Started by MyPetLilly, May 07, 2008, 11:28:08 PM

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UPDATE: No longer looking, thanks to all who where interested!

So here's the idea:

Instead of the stereotypical catgirl- with ears, tail and the whole shebang- we have people bought and used as Pets solely on the basis that they have beautiful slitted eyes of various hues, from bight greens to honey colored.  Other then this, they come in the same variety and appearance of everyday people.  But if an owner so chooses, s/he may have their pet dress in artificial animal tails and ears and collared, and there is in fact a subculture of people who prefer to show their Pets in this manner.  This unique trait is so rare and has been isolated in bred Pets, but it is possible (and extremely uncommon) for an everyday person to be born with it- not to say that this has no repercussions.  So this premise can go a number of ways, and here are just two I've come up with thus far. 

- Pets are a luxury commodity, with only the most wealthiest and most renowned of persons possessing them.  Your character is one of these (whether they are a spoiled rich snob, a rich businessman, or what have you, whatever fits your character best.)  They can purchase a pure bred Pet, or for a little more dramatic flare, come across the rare case of an everyday person with this unique trait and propose an agreement that they are property of your character for the exchange to live a "carefree" and pampered life, my girl not fully understanding the whole Pet role...

- ...Or Pets could be a totally black-market and taboo item (maybe even illegal!).  In this case, your character unsuspectingly receives a Pet (this manner can be via mail-order, mistakenly attempting to help a person out or what ever other idea you would have) and must cope with not getting caught with their new toy or even attempting to rid themselves of her.  Comedy and sexiness ensues.

As you can see, I have no clear path for this idea and am fully expecting whoever is interested to discuss prior to our RP what direction s/he would like.  The setting is totally up for grabs as well, as this can be in a modern, medieval or future- whatever tickles your fancy.  (Though I am currently leaning towards a modern setting.)  My only comment is I would prefer a male character as the master.  If you have questions feel free to ask in post or Pm.  Looking forward to RPing with you!  ;D


Hunter needs a catgirl.   Hunter calls dibs on this idea.

*sends pm*


This is a wonderful idea! I can even imagine a third scenario mixing both of the ones you've presented... Human pets are a luxury that only rich people can afford but suddenly one character finds that one of these pets is delivered right to his door. Since non-rich people can't afford them they tend to think of the idea of having humans as pets as a sort of severe deviation or such... and right now our average guy finds one right at home.

What to do? Call the police? How will he explain all? Isn't better to keep the pet for now? And in the meantime, slowly, he can discover the 'pleasures' of having such a pet... :P