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May 06, 2021, 08:25:22 pm

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Author Topic: Callisto's calling.  (Read 1041 times)

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Offline KristenTopic starter

Callisto's calling.
« on: August 21, 2012, 10:31:19 pm »
Hello again everyone. Recently I've been watching a few old 'Xena' episodes (Don't you judge me-!) and have recently taken a rekindled liking to one of my favourite characters from the show. 'Callisto' is a character I've generated for a group roleplay but I thought I would put a few inspirational photos up here as well.

The idea that this type of character might have a few interesting scenarios in which she could be used has prompted me to put her up here for your consideration. The genre of RP would generally be set in older times, Egyptian, Roman, Greek military periods. Callisto is a Goddess who possesses the ability of immortality and fire fabrication/manipulation.

She enjoys walks on the beach, though generally attended by a horde of men attacking, raping and pillaging the nearest town.

Appearance: Callisto generally appears thusly:

Age: She was born 200 B.C. in Greece. Consistent travel between the hidden realms and earth have prevented her from aging ever since her first trip at the age of 22. Therefore she appears to be 22 years of age for well over 1500 years now.

Personality traits: Playful, seductive... but also incredulously cruel considering her child-like amusement at causing pain and chaos.

- Callisto does not -fear- but is adamantly opposed to the world's new evolution towards international peace. She disdains this on account of her human form during visitation being predicated on her ability to serve as a leader of men. Throughout history, Callisto has lead ambitious men to take power. Lust is her specialty, and not just lust for sex... but she is able to manipulate the very hearts of men to drive them to pursue ambitions which she herself allows to fester within them. These war-time generals... these short term Gods among men allow for Callisto to create an environment in the world that serves her purpose beautifully. She enjoys slavery, torment... she enjoys the open nature of submission forced upon entire cultures once they are defeated in combat.

In this new world of evolving peace and disappearing war, human 'rights' are observed instead. Callisto truly believes that humans exist to be ruled. She believes it is their natural state... that the blessed and divine exist to rule and garner unimaginable pleasure from the masses who are not blessed or divine. The conquered are the most naturally enticing gifts to be provided to the victors.

This is Callisto's paradise... and she does disdain a world without it.

Sexual tendency: Dominant. Her dominance is almost arrogant at times... which makes both men and women potential victims for her predatory pursuit.

For this type of character, I would play a dominant role but the RP would require some interaction via PM in order to establish a setting. Though rare, I could be tempted into RPing a 'cannon' setting which is to have this character RP across from someone else already in this storyline that you might know or be familiar with. There are some cross-story options, the primary selections being Hercules and Sinbad hehe. These are extremely cheesy shows but what can I say? Popular when I was a girl.

Most likely... given the setting and the photos for inspiration... I'd be interested in seeing what sparks your interest. It's not necessarily a character that can be used in 'current day' RP's so there will be an element of 'ancient' fantasy to it. If this has sparked your interest, feel free to drop me a line. I will most likely do one... -maybe- two stories with this inspiration.

- Kristen -
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