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Author Topic: TAKEN :: Phoenix Rising (1-on-1)  (Read 1588 times)

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Offline CaeliTopic starter

TAKEN :: Phoenix Rising (1-on-1)
« on: May 10, 2008, 03:51:35 pm »

As far as responses go: Go ahead and express your interest even if others have already; I'm going to go ahead and be picky and selfish this time around, so who I play with WILL NOT BE "First Come First Served." I'll be choosing from a number of factors: writing style, character (I don't need a full character sheet, just a general description), and some other things. If you're interested, please go ahead and tell me what you have in mind, via PM. I want to keep my options open.

Although a similarly titled thread is in players-wanted, that is for the same game, but a 3-player version. I'd like to try this game with only one other person - a one on one.

Phoenix Rising :: Fantasy, Adventure; 1 on 1
Categories include: Bondage, Seduction, Oral... to begin with

The two countries of Morovia and Aladel had a long-lasting rivalry for as long as any of its inhabitants could remember; so long ago, in fact, that the cause of their conflict had been lost in the winds of time. Many centuries after the beginning of this strife, two kings ruled from the seats of each throne; King Daihkael of Aladel, and King Rudeain of Morovia. It was with them that war came in earnest - their lust for land and power had grown. Many smaller countries and small groups of people had been absorbed into each country, and now they sought the land of their sworn enemy.

In the midst of this war of mages and men, an alchemist was searching the old ruins of Lir'a'viis when he discovered an old, ancient tablet. He sought to decipher the ancient message inscripted in the stone - a difficult task, for the elements had worn it until the deep grooves in the stone were but shall cuttings. Laboring over his task, he finally uncovered an ancient prophecy: The Prophecy of the Light Phoenix. It told of six amulets that, when united, would allow its user to summon the Phoenix of Light, and be granted great power.

Power enough to destroy the world. Power enough to save it.

Thus each king assembled a pair of Seekers - people with the skill and loyalty to find, then bring the six amulets to him, so HE could be the one to use its power.

And even while each group set out to find the first amulet, dozens of treasure hunters sprang up from all over each kingdom, seeking to find these amulets of great power. Each had their own purpose, be it riches or power, fame or knowledge - but their goals also coincided with those of the Seekers... and thus they became known as the Hunters.

I'm looking for pretty detailed, substantial posts - the range of posts I made in this story, were a pretty good size, though I'm okay with those that are longer as well.

My character is a female mage (details can be available upon request. The other can be anything from a prince (except the heir, of course), a trusted nobleman, a knight, a guard, etc... Weapons can be anything that doesn't include technology - swords, polearms, axes, projectiles, bow and arrow, assassin's tricks, and so on. Do remember that the king, or someone the king trusts, chose you to be in the group - no matter what, your intelligence and/or weapons expertise will be exceptional. Thus, while we may or may not know each other personally, we'll definitely know of each other.

Also note, that I'm not a huge fan of "Prince Charming" or "knight in shining armor" types.

For other details, you can look for the Phoenix Rising thread in the Players Wanted section.

As far as the sexual area of this RP goes: I'm willing to stretch my limits a bit, while keeping it consensual. We can talk about this further.

Please PM me if interested.
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