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July 20, 2017, 11:40:55 PM
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Author Topic: Exile to Mars IC  (Read 584 times)

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Offline bluecocoTopic starter

Exile to Mars IC
« on: August 13, 2012, 01:36:54 PM »
((Find RP Intro and OCC here))

Exile to Mars

In the eyes of Kat:

"Sergeant, each malformity has arrived on base successfully. Project Perfect Human has given the go ahead for take off," says a 'perfect' soldier over a microphone. I watch hesitantly as he crosses over the room to another soldier who looked higher up in command. Seeing the small smirks on their faces extremely irritates me. The other day I was at the top of my class, and now today I am being shuttled off and away to the far red yonder. The cuffs around my wrists stung. They were buzzing with some electrical current that I couldn't understand or override. They simply neutralized my... ability. My damn marvelous ability. And as if the cuffs didn't solve any issue, myself and the other 5 strangers were each surrounded by huge patrol guards toting even bigger guns. Overkill. It would do us both a favor if they just shot me in the head now. Earth is my home and I don't see any reason to even try and make it in Mars. These other people with me... I'm unsure about them. Especially the tiny girl in front of me with white hair and tanned skin. She didn't seem right in the head. How can I be put on her same level? A nudge in my back from the tip of a gun moved me forward. My eyes wandered up, trying to see all the scientists staring at us from an overhang. I couldn't make out any faces because the ceiling lights were blinding.

Once on board, the soldiers strap each of us six down in our holding chairs. Painfully my hands, which were cuffed behind my back, were locked to a chain connected to the chair. Soldiers then strapped my feet down to steel boots in the floor. This made it very uncomfortable and well... it seems potentially dangerous. Who knew how the ride would be to Mars? Certainly not smooth sailing. I predict at least one broken wrist. And here is the big kicker. Our seating was designed in the shape of a circle, around the room of the shuttle. This meant we had to stare at each others faces, as if perpetuating the fact that we are all mistakes. I watched one by one as the soldiers exited the room, then the ship. The doors locked and green lights around the room began to flash. "Prepare for takeoff" a robotic voice came on from a speaker. Then it grew silent. I feel I will be forced to talk to the others soon... I've become so jaded. Before, I was a happy and sociable girl, not I don't want to utter a word. My long black hair draped over my shoulders. Maybe I can hide behind these personal curtains until my arrival.

In the eyes of Eden:

"I don't like this, I don't like this, I don't.." I repeated to myself internally, my eyes slammed shut. I can feel a large amount of presence around and it is unnerving... Where at the lab I would see maybe two or three people in a day, here I was surrounded by hundreds, or so it seemed. More than I had ever been around in my life. My heart was racing in my chest and my fingers laced themselves, despite the cuffs around my wrists. Building up a slight nerve, I look over my shoulder, only to see a tall girl with long black hair and turquoise eyes glaring at me. I whip my head back around immediately, biting my lip. The fresh wound below my right eye ached. It was my 'going away present' from my lab creator. Thanks... It was going to scar and I was going to be even more of an abomination. I look forward at the others in front of me. I was so short compared to them. I wonder how old they are? Will I find a voice to say anything to them, once on the ship? I was afraid my answer would be no. I haven't had a normal conversation with anyone in my life. The only friends I ever had were a spider that built a web in my cell and a mouse. Neither could talk back to me. My back tingled as I felt the force of being pulled forward on to the ship. Within moments I was locked to a chair by both my hands and my feet. In a circle. There were empty chairs in between each of the six of us. Through my white bangs I peaked out at their faces. They looked indifferent where as I felt terrified. I bite my lip and count to ten, over and over again. Fear is trembling through my veins. What if I am locked up on Mars? What if I am killed by all the other malformed beings? I am so frail, with the flick of a finger someone could throw me around. Knowing I am lacking in physical presence, I will have to find other ways to survive. But meanwhile..... Green lights begin to flash and doors slam shut. We are locked in this room. It grows silent. I gulp, squeezing my eyes shut. Who is going to talk first?

