The Bank Job - looking for guys who go EX

Started by kaz, August 16, 2012, 07:44:47 AM

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The bank is in a small, sleepy town.

Its the end of the day.  The bank is about to close, the only people working are two staff when suddenly a gang burst in.

I want this to be nasty, violent and extreme.

Looking for 2 other baddies.  They can be male or if you have an idea for a violent female then I will consider it.

I'm gonna be picky, so if I dont pick you please dont take it personally I am just looking for certain types of characters/writers.

Interested? Let me know.

Looking to write.  Sometimes life catches up with me.  If it does I will be back...


I'd be interested to play the other female.


I'll give this a go, never had a really extream character before so it could be fun


Cool guys.

Just throw up some basic characters sheets. 


[b]Basic History:[/b]

[b]What would you like to happen:[/b]


So just need another couple of guys now :)
Looking to write.  Sometimes life catches up with me.  If it does I will be back...


Name: Sally Weil
Age: 32
Appearance: Long, curly auburn hair, slender, fit. Small glasses. Formal dress.

Basic History: Not much to say: basic studies to become a secretary, boring life, does some fitness and jogging to stay fit even though she is too shy to date anybody and too quiet and silent to be noticed. Not a virgin but not much more.

What would you like to happen: Humiliated, bound, tortured (e.g. to get the code to the safes, which she doesn't know). Forced to do degrading things, her life being destroyed for ever. Body-writing and tattoos. I'm open to all types of extreme acts. Check my profile for more details.

Offs: Sex with animals and children, romance, being pleasured (even against her will or as a sexual teasing, orgasm denial, etc.)


Name: Gabriela (Gabby) Sanchez

Age: 34
Appearance: 5'9 tall, slim, long dark hair, dark eyes olive complexion.

Basic History: Manager of the bank.  Shes confident, confirmed lesbian, hates men.  Never had a male lover, has never had any interest in men.  Outspoken and not easily afraid.  Has a secret crush on Sally.

What would you like to happen: Raped, tortured, forced to watch as they torture her colleague.  Hates needles, want her beaten.  Forced to suck cock, having to swallow cum. To be forcibly fisted and abused.

Offs: No gore, watersports or scat. No kids.
Looking to write.  Sometimes life catches up with me.  If it does I will be back...


I'm interested in being one of the gang members.


Cool.  Throw some characters up, one more and we can get going.
Looking to write.  Sometimes life catches up with me.  If it does I will be back...


Name: Aaron Mackenzie
Age: 19
Appearance: short messy black hair, green eyes, well toned but slim, 5ft 9, dressed in smart casual clothing

Basic History: as an orphan he never got an education and ended up running away due to abusive care workers, he fell in with the wrong crowed, easily manipulated he does what his partners tell him

What would you like to happen:[/b some rough foreplay and rough sex, maybe some emotional drama due to sympathy for the victims

Offs: Sex with animals and children, being given anal, toilet play, pain and humiliation


Name: Dwayne Spikes
Age: 28
Appearance: 6'2, athletic and muscular, mixed race (African-European), brown eyes, always wears ballcap backwards

Basic History: Has been committing robberies since teens, hooked up with gang to do bank jobs over year ago, widely regarded as a ass man, loves girl on girl action, frequents strip clubs

What would you like to happen: Raping the workers separately, together and making them perform with each other. Possible object (gun, dildo) penetrations. Beating, slapping, punching, ect.

Offs: Bestiality, water sports, children, character death


Quote from: kaz on August 16, 2012, 07:44:47 AM
I want this to be nasty, violent and extreme.

I'm really interested in this. Extreme is the keyword. Or maybe over-the-top... If it is only going to be rough rape and ordinary brutality, I'll leave my place to someone else. To my eyes, the profiles that have already been posted are soft, not extreme.

I would love to see some extremely sociopathic weirdo among the gangsters. A master of horrible torture and bondage who will be ready to go to any extremity to get the codes to the safe room.

I'm not trying to impose my tastes, only to make sure I'm not lured into this story because of the sentence quoted above and find myself into a mild rape story and bailing out early because of that. I'm just trying to make sure this story is really suited to my depraved tastes. Pray take no offence.


I guess its up to the guys we get and how happy they are to go to your levels.  What one person class as extreme might not be what another might see it as.  I do enjoy writing the darker stuff.  Its up to you really, I want folks here who will have fun and enjoy writing, I dont want anyone to feel disappointed.

So I dont really know what else to say, if you dont feel this will be as EX as you like then maybe leave, but it is up to the guys to say how far they are willing to go. :)
Looking to write.  Sometimes life catches up with me.  If it does I will be back...


I'll see what the third gangster's tastes will be like.

Didn't you have any special expectation for this game?


I'm new to Elliquiy (I will look for some help with finding my way around) but an experienced writer in other places.  I have an idea for a character.  Tell me what you think.

He's Alonso Guttierez, though he's been living round here for some years as Al Geithner, a small-scale market gardener.

In his native Colombia he was a cocaine-smuggler and -user, notorious for his cruelty to hostages and traitors, especially women.  A well-educated man, good at accents and manipulating money, his opinion of himself is not low.

In the United States illegally, and with plenty of money stashed in the bank, on the run from his homeland since things turned too legal for him, he's been keeping a low profile.  He took a local wife and had a child.  He told himself his crazy cruel days were over, were just coke-fuelled madness.

Then, bored and restless, he began to feel the urge for the pleasures of sadism again.  He bought some coke and tortured his wife one long, marvellous night.  The next morning she and the child disappeared.  Since then he's gone downhill, but, as he sees it, in a controlled way.  Drinking and snorting. 

He tried to get the pleasure from beating a whore but it wasn't the same.  And who else might he fixate on in this little town?  That shy cunt at the bank and her man-hating boss.  He's often been in there, he shifts a little money around for old friends.

He's fallen in with Aaron and Dwayne not for the money, but just for this: the third of their robberies.  He wants to watch Sally scream, beg, suffer.  And the other cunt. 

The sheriff is out of town at a conference, and Al has fixed for his deputy to be entertained by two prostitutes all night.  The three men will have till morning with Sally and the other cunt.  It might be the pleasure of a lifetime.

Let me know what you think :)


Looking to write.  Sometimes life catches up with me.  If it does I will be back...


I'm open to making my character as cruel and unusual as needed to feed the needs of the roleplay and other players.


Sorry if my character sheet is a little to soft but as i said my character is easily manipulated so if his partners told him to rape a girl up the ass he will, my character can be as dirty as you like.


Nice character, EnglishMaster. I'm going to stay. This gam is very promising indeed!


I agree.  I'll get an opener up asap.  Looking good everyone.
Looking to write.  Sometimes life catches up with me.  If it does I will be back...