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Author Topic: Dizzied's Desires (F seeking M characters. Breeding, non-con, TG and more)  (Read 1769 times)

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Hello everyone. It's been awhile since I started any new ideas and I thought it was time to make a new thread. I've recently found myself busy a lot more than I used to be, sadly leaving me less time to RP, but I'm no less interested. Currently, I can't post every day of the week. I'm looking for long-term games with people who don't mind a day or so between posts. Naturally, however, if I can make several a day, I try to keep things moving. :)

Most of these ideas are malleable, and if you have a possible variant on them, by all means let me know. We can always change a few minor details to better suit the both of us. However, one theme that I almost always insist on is some form of soft non-con or reluctance. While my character always physically enjoy their treatment eventually, I enjoy conflict in the form of my character resisting domination as best she can, for as long as she can.

I recommend checking my ons/offs list, possibly the link to my f-list kinks, to make sure we're compatible before playing. Keep in mind, I certainly don't expect to use all those kinks in every story.

Without further ado, here are some current cravings that I hope tickle your fancy. If they do, please send me a PM to talk about setting something up.

Current Cravings:

A Fertile Paradise (Adultery, sexual training, Breeding)

There exists a retreat where women go to take control of their lives again. Here they can relax, enjoy life, and talk with other women about empowering themselves in a world that is full of hardship for them. The retreat is run by a large feminist organization, though the exact owners are not in the public eye. And the women who come to the retreat are all assigned a handler, which are all very tall, fit, robust, playful young men...

And there's a surprising number of pregnant women walking around...

Most women sign up for the retreat, but I would play a young woman who arrives a bit differently. She is offered a free ticket to a resort by a longtime friend, who insists she had the most amazing vacation ever there, and insists my character give it a try. She'd go herself but her plans have changed. My character, a hardworking type, reluctantly agrees to take some time off for a vacation.

However, after departure, things get hazy on the boat. When she comes to, she's in the middle of a massage with her handler, your character, who's job it is to make sure she leaves a changed woman. Hopefully she will learn to love her own body, and the joy she can bring herself. She should learn to take pride in her appearance, how to dress like a woman, how to please her partner...and most of all, she should train herself in how to deal with the most difficult and rewarding nine months of a woman's life.

Thing can go many directions from here. Depending on your interests, I'd like to include some or possibly all of the following:

1)Breeding: The resort actually selects women to receive their discounted vacation package based off of genetics screening. What their purpose is could be anyone's guess, but perhaps many of the handlers are a result of several generations of selective breeding. If selective breeding can produce Chihuahuas and Great Dane's from the same species, imagine what it could do for humans?

2)Interracial: Perhaps the handlers are all black men, the women all white/latina/asian.

3)Videotaping/Photography: The resort makes money from tickets, of course, but it has another major source of revenue--the live shows that stream every night from the hotel/dorms, where the handlers see to their charge's needs. My character could be selected based on a variety of criteria--perhaps her youthful, girl-next-door looks make her just right for a schoolgirl fetish.

4)Cheating: Perhaps she has a boyfriend back home who can't accompany her, since it's a women's only resort. He'd be a little concerned, a bit of the jealous type, but she promises to call him and skype frequently. Maybe she still does...introducing him to her handler on the bed beside her.

5)Body alteration: As part of controlling their diet while on the island, many women find their bodies changing in subtle, or sometimes not-so-subtle ways. My character could find herself becoming more petite, or growing larger breasts. The daily yoga might  make her able to stretch into a variety of interesting poses. Perhaps the resort decides she can stay as long as she wants, and she won't have any luck leaving since nobody back home will recognize her at that point anyway...

Whichever of these we choose to include, my character would resist the camp at first and try to talk her way out of everything. But through a combination of peer pressure (all the other women will claim she's not respecting feminism, not empowering herself, etc) and some skillful manipulation by her handler, she'll become a happy, sexy young milf-to-be by the time her stay is over.

