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Author Topic: Korosa's Thread of Ideas, Preferences and Theoretical Constructs [M/M, M/F]  (Read 318 times)

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Offline KorosaTopic starter

Well, my last post got eaten, so let's try this again. I am Korosa! I've taken a long break from E, now I'm back and I really want to play some games. I like all kinds of games--more information on that below. Also if you like tabletop RPGs, I'd love to run some of those on E as well. If you like any of these ideas or I just sound like a cool person to RP with, shoot me a PM. I'm friendly.

The Basics
Be able to write coherent sentences that make sense and are somewhat grammatically correct.
Be willing to world build and create stories that center on sex and sexuality but have other things going for them.

That's pretty much it, honestly, as far as what I want in an RPing partner. However, I do reserve the right to back out of games if they aren't working for me. There's a certain chemistry between writers and if it isn't there, I've found it gets increasingly hard to post. But I promise to give games a try, unless I have too many other games going on at the moment.

I will try to post once a day, but I can get flaky. I will at least post two times a week and hopefully more often than that.
I will try to make each of my posts awesome, interesting, inspiring and sexy.
I will listen to your limits, interests and kinks and try to play a game tailored to those. If I accidentally cross a boundary or limit, please let me know.

That's pretty much it!

The Games
All of my games are probably going to have some level of D/s or non-con in them. I don't have much interest in non-kinky games, so if that's your squick, please go no farther.
All of the games below, I am comfortable taking either role. I often play dominant characters, but if you want to play the dom, I will probably follow you around begging you to play with me. It's rare I get to scratch my submissive urge. I prefer to play games where non-consensual sexual acts are still enjoyed by the participants, even unwillingly. The games below represent a wide variety of different kinds of games, there's femdom, slavery, fantasy, steampunk and futuristic. Hopefully you'll find something that inspires you here.

Warning: Cliche. So cliche. Once again, violent, kinky, often non-consensual. All of these pitches can be modified in time or place.

Thriller Woman (espionage cliches, some torture, rough sex, non-con, M/F/M)
A young spy, adrift in a foreign country, finds himself seduced by a beautiful woman--and then handed over to the secret police as a toy. Tortured and brutalized, he must fight to keep the secrets of his country off of his lips. And the woman who helped capture him must wonder if maybe he's the key to her freedom.

High School Isn't Simple (so cliche, rough sex, dirty talk, kink)
I used names for this concept just because it makes it easier. Obviously, names are not set in stone.
Briana has always been the school's star. Straight A student with a football star boyfriend, a feminist and a micromanaging type-A personality, she has always done everything right. But when she gets drunk one night at the school bad boy's house, she loses her virginity but discovers something about herself.

She likes it rough. She likes to be degraded. Now she has to reconcile her two identities, the girl who everyone knows and the girl with a newfound lust.

The Demon (could also be m/m, forced lust, steampunk)
They call him the Demon. Maybe he is. In a steampunk, regency-era period, he moves among the rich and powerful, igniting their secret lusts, gaining money and power by playing on people's most secret, insatiable desires. He is the unspoken sin among all of them, dominating, playing, tormenting, always gaining in power. Until he meets someone who fascinates him as much as he fascinates others.

Supervillainess (non-con, kink, filming, teasing, orgasm control, femdom, superheroes!)

A superhero is lured into a trap by a female supervillain, who takes him captive. Instead of torturing or killing him, she proceeds to use a different kind of torture, teasing and testing him--all the while filming the entire thing to send out to millions of viewers and let them know what kind of man their superhero really is.

Ten Ways to a Better Behaved Boss (could also be m/m, D/s, forced feminization, forced sex, orgasm control, teasing, kink)
Take one sexist boss, always calling the secretaries babe or slapping girls on the ass as they walk by him. Take one angry young woman who knows where to buy chloroform and a three day weekend. Add in an electric wand and you have a long weekend of slave training. Mix and serve.   

The Slave Boy (shamelessly stolen from Mark James, rough sex, non-con, kink)
A gladiator just freed from enslavement as repayment for his many victories sees a young, beautiful virginal slave boy in the markets and spends the last of his gold to buy the boy for himself, using him to sate his rough lusts. But what will become of the pair in an increasingly violent, unstable fantasy world, as the boy grows to a man? (boy in this case is used to mean youth of 16-18, not child. Just...for the record. Because ick.)

Possession (kink, non-con, possessiveness)
*once again, names used for convenience.
For years, Caleb and Shilo have worked together under the auspices of the Secret Defense Laboratory. Every day, Caleb has watched his beautiful, unattached colleague come to work, watched him with a need that grows increasingly more violent and devouring every day, until one day Caleb has no choice. He has to take Shilo, to break his friend's disaffected, uninterested facade, to find out what lurks beneath and to break him completely, until Shilo is completely his. (this game can obviously be modified and need not take place in a secret defense laboratory.)

Behind Bars (non-con (it disturbs me how many times I've had to put that at this point), rough sex, possible gang bang)
Cory is a pretty young man who got caught dealing one too many times. Stick him in jail with a bunch of rough criminals and you've got a recipe for disaster. Now he's got to try and find a protector and survive his years behind bars.

Entropy, Released (fantasy, non-con, evil warlocks, kink. D/s)
The gates have opened and the Dark Lord has stepped out. He walks across the land, watching the land die before him, enslaving and killing. Heroes throw themselves at him--until one, a pretty young male hero catches his attention and he finds himself taken with the young man's beauty and spirit. Will the Dark Lord break the hero or will the hero manage to find some bit of humanity left in the Dark Lord?

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