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Started by ZhenShanMei, August 22, 2012, 12:02:45 PM

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Please PM me if any of these plots interest you.

Dust in the Wind Taken
The year is 40385. Humans reached their peek in the advancement of technology when they realized they were no longer the dominant species in the universe. An intelligent race of lizard like extraterrestrials called Khal Kaidens overcame mankind and took their technology from them claiming it as their own and multiplied being unstoppable. Human's have been demoted from people into the category of animals. They are now considered, beasts of burden, pets, and entertainers. Some humans are wild, other are domesticated. After centuries of failed resistance, humans have accepted and embraced this as their new way of life. The beasts of burden take pride in their accomplishments, the pets show affection to their owners, and the wild humans enjoy their free life in their small preserved communities. However, there are some that are suffering. Criminal Khal Kaidens who ignore the human rights and cruelty prevention laws exploit them as fighters. Humans are trained and brought up to fight each other to the death for sport and gambling. Among those fighters is a young human who is the pride of his owner for winning countless battles and has the battle scars to prove it.

Once Were Warriors
After her parents were killed in a village raid by the country's enemy, the Ryuujin, a young women trained with her grandfather in hopes of enlisting in the Emperor's army and help to one day completely destroy the Ryuujin. Though the Emperor was reluctant to allow her entry into the military at first, she is eventually given permission under certain conditions and is soon fully accepted by the Emperor and all the soldiers. Only the new captain sees her position in the army laughable and has no problem speaking his opinion.

A Gentleman and a Scoudrel
A young man is blessed to be working with the girl of his dreams. She is confident, cool, beautiful, and strong. Unfortunately, she does not share his feelings. Though he confesses to her almost everyday he sees her, she finds he is too much of a nice guy for her liking. It is only then when he is on the verge of giving up does he discover a Gypsy who offers him the solution to his problem. A trinket that would change his appearance and give him the confidence he needs to break out of his nice guy shell and become her type of man. To his surprise, it works and she is drooling over him. However, he never expected to become jealous of himself.

Sunny Side Up  
A preschool teacher has been having problems with her new student. When she finally calls his father for a conference, she comes to understand why the kid is so bad. The single dad is just as bad or maybe worse.

Terms and Conditions
A girl on her way to work bumps into a stranger. Their personalities clash and they end up arguing in the middle of the street. Later she finds out that he is her new boss.

Isn't It Lovely?: The actor is an arrogant womanizer and party animal. His assistant is an old-fashioned professional who cleans up his messes. (Can switch roles)

All I Wanted Was Your Love 
A boy had his heart broken by the girl of his dreams. Years later, he is lucky enough to meet her again, but this time as her boss. He uses his authoritative position to his advantage and will mercilessly humiliate her.

Smile Like You Mean It 
A poor single mother is forced to marry a man that generously shares her with his friends.

Kiss and Control
We start off following the story of a serial rapist. He hates the modern woman. Who do they think they are? They are meant for nothing more than for the kitchen and the bedroom, yet they roam around in a man's world as if they own the place. During the day he works as a secretary. His boss is the world's biggest bitch of a woman. At night he makes the world a better place by teaching women a valuable lesson and putting them in their place. It's all going pretty well . . . until one days he rapes a woman who'll change his life forever.


I was interested in the Dust in the Wind plot, if it was still open.


Yeah, still open. PM me. :)