Hard Lessons

This story would take place in a world with one major difference from ours: there has been a law passed allowing young men (ages 16+) to work in adult films provided they meet certain physical criteria. Your character would be one such gifted young man, recently picked up by an adult film company and making big money. He's 'cute' in a traditional sense: fit, but not ripped, somewhat tall, with playfully messy hair and a mischievous smile. However, his studies are suffering a little due to his busy schedule, so his parents have hired a tutor from the local university to assist him.

My character would be a bookworm college student, interested primarily in getting in to grad school. She's probably never heard of your character, since she isn't the kind of girl who watches adult films. She's happy to tutor, but isn't quite aware just who she has agreed to help. Your character would find her adorable, and try to slowly tease, tempt, and cajole her into naughty things.

If you're interested, as a bonus, I'd love it if he had a habit of sending his adult co-stars on maternity leave after their scenes, regardless of what steps they take to prevent this. Maybe my character is in for a career change if she finally gives in and enjoys herself for once.

Past Ideas:

The Priestess of Healing(TG, futa, fantasy, non-con)

This story would take place in a generic fantasy world. A great battle has been fought, and a group of wounded warriors decide to seek out the mythical elven priestess that lives in the forest nearby, rather than take their chances under the surgeon's knife. Legend has it that she and her acolytes can heal men of any alement.

Against all odds, they find her temple, but they may not like the methods. One at a time, they are sent to see the priestess privately...and while she heals them, the magic has a side effect of transforming them into elven females. She then reveals the payment she is due--she is blessed with more than just female endowment, and she now claim the new elf maidens as additional followers.

They'll be free to leave, of course, but the change is permanent. And many choose not to go.

I could play either role in this--the priestess or the soldiers. If I were the soldiers, I prefer to play one character a time, rather than trying to control multiples. But if we can work that out, I'm sure it will be a fun story.

Web-cam Buyout (Interracial)
Kelsea was the definition of bodily-kinesthetic intelligence. She signed up for her own webcam show at a vanilla hosting company which helped advertise for her. It was free, and helped her get her ideas out there. Most of her show is just her is demonstrating new workout routines she's made to help maximize burn and excitement, but she also does some relaxation guides for yoga and other stretching techniques. She worked as a personal trainer until recently, when her show starting getting enough viewers to just barely pay the bills. But all this changes when the company that owns her show is bought.

While they don't make it clear at first, the new owners have big plans for all the attractive young women with these webcam shows. Their TOS are subject to change without notice, and a few edits makes it so that Kelsea now has to share her show with a young man. Oh, yes, and he'll be living with her for now. And did we mention that he's a tall, handsome, athletic black man who's going to be running the show?

Turns out he's a better athlete than her. He can outlast her in virtually any physical contest, and she finds herself both frustrated with and jealous of her new room mate when he shows her up in front of all her fans. But that isn't his real goal. He's going to tease her, and call the shot when it comes to what she wears, says, and does on the show. Mixed with his intensly good looks, how long will she lasts before succumbing to his advances?

He's going to show her her place, wear her down, and break her.  And in a few weeks time, she'll be a brand new interracial star for the company to cash in on, and for him to enjoy fucking every day.

Paying Rent (Size difference, transformation)

It's the not-too-distant future. A young policewoman with a feminist streak and more guts than temperance decides to take on a powerful, wealthy CEO of a biotechnology company. His company specializes in hormone therapy and body modification. Many of the execs are so confident in their products, and wealthy enough to afford them, that they are the first ones to use them. He has used them to increase his height, muscle mass, stamina, intelligence, appearance, and more all to their human limits. (Or perhaps he's blessed like that naturally, and the therapies are based off of his DNA.) This young policewoman hasn't read much about the company's products--she thinks they're hollow, cosmetic modifications. She marches right to this CEO's mansion and shows him her case against him.

