange ability to manipulate water. When her village discovers her strange powers, they immediately believe she is a goddess. However, she is a demi-god - her father was Poseidon, her mother a beautiful, yet mortal woman that was able to entrance the water god. However, her mother explained to her at an early age that if she loses her virginity, she would ultimately lose her powers. A man set out to conquer the world learns of her mysterious powers (he could have some of his own) and kidnaps her in the night, stealing her away from life as she knows it.

So, I am open to playing more than one character. Your character would need to be dominant and powerful, and ultimately selfish, though I wouldn't mind seeing a romantic relationship occuring between the two. We can have the man fool around with other girls in front of my characters, teasing her, etc. Though eventually the question would rise - would he take her body and risk losing her powers?
***Idea taken from combining qualities from the movie Immortals and from the book/movie The Lightening Thief***

Please PM me and we can discuss this plot further. I'm open to new ideas, so don't hesitate to ask!

Are you an Angel?
Set in modern time, loosely based off of the X-men series.

Genetic mutations are still not publicy known, except to those mutants who are living with their extraordinary abilities. My character is gifted with a magnificent set of pure white wings coupled with the ability to fly. Her feathers are soft, yet razor sharp and she has increased strength and vision. She hides her wings daily by tying them to her back and lives a relatively normal life writing articles for a daily newspaper. Whenever she gets free time she heads to a remote area of a nearby forest and flies for hours.

Your character would be out hiking, or whatnot, and stumble upon this marvelous creature, becoming infatuated with her. I'd prefer your character be some type of doctor who wants to study her, either with or without his own genetic mutations. He can keep her in a cage, a room, dungeon, whatever you want. I'll leave his personality up to you - though I would like some rough non-con scenes, and possibly some romance develop between the two.

Anyhow, we can discuss this more, so please PM me if interested!

An Angel from Above


A worthy angel is cast from the skies above to provide guidance to a man that the gods deem important to their ultimate plan. She isn't told why, only who, and must guide him in the right path towards saving the world. Set in ancient Greece, our guy is your typical, fallen hero. Maybe he's been pushed around so much, mocked by his peers, etc. and gives up to lead a sinful life (ie. sleeping around, getting into fights, stealing, etc.). He could have some special ability the gods bestowed upon him, or not, up to you. Miss Angel here is sent to provide him guidance back to the hero the gods know he can be in a time of crisis. (Say monsters are roaming the land and causing havoc, crime rate is up, etc.) We can talk about several monsters (or bandits, etc.) that he must face. (I don't mind playing multiple characters, and you should be willing to do the same.) The Angel is human, but also with some of her own abilities, and has strict orders for no physical contact. Of course, she is only human, and they are immediately attracted to one another. Expect her to be very innocent and naive! I'd like to see how this would play out, so please PM me if interested so we can discuss the plot further!

Slavery and Non-Con Please

The sex slavery is alive and booming in Europe, unbeknown to the young girl and her friend who decide to take a trip after college. She is carefree, beautiful, and talented, yet very naive. Drugged and abducted, she awakes to several masked women dressing and primping her naked body. Taken to a circular room lined with mirrors, still groggy from the medicine, she is finally chained by her wrists to the floor.

Let the bidding begin!

A fairly overused story idea, though one I'd really like to play. I can see this going several different ways, so PM me so we can hash out the gritty details!

She grew up in a mansion with servants, maids, cooks, butlors, and tailors all there to serve her. An only child, her family spoiled her with everything she ever wanted. Except a relationship. Both her mother and her father travel constantly, often leaving her alone. She is kidnapped, and to get her back, her kidnappers are asking for five million dollars. Something her family can easily afford. But will they get their precious daugther back unharmed?

The kidnappers should have no intent on raping the daugther until they actually kidnap her and see how incredibly sexy she is. You should be willing to play two to four guys, though one should be the voice of reason. I'd like to see her physically and emotionaly abused and by multiple men at once...

Just PM me for more details!

***Please note: I'm VERY interested in doing a M/F/F or M/M/F, so if we could work this into a role-play, it would make me very, very happy!***


I like the plot. I would chose to be Achilles, she would be his first conquest and the biggest male desire of the world. Imagine the most powerful human of his time with a complex, have a powerful wife he cannot touch or devulge in fantasy and make her normal. Achilles, controller of fate.
Lady Seeria


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