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May 25, 2018, 08:13:59 AM

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Author Topic: Liege seeks literate Dom(me). (F/m, M/f, F/f, or things less gendered...)  (Read 525 times)

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Offline SussurusTopic starter

Note that when I say 'literate,' I mean 'capable of using the English language in a manner both technically correct and aesthetically pleasing.' I do not mean that I expect a wall of text every post... in fact, I'd really prefer something more interactive, with shorter, more frequent posts.

Note that when I say 'Dom(me)', I mean that I prefer to play opposite dominant characters. I do not mean that my characters are spinelessly submissive. If you want a meekly submissive thing that immediately obeys your every whim, you probably want someone else.

In addition to the ideas listed below, I'm open to the possibility of other interesting scenarios, particularly ones with non-con elements. Check my On/Offs and pitch me your ideas!

Note: I've gotten enough of these rolling that I'm not really looking right now, but feel free to ping me if you'd like to start something up in the future!

Slave Girl- claimed!
When he sold himself into to the highest bidder, buying his mother and siblings a better life, he was expecting to end up a sex slave. What he didn't expect was that his new master would pay for the high-tech (or magical?) transformation process that would turn him into a girl. Can 'she' adapt to her new body, along with her new role?

Looking for an owner who will take delight in -- and advantage of -- their new slave's dislike of being female. Whether this takes the form of playing dress-up in sexy, revealing clothes, or physical domination emphasizing how much smaller and less muscular she is now, this owner didn't just want a slave girl: they wanted a slave who never dreamed of being a girl... and is finding it to be a nightmare.

The Uplifted

You would play a member of a high-tech, space-faring civilization, a citizen of one of the 'Eden-class' planets. These beautiful, garden-like worlds are inhabited solely by the wealthy... and their servants. You have 'uplifted' such a servant, paying for their ticket off of what is informally known as a 'Hell-class' world -- a failure of terraforming.

This 'servant' is in more debt to you than they could ever hope to pay. More than that, they are not actually a citizen of your planet, merely a sponsored worker who you could dismiss at any time. They are, effectively, your slave... and they knowingly entered into this arrangement to get off of their planet. Of course, what they didn't know is exactly what you had in mind...

The Dragon's Nursemaid
 You would play a handsome and fabulously wealthy member of the fae, a shapeshifted dragon (or other such monsterous creature). You have a litter of pre-sentient, monsterous 'children,' and as is natural for your kind, they killed their mother during the birth. And they need to be fed.
  You've kidnapped a human girl (or possibly more than one?), a young mother who recently gave up her own newborn for adoption. This is the girl who will nurse your young... and provide an outlet for your own sexual and sadistic needs.

Less than Human - claimed!
You would play the new owner of a 'chimera,' carefully engineered to be less than 50% human. As such, chimeras have no legal rights, beyond some protections against 'animal abuse' that are rarely, if ever, enforced against their wealthy owners.

They are, of course, created to be strikingly beautiful, and theoretically, innately submissive to humans... but the one you got is 'defective,' being completely defiant and potentially dangerous. You are it's second owner, and you got it at bargain price... at least, it seemed like a bargain at the time.

You do have an advantage over the thing, in the form of a 'collar' that interfaces with an implant in the chimera's brain, enabling you to flood its nervous system with pleasure or pain, as you desire...

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Offline Estoc

I'd be interested in the dragon's nursemaid one. That sounds really interesting.

Offline SussurusTopic starter

One claimed, one new!  :-)

Offline Visna

I'm interested in a FxF version of Less than Human. Hit me up and we can hammer out some details.

Offline SussurusTopic starter

Updated with a new plot!