She's traced some shady transactions in his company, between their bank accounts and some Caribbean islands where they have outsourced some morally-gray work. They've been making great strides in their tech by evading the red tape in the US. She doesn't have any proof yet, but if she can get some, the corporate officers will facing a grand jury in days, and she'll be skyrocketing through the ranks of the police force.

Unfortunately for her, her plan backfires. He has contacts within law enforcement, from the federal to local level. When this loose-cannon policewoman starts trying to make a case on him, he gets an immediate phone call. When she shows up at his house, trying to intimidate him into slipping up, he's quite ready for her. Maybe he puts it in the way or another, he slips her a potent, transformative drug that knocks her out for a few days while she changes.

She wakes up to find herself in a new life--her old identity has been erased, dead in a car accident or some other staged accident. The drugs have had several profound effects on her--she's shrank in height, lost her fit, lean form for a soft, dainty new one. She was in her mid-twenties she easily passes for a high school student. She's his new, adopted daughter, or perhaps a foreign exchange student, and will be attending school on Monday. And if she doesn't like it...where can she go? Nobody will recognize her, or believe her story.

Of course, she can't expect to live there for free. She'll have to pay rent to that glorious, demigod of a male...and she doesn't exactly have any money.

The Island's Customs (Breeding, interracial, tribalism)
A young, hardworking woman lives on an island as the director of an aid program. While she finds the work rewarding, she has little to do in her spare time on the island. One day, the girls from the small aid office finally convince their boss to go to a beach party with them, and she reluctantly shows up to find a very large party--and she and her friends are the only Caucasians there.

She is quickly chatted up by a young local man, who's quite touchy feely(but it's just local custom to touch your dance partner like this) and bossy in a playful, cajoling way. She finds him pushing and guiding her all over the party, moving so fast her head is spinning, and before she knows it, she's taking him back to her place for a drink. And there's no way he's letting the night end without getting her pregnant; despite what she says, his culture considers it abhorrent to have sex without ensuring fruition.

From there, she finds herself drawn into a world of local customs and traditions that she's thus far avoided. The locals, after having seen her leave the party with him, now refer to her as 'his pet', and she's expected to wear local clothing and jewelry. A piercing or tattoo soon follows, and she's missing work because of her obligations to her new master--obligations which leave her gasping, glowing, and exhausted for hours.

While she had big plans to rise in the corporate world one day, using this job as a stepping stone, she'll slowly be taught to enjoy a simple life here with a new, simpler role.

A Simpler Life (Fantasy, Exotic, Breeding, Rituals, Drug use)

When a tribe of minotaurs moves near to a human city, there's panic in the streets. Everywhere the minotaurs go, humans have to struggle. The minotaurs can do the work of both man and beast, and as a result their farms are more productive--human farmers can rarely compete in prices. Additionally, although they are usually peaceful, if they were to become hostile, human soldiers are no match for a minotaur warrior. Someone must go and set the boundaries for these simple creatures, so they know not to come too close.

My character, a young paladin who is known for her mediation skills, is asked by the city to speak on it's behalf to these foreigners. She readily agrees, but isn't quite ready for the minotaurs' unusual customs. Things begin normal enough to her, with an exchange of gifts. She is offered a strange herbal brew, and she knows that refusing hospitality is often impolite. But after drinking it, she begins to feel strange...

The jungle juice essentially incapacitates her and gives her intense visions for hours. During this time, her armor is removed, and she is given soft, simple hide clothing. Her body is painted to properly mark her as a new member of the tribe, and she's given tribal jewelry and a collar to symbolize her devotion to this new life she's 'chosen'. The minotaurs aren't evil; they simply have limited contact with other cultures, and are unaware that she didn't come here to join the tribe as a harem member. Almost all women who approach the tribe fall to the same fate, but they all seem to fall in love with it in due time. This paladin will struggle, but given enough time and an authoritative, passionate master, she will cherish this simple life of pleasure, love, and hard work.
Variants: This story could also work with a tribe of very large, peaceful and simple humans, perhaps with some exotic qualities about them. Another variation could be a female anthropologist traveling to a remote tribe to study them, but ends up enveloped into the tribe and becoming the concubine of a prominent male.