Offline Randomrose25

Re: Exile to Mars IC
« Reply #1 on: August 13, 2012, 10:11:35 PM »
In the Eyes of Hans

I growled under my breath as the soilders prodded me towards the inside of the shuttle. I glanced around at my new, less then promosing surroundings. "I should have tried to escape from the lab...I should have fought the humans...I should have attacked!" I thought to myself as I was locked and bolted into the circle with the others. The locks and chains they used as restraints cut into my flesh, but I barley noticed. Instead, I slyly eyed each individual in the circle, measuring them up, already thinking about my next move. I was impatient, waiting and wanting for something to happen, but I was held tightly by the restraints, and so I sat, bowing my head against my chest, refusing to look up -- much less speak to -- anyone else.

In the Eyes of Jesse

I drifted awake, and tried to stand, but was held down by some kind of restraint. I shook my head, trying to get rid of the cobwebs floating around in my head. As my vision restored itself, all I saw was a group of people, all of which looked like my age....prepare for takeoff blared from somewhere, and I started to panic. I stared at the individuals, trying to make eye contact, but noone seemed to dare. I followed suit, straining once more against the restraints, but then sat back and tried my best to relax, as the floor started to shake...

Offline bluecocoTopic starter

Re: Exile to Mars IC
« Reply #2 on: August 14, 2012, 12:58:45 PM »
In the Eyes of Kat

I feel the ship begin to take off. Though my feet on strapped to the ground, the vibrations from the steel rattled my toes. Then a great blast of force erupts, my body immediately pressing into my chair as gravity tried to pull me back to Earth. But that was of no avail. I was off to Mars like a pig off to slaughter. I growled, peering through my black hair to look at the others around me. No one wanted to make eye contact. Good. I could devote all my attention to my bleeding wrists.

In the Eyes of Eden

My small frame clung to my seat by the massive amount of pressure gravity laid down as we went up to space. Nearly 30 minutes had passed and finally things grew silent again. The pressure subsided. I felt lighter. We had escaped gravity and continued on our way through space. No one had yet spoke. Besides the noises of take off, all I could overhear was the girl with black hair growling slightly for a brief moment. I wondered what her ability was that had formed. I built up the courage to look at everyone in the circle. They all had the own abilities. I had one, too. Should I share it? Try to make conversation? How long would this trip to Mars take? Certainly none of us had the willpower to be silent the entire way. Let's face it, I had better conversation with my spider and mouse friend. I begin to feel odd. I have this urge to know more about them. This new found desire and curiosity is something new. Probably because I've never been locked up with others, and now I was. And we could all relate on at least some level. I felt my throat ache. Were these words trying to release? Dare I say, I would be the first to talk to these other five? Why not? They couldn't hurt me if I made them angry. They were tied down like I was. Safe.

"Um... my name is Eden!" I shouted quickly, biting my lip immediately as I spoke. That was awkward, I could tell. My grey eyes widened, anticipating someone to yell at me.

Offline MechaStarfish91

Re: Exile to Mars IC
« Reply #3 on: August 14, 2012, 10:14:07 PM »
In the eyes of Felix

Through the entire time I was cuffed I tried to absorb the metal restraints.  No use.  They seemed to be blocking my ability to absorb the metal.  The soldiers behind  me made sure I was advancing to the shuttle.  As I walked parts of my torn clothing were scratching me.  How you ask my clothes weren't like the others?  Well, I'll tell you.  Before I was captured I tried to fight my way out.  Of course it was useless for them to try.  I had just found out that I could absorb any metal and they were attacking me with swords?  When the blades hit me I would take them in, but they would still cut my clothing.  I wondered if Ivan was still alive too.  We did fight together against them, but then we were separated.

I was now brought into the shuttle, bound for Mars.  Bound for Hell was more like it.  They only sent the failures their.  I was forced into another set of restraints.  I noticed a few others were there as well.  The remaining of the 'mistakes' were brought on.  Ivan was one of them.  It was now time for us to meet our fate.

In the eyes of Ivan

"You will all pay!" I shouted, trying hard to get out of my cuffs.  I was imagining at the moment that they would all burst in flames, and I could do that too that is if I wasn't bounded.  For some reason these cuffs prevented me from using my power that was given to me for some reason.  They pushed me in the direction of the shuttle taking us to Mars.  We were going to live there now, myself and five others.  I knew Felix was one.  He was probably my only friend that made it.  Once I was brought aboard I noticed Felix and the others.  I was the last one on.  Soon later the shuttle began moving.  This was it. 

