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Author Topic: Fandoms, Action Packed, and Real Life MxF Roleplays  (Read 937 times)

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Fandoms, Action Packed, and Real Life MxF Roleplays
« on: August 22, 2012, 02:45:25 PM »
OK So lately I've been wanting to play male characters in MxF scenarios so I am making this thread to find anyone who is interested. I am a female but feel I can play a male role pretty well and would like to get more role plays with my character being a male paired off with a female. My no's are pretty simple no stuff that belongs in a toilet, no consuming each other, no incest, and no animals please unless of course it's an animigus and is able to transform back into a human but no bestiality it's just not my thing. So with that said here are some pairings and like the title says it's mainly fandoms. If there are guy Canon characters in the pairing then I will be the one playing them to your OC or female Canon. Anything in bold is what I'm currently craving and if you are willing to RP it then I will be freaking ecstatic.

Also I thought I should mention I only play Dom or Switch characters I'm just not the submissive type at all so please do not ask me to submit or be a pet/slave because it won't happen. I don't mind fighting for dominance but my characters will never straight out submit.

On another note I am now willing to try MxM I have never done a MxM pairing before and I would be interested in trying one out so if you have a good plot Fandom or not send it my way and we can discuss it.

I only RP Via Threads I just don't like doing it through IM or PM

Harry Potter

Kingdom Hearts

Escape From LA/NY
Snake Plissken/OC
Snake Plissken/Utopia

Tango & Cash
Gabriel Cash/Katherine Tango
Gabriel Cash/OC
Ray Tango/OC

Randy Orton/OC
Randy Orton/Natalya
Randy Orton/Beth Phoenix
Randy Orton/Eve Torres
Wade Barret/OC
Wade Barret/Natalya
Wade Barret/Beth Phoenix
Wade Barret/Eve Torres
John Cena/OC
John Cena/Eve Torres
Dolph Ziggler/OC
Dolph Ziggler/Natalya
Dolph Ziggler/Beth Phoenix

Batman(Tim Burton's Version)
Two Face/OC

Wolverine/Jean Grey

Real Life Pairings
MMA Fighter/Agent
Biker/Rich Proper Woman or Man
Escaped Convict/Actress
Rival Gang Leaders

Fantasy Pairings

Hair Pulling
Rough Sex
Breath Play
Average Girls
Thick/Curvy Girls

Anal (Receiving)
Overly thin Girls
Anything to do with animals or people with animal parts
Characters Under the age of 18

Narcissa/OC- Cameron Donovan is the new Defense Against the Dark Arts teacher and he has been having some problems with Draco's behavior. He eventually gets so fed up with it that he sends a note home to Draco's mother. When she receives the letter she agrees to meet up with the professor to discuss her son and she is not too happy with it. Draco makes it out to seem like Cameron is targeting him and Narcissa won't have that so she immediately loathes the man. The two argue every time they meet up to discuss Draco. They both find each other attractive but refuse to show any signs of their attraction to each other due to Narcissa being married and Cameron being too stubborn to admit that he likes the woman while they're at each others throats. Sexual tension builds until one day Narcissa acts on her urges and makes a move on the professor.

Bellatrix/OC- Same OC as above only in this one he makes an unexpected visit to the manor and stumbles upon a death eater meeting and is forced to join or be killed. Bellatrix is having problems with her husband and the dark lord is oblivious to her feelings for him. She takes a liking to the young man and makes him her personal play toy. She enjoys having him wait on her hand and foot but deep down inside she wants him to take control and give her the time of her life.

Snake/OC- Escape From Earth- Finally scientists have found another planet capable of containing life and humans, the planet is pretty much identical to earth and in fact scientist are calling it the new world. After the complete shut down of the earth's power source people began to go insane losing their ways of life and even after scientists found a way to restore power some people just never recovered. The world's leaders got together and held a meeting after scientists had discovered the new planet and decided to move all worthy people there and leave all the degenerates, crazies, and anyone else they seen unfit behind. The leaders agreed on how the land was split and how everything would work in this New World. After years of planning and building the new world to be fit for all found worthy to be there. Space crafts containing everyone found worthy were sent to the new world leaving all the so called 'Trash' behind in the wasteland called planet earth.

Rules were strict for the new world so a lot of innocent men, woman, and children were left behind for petty crimes. All of the prisons where opened and it's inhabitants free to roam the earth with everyone else, this included, murderers, rapists, and other terrible people. Most people left behind just wanted to survive while others were out for blood, different gangs were developed across the planet the two most known were 'The Innocents' and 'The Free Men'. The Innocents consist of mainly families and people who struggled to survive and the Free Men consist of mainly prisoners who were let loose. The Free Men pretty much ruled most of the territory because they were everywhere anyone who disobeyed them died, anyone who opposed them died.

Snake Plissken has stayed hidden for the most part becoming a shadow amongst the people. He didn't join up with any of the gangs nor did he wish to, he had one plan and one plan only and that was to get the hell off the planet. Snake isn't too fond of how things went down and felt it was time to take a stand against the corrupt government that left innocent people to die and be treated like garbage by the scum of the earth for petty crimes they committed. He plans to fix things although he doesn't know just how....yet.

If none of my plots or pairings appeal to you but my kinks do feel free to shoot me a PM and we can discuss other ideas as well.
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Re: Fandoms, Action Packed, and Real Life MxF Roleplays
« Reply #1 on: September 15, 2012, 06:54:30 PM »
Bump for Updates

Offline AlphaWolfQuinTopic starter

Re: Fandoms, Action Packed, and Real Life MxF Roleplays
« Reply #2 on: September 27, 2012, 05:39:33 PM »
bump for updates

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Re: Fandoms, Action Packed, and Real Life MxF Roleplays
« Reply #3 on: September 28, 2012, 06:22:59 PM »
I wouldn't mind doing a Draco and Hermione