2)The Chieftain's New Concubine[/s] (World of Warcraft, Breeding, Size Difference)

I haven't played Warcraft in years, but I loved the setting, the races, the story...I'd love to have a story set in the WoW Universe, hopefully something along these lines. I'm sure what I envision probably can't fit perfectly in the warcraft universe, but I'm hoping we can work around that for the sake of an exciting story.

She was the best huntress her village had. She could pierce a oak leaf with her arrows from a thousand feet away. While still young, she was quickly reaching the age where she was expected to get married...yet she eschewed any such relationships, preferring to commune with the wild. A bit of a tomboy since she was a girl, she dreamed of joining the fight against the horde.

One day, though, while stalking an elusive stag, she is spotted by a horde raiding party, captured, and sold as a slave. The orcs who capture her do not touch her, however, knowing that a large amount of gold awaits them if they deliver the Tauren Chieftain's request for a Night Elf to join his harem.

This tribe of Tauren have a young chieftain, relatively new, but with plans for diplomacy with the Alliance. He has built a harem with females of every race in Azeroth, with the intention to learn their traditions and customs and eventually bring peace. But he has one special gift--a blessing from the earthmother. His seed takes root in any female, of any race, and there are no measures yet found that can prevent this. In nine months time, they give birth to healthy, robust offspring, often taking more after the mother than the father, but with some distinct Tauren traits. Horns, and increased physical traits, are common. Even if they do not succeed in bringing peace within his lifetime, these mixed-race children can surely show Azeroth that peace is possible between their races, commanding the attention of both Horde and Alliance.

Tauren and Night Elf have put aside their differences in the past, working together due to their connection with the earthmother. He sees this Night Elf as a golden opportunity to use this spark to completely smother the flames of war between their races--and from there, they can begin talks with the other races.

While he is an authoritarian figure, the young chieftain is still a young bull. He should be interested in sex, either for the purposes of pleasure, breeding, or best of all, both. He should want his harem to be happy, and while the night elf will greatly detest her situation at first, and most likely be frightened of the bull that calls himself her master now, through time, training, and endless hours of passion, she may find herself enjoying her new lot in life, and happily raising children that will hopefully bring peace to Azeroth. And the peaceful, tribal lifestyle of the Tauren could be a fun theme to explore, too.

Although 23, she's always getting carded when she goes out. She's a young woman who doesn't know what to do with herself. She's had it easy all through life, and she knows it. Her parents are rich, and a hefty trust fund keeps her well to do. But she's not all about partying and spending money. On the contrary, she's pretty conservative, and a little shy. She spends most of her nights at home, reading or watching TV. And though its easy, she wants something more in life. After meeting a social worker at a book store, she's convinced to sign up as a potential foster home for young people. She did babysitting while in high school and college, and thinks it would be a good way for her to give back.

However, things don't end up like she expected. A robust young man of 16 is sent to live with her. He's a bit of a hooligan, but at the same time, can act more mature and collected when she's uncertain. He's been very popular at school, especially with the girls, and upon seeing the young lady who's going to be acting as his guardian, he immediately starts getting ideas...

Inside, he knows he's far more mature and fit to lead a household than she is. So slowly, overtime, he's going to turn the tables. He's going to take the master bedroom, he's going to get access to her trust fund while cutting her off, and with her youthful looks, he's going to create a new identity for her as a high school student and a new one for himself as her legal guardian. And while all this is happening, he's going to be slowly, subtly asserting dominance over her-- deciding what she wears, what she'll make for dinner, what chores she's going to be doing, when she's allowed to leave, and more.

