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Author Topic: My rp samples (will add more as time goes on)  (Read 595 times)

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My rp samples (will add more as time goes on)
« on: August 13, 2012, 01:34:11 PM »
-Obscura was sleeping or trying too.  Everyone seemed to enjoy ruining his naps no matter where he went.   Believing the middle of this forest would be a good place to finally rest his eyes.  He thought it might work, but he just had to be a light sleeper.  Use to having others hunt him down, or try and steal from him.  So of course he heard the racket in the woods, only praying himself that they wouldn't come near his general facility.  Honestly not caring if it was a chase, if someone was in danger.   As long as he could get his shut eye others around him could do what they want and he wouldn't blink a eye.  Though seemed he was very unfortunate for he heard it the soft cries and breathes of the female.  He knew it was female the pitch in her voice was soft yet high whenever she cried out.  Maybe she would seek a different tree.  But once again how unfortunate.  He let loose a sighof breath as his slumber was ruined.  The goddess didn't answer her.  The entity herself should have, for what did answer her was not a goddess no one as pure or as ethereal as that.  All she saw descending from the tree seemingly in slow motion was a being draped in tattered dark cloth.  That whispered about his frame, several layers hiding his body.  As if nighfall itself was alive around the beings form.  The dogs stopped their growls much less, their intent upon her.  Once the being kissed his bare soles to the forest floor.  That presence which was anything but holyy made the animals tremble.  Whimper.  Fully knowing what it was or aleast knowing it wasn'tsafe to be around this being.  Their tales curled up between their legs as they began to cry and speed off away from their masters.  His form came to kneels down toone nee in order to brace the descent of his impact to the floor.  When a second arrow came that darkness that gripped around his body whispered once more.  His arm appeared to swipe at it, splitting the shaft in two.  Cracking his knuckles as well as his head the men began to surround them. 

Curious what happened to the dogs. But barking out orders all the same- <Leader> Who is this? Are you a accomplice to the monster? Step away now or we will shoot you."  -The being didn't answer as he stood up, that is he should have limbs right?  All that was heard was the cracking of bones, mainly his neck.  Relieving tension in his muscles.  The bounty hunters were growing anxious as that head lifted.  Pure crimson hair was seen peeking out through the darkness and those eyes of his.  Such a brilliant forest hue peered at the men around him. Obscuras voice was bellowed in such deep baritones.  Almost gutteral in a sense-  "My sleep is disturbed, I would blame this woman here.  But you were all the cause that brought her here.  I will hear no excuses from any of you.  I give no warnings, nor do I give threats.  I bid you all fair well."

-Obscura's smile shifted into a devilish one.  The arrows were all fired in every direction.  But the the shafts were seen shattered, broken into splinters.  Shadows was seen coming alive when doing so.  The hunters looked surprised, as Obscura was no longer where he once stood. But right below one of the men, sending his fist into the male's gut.  His entire body was seen being brought in taut as a bow.  The impact itself caused hiis body to flow intothe force of Obscura's blow- "You insects, small pieces of this world. All of you will bring your tail between your  legs.  Like the dogs you own. None of you deserve to walk the same path as I.  This road belongs to me! And me! alone! -voice was filled with such arrogrance as the man assaulted by obscura flew into the air and the body was heard snapping right against the tree. Obscura coudl taste it fear, as he cracked his fingers- "One hand is good enough for all of you."-Obscuras form was seen moving at alarming speds, the shadows aiding him by cutting offthe distance.  Cries of the men was heard tainting the air, as bolts were fired from their bows.  Yet all tha was heard was bones, snapping, and limbs being broken.  Such a dance Obscura performed before her very eyes.-<D>

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Re: My rp samples (will add more as time goes on)
« Reply #1 on: August 15, 2012, 05:46:27 AM »
That was a good read, and I found it enjoyable to read and I hope that I can read more like that as it was very good.