Offline Randomrose25

Re: Exile to Mars IC
« Reply #4 on: August 16, 2012, 11:56:48 PM »
In the eyes of Hans

I tried to keep my head faced downwards, but it was suddenly jerked upward by the force of the shuttle taking off. My entire body was pounded back into my chair, my head visioucly slamming against the metal of the chair. I tried to stay conscious, tried to bring out the animalistic, survival nature that I used when falling before in the labratory. However, it seemed like I was weaker then usual, and I passed out instead.

In the eyes of Jesse

I, for one, was not about to help the guy who had passed out next to me. I had no idea what to do....could he be dead....faking it? It was too much pressure for me to handle at the moment. Some time passed, and then I heard someone say "My name is Eden". I immediately made eye contact with the individual...she was cute. silver-ish gray eyes and an ample chest. Her looks, as well as her timid manor, gave me the courage to blurt out "I'm Jesse...are you ok?" I wondered how the other members of the ship would interact with us as time passed...

(Also, sorry about the delay, I wasn't checking the original thread so I didn't know you guys were waiting for me. Sorry for holding you guys up! Also, nice picture yourself for Eden and Kat ;) lol)

Offline bluecocoTopic starter

Re: Exile to Mars IC
« Reply #5 on: August 17, 2012, 12:18:28 AM »
In the Eyes of Kat

The girl to her right with the white hair begin to speak. Immediately I rolled her eyes at the pathetic sound of her voice and the fact that she spoke up in the first place. It would only lead to more conversation down the way. "My name is Eden," was all the white-haired girl said. At least say something worthwhile. I'm not going to even remember her name in five minutes. Since I'm sure my eye-rolling went unnoticed, I let out an exasperated huff. Clear annoyance. And then it happened. A slow growing itch, progressively becoming worse, right on my nose. Oh, the torture. My feet were strapped down and my hands behind my back.

"Shit" was all I said as the tingle taunted me. Life was so unfair.

In the Eyes of Eden

I tried to ignore the angry noises coming from the girl next to me. She had something against me, I could tell. I personally wish she didn't. She was the only other female on the ship here. There was some sort of connection the we shared, even if she ignored it. Then I heard him speak. I'm Jesse... are you ok?

My eyes perked a little wider, giving Jesse my attention. "I think so. My wrists are small so the cuffs aren't that bad... how about you?" My heart was pounding from the knowledge of being in space, and also from communicating with this new stranger, which I hadn't ever had the chance to do before. I'm sure I sound awkward.

Offline MechaStarfish91

Re: Exile to Mars IC
« Reply #6 on: August 17, 2012, 01:39:27 PM »
In the Eyes of Felix

People were starting to talk now.  I heard the names Eden and Jesse.  "I'm Felix," I said, deciding to get introductions out of the way.  I looked at the other prisoners.  I then turned my head to Ivan,  "How are you holding up, Ivan?" I asked as I struggled in my restraints, even though I knew it would do nothing.  If only I could use my power.  I looked up and noticed the guards.  Okay, maybe using my power would be a bad idea.  Sure I could make it, but I wasn't sure of everyone else.  I guess being useless at the moment was okay.       

In the Eyes of Ivan

"Oh, okay I guess,"  I said as Felix asked me that question.  "I'd rather not be in them, but hey; I guess they aren't so bad," I sounded cold.  Why shouldn't I?  Hell, why shouldn't we all be pissed?  We were captured just because we had certain powers.  What was wrong with that?  "How is everyone else holding up?" I then asked.  I may of bed cold sometimes, but if the group of us could become friends, we could find a way to get back to Earth.

Offline Randomrose25

Re: Exile to Mars IC
« Reply #7 on: August 18, 2012, 01:51:21 AM »
In the Eyes of Hans

I woke back up sometime later to the sounds of voices....Voices that sounded friendly...but I didn't care to be friends with anyone. I let out an angry growl instead of speaking, but I went ignored as introductions were passed around.

In the Eyes of Jesse

"Yeah, well, my writsts aren't as small, but I guess I could be like this guy" I said, noding my head at the guy next to me, the last to speak. I then looked at the girl who said shit, and decided she needed some lightning up. "Knock Knock" I said, looking at her.