3) Fate/Stay Night Spinoff

For this, I'd prefer someone who's familiar with the story of the Fate/Stay Night and/or Fate Zero shows, who doesn't mind taking the reins and dm/gm'ing a game sort of set in that universe.

This would be a different holy grail war, set in America. My character would be a young police/military woman with no knowledge of magic, or her family's history regarding it. But when the war starts, she finds an old relic in her house, and by accident, summons a powerful servant. One that not only won't bow to her, but intends to make himself her master before the war is over. She only has three command spells...she won't be able to keep him at bay forever.

And on top of that, there's the rest of the holy grail war raging in the city, and she finds herself in the unique position to help limit the destruction, if she can convince her servant to help. Magi from the world over have gathered to do battle. Can she save the city she grew up in and keep her errant servant in check? Or will she find herself watching the destruction with a chain and collar around her neck?

The Clan of Giants (Action, size difference)
All over the world, leaders have relied on agents skilled in stealth, subterfuge, and assassination for hundreds of years. These agents are drawn from a number of clans that teach the ancient, semi-mystical arts that enable them to move unseen, to misdirect, and to kill when necessary. These clans are known for their various specializations. While the traditions of ninjutsu originated in the east, they spread long ago, and clans now encompass almost any nationality.  Sometimes they work for high finance, sometimes they work for the people...only the clan leaders know exactly where the missions come from.  We'd play two young ninjas-- mine is sent to tutor yours in the ways, since he seems less-than-enthusiastic about learning, and he's already reached the age where he should be taking missions.  My character is a bit more straight-laced; she's a very diligent ninja and has learned many of the ways at her young age.  What she didn't know, though, when she accepted the mission, was that your characters clan comes from a veritable line of giants. All it's members are of immense size and strength, and they were greatly feared and respected in the time when people believed in such mystical warriors called ninja.

While it may seem odd to have stealth warriors be over 7 feet tall, there was a time when warriors trained specifically for combat were very valuable, and your clan's great size made them undefeatable by all but the most skilled opponents.  Even in modern times, they're invaluable for their ability to carry incredibly heavy gear to remote or dangerous places while remaining unseen. 

I'm looking for a dominant male ninja from this clan to pair my character with. I envision him as a rebellious youth, uninterested in clan politics and determined not to be a pawn of the elders, wanting to be his own man, or at least informed about their missions and their purposes rather than sent in without background as is tradition. Since he's not out running missions, perhaps he spends his time learning other arts and techniques...such as seducing the young women in the nearby villages. Massage, acupressure, and other traditional techniques could all be put to good use, not for war, but for incredibly gratifying love-making.

Eventually, he'll wear down the fiery female tutor they send to put him in line, and she'll be bouncing on his lap, worshiping his body, and otherwise turned to his cause, rather than that of the clans. Maybe then they'll decide to leave him alone. Although I'm sure he wouldn't mind a few more kunoichi sent to try and correct him.

The Pharoah's Curse(Historical fantasy, Breeding, interracial)

No picture for this one, sadly. But please read from the journal of archaeologist Sabrina Aberdeen.

Day 17: My team and I have, after much digging, finally uncovered the tomb of Ramseth II, one of the mightiest of ancient Pharaohs of Egypt. His reign was long, and his conquests mighty...the riches within the tomb are beyond anything I could have dreamed, and the museum will finally recognize my unrivaled understanding of hieroglyphics and ancient Egyptian language. Many towering statues line the tomb, made of solid gold, and display the Pharaoh with exaggerated sexual features--unsurprising, really, since he was known to have sired over 200 children in his lifetime.

Day 20: We have found the sarcophagus, a treasure of gold and jewels in itself, but what surprises me most is it's size--fit for a giant. After prying off the lid, we found the mummy in excellent condition, but also a strange inscription on underside of the lid. It read, 'The first female who defiles this tomb will be stricken with the curse of a hundred births of Ramseth II.' I admit, the inscription baffles me...I have seen many egyptian 'curses' before, but this is the only one that singles out my gender, and with such a strange punishment...although it sounds appropriate to Ramseth's views of women. A curiosity, one that I might look into later. For now, I will be happy to be the first female to investigate such an amazing archaelogical find.

