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Author Topic: Lookin' for an rp to keep myself amused...and sane.  (Read 1169 times)

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Offline Candy FlavouredTopic starter

Lookin' for an rp to keep myself amused...and sane.
« on: May 09, 2008, 06:22:53 am »
Hallo, Feel free to call me Candy if you wish, I go by many names so..whatever. As you can tell from my title I am looking for an rp, I will list what I don't do below (If it's not on the list chances are I'll do it) I'll also list some things I really like (just as some suggestions).

I s'pose before I go onto all of that I should say that I am looking for an RP over AIM my screen name is
I don't do MSN because I hate the space restriction on it and I don't do PM or email because I'm lazy.
However you can expect me to be on often and we can rp a lot (Unless we have really strange timezones) though as a warning I should say I do live in hawaii and thus have a very retarded timezone.

Oh, and before I forget there are only two sexualities I am looking to RP with for now, that would be Female/Female (I'll of course play a female here :p) and Female/Male (I'd prefer to be the male). I can be either Dom or Sub, whichever you would prefer me to be.

So...without further ado...

Things I Like:
While this list will contain a list of things I like to do especially, these are just suggestions, I will do almost anything not on my "do not do" list.
+Anthro: I love anthro RPs, nothing much to say.
+Futanari: all I gotta say is, if you don't like it don't bitch to me that I like it, I won't force it onto you, or even suggest it if you don't.
+Future/sci-fi: It's my favorite time setting.
+Sister/sister pairings: Love 'em, something just so fun about them :3 works great with fantasy or anthro
+Medival/other past time periods: I'm not too great with historical accuracy to be honest and I really tend to get bored if this isn't done with fantasy added. I like sci-fi more but I still prefer this to modern (which I dislike but will still do)
+Love/hate relationships: People never seem to be too keen on these but they're fun.
+Non-human: Humans bore me, it's as simple as that other humanoid races are fine, people just bore me, mostly because I are one. (lulz bad grammar)
(I will randomly update this thread if I ever think of something that suddenly goes into the "zomg I luff" category.)

Things I dislike: these are things I won't do at all, it's a short list, may grow later.

-Vore: This is a big no-no on my end.
-Series Based: I simply don't like series rps, because no matter what no one ever can play the characters right. However I might be willing to do an rp set in the universe of a series (depending on which one)
-Overly realistic things: Seriously, I live a normal life. I don't need to rp a boring normal life, I rp to get away from it and entertain myself, not pretend I'm some other douche doing the same things I do otherwise.
-Vampires: Seriously, I hate what vampires have become. They're living dead, they lack bloodflow, a vampire can no get an erection much less fuck someone. They're driven by hunger, I doubt they'd spend much time just trying to seduce random people.
-Werewolves: Much in th same vein of Vampires, I hate what they've become, I'm just feeling too lazy to get into this one right now.

I might update this topic with some ideas for stories and such later. Maybe.
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Offline Vekseid

Re: Lookin' for an rp to keep myself amused...and sane.
« Reply #1 on: May 09, 2008, 06:53:45 am »
Note that we don't allow public posting of contact information. I've put your AIM in your profile since I doubt you'll have an issue with approval even if people want the new rules to be retroactive. But that's a matter of me trusting you so don't break it please : )

Anyway, you'll be able to edit your post after you are approved.

Offline Candy FlavouredTopic starter

Re: Lookin' for an rp to keep myself amused...and sane.
« Reply #2 on: May 09, 2008, 07:43:43 am »
Thanks. Sorry 'bout that ^_^;