Day 21: Something happened while I slept last night. I write this entry with frantic speed. I returned to camp last night and slept in my tent, but when I awoke, I was within the tomb, which lay empty and bare. Thinking my crew had robbed us, I climbed to the entrance, only to find the ruins at the surface stood proud and tall, as if new. Builders stood nearby and looked at me as if I were a demon. I believe they were speaking to one another in ancient Egyptian, and they sent for soldiers, who are now approaching. I have tried to wake myself, but I fear this is no dream. My current hypothesis, insane as it might seem, is as follows; I have been cursed by Ramseth's tomb, sent back to the time of his reign, 3820BCE. His soldiers will take me to him, and if the inscription is to be believed, I shall be his concubine, as punishment for violating his tomb. I am afraid. 

Don't let my theatrics scare you off. What I'm looking for here is, as implied above, a female arcaheologist who finds the tomb of an ancient Pharaoh and is cursed, transported back in time to be his slave. To make things worse, the pharaoh had very unflattering view of women--they were, at best, to be used as breeding stock, and this exotic, blond-haired woman will be his favorite for some time. Pharaohs were considered living gods by their people, and since magic is apparently a real thing, I wouldn't mind a little use of it in this story, especially in the form of elixirs that he can brew to have various effects on her, himself, etc. If you're interested, we can talk about what those do.

I personally don't know too much about ancient Egyptian culture, and if you do, that's awesome, but if not, it's hardly a requirement. We can be somewhat lenient with the facts, in my view, for the sake of making a fun story.

Super Soldiers (Soft NC, mild age-regression, Size difference, light transformation)

Her whole life, she's been told she should find a good man and settle down. They told her she could be a teacher, or a housewife, or maybe even a model. Yet for some reason she insisted on joining the military. Growing up with five brothers taught her how to be tough, and she certainly knows how to fight thanks to their instruction.

But she's still disadvantaged. Barely five feet tall, with a slender build, she simply can't keep up with some of the more robust physiques. But someone in the brass recognized her ambition and drive, and offered her a part in an experiment. If it's a success, she could make an excellent intelligence agent, operating behind enemy lines with superior strength and wits. Her innocent appearance which has often gotten her ignored may prove an advantage while trying to remain incognito. She barely had to think about the offer at all.

The serum worked, at first. She looked the same, but could sprint for twenty minutes straight, do amazing acrobatics, and more. But soon after being shipped out and going into deep cover, she began to notice strange 'side effects' would play one of her fellow field agents, a male who has been affected differenlty by the serum and is otherwise functioning well. When he sees the new field agent they've sent out, he almost laughs...she looks like she should still be in college, and she's way too hot-headed for field work. But she certainly does have drive.

We can discuss exactly what the side effects are, but I'm hoping for some mild age-regression, putting her firmly in the 16-18 age appearance. Enlarged breasts, prominent hips, perhaps a more feminine strut would also be fun.

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February 17th--Added some new stories, as well as some old ones. Still have some stories going, but some partners are on hold, so I have a little time for more.

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March 12 2013-- Added 'Paying Rent', reorganized ideas. Currently in the market for partners. :)

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September 23rd 2013-- Added 'Simpler Life', 'Island Customs' and 'Fertile Paradise' ideas. Looking to start one or two new stories with the right partners.

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January 29th, 2014-- Have a little more time, and a craving for one idea in particular. Might consider restarting some old ideas with the right partner.

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Re: Dizzied's Desires (F seeking M characters. Breeding, non-con, TG and more)
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February 11th, 2014: Added 'Hard Lessons' and 'The Priestess of Healing' ideas.

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March 1st, 2014: Bumped with a few changes to some old ideas.