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Author Topic: Whole Lotta Love [Transformation] [MtF /F & FtM Pairing]  (Read 393 times)

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Offline Le ImmortelleTopic starter

Whole Lotta Love [Transformation] [MtF /F & FtM Pairing]
« on: August 12, 2012, 08:20:37 AM »

The drug, was called Angelspit. An illegally manufactured drug by a company called Prime Chemicals. The company had attempted introduced it in the market through legal means except when the horrible things it had done in it's production, especially on it's test subjects and potential side effects involved as it wasn't developed properly had eventually led to it being banned by the authorities completely. It was a scandal which ultimately led to plenty of lawsuits, countersuits and all sorts of legal action in which the Board of Directors and especially the team of researchers, which so ruthlessly pioneered the research were prosecuted. But worst of all, was the head of the research team. Mr. X [Your character] holding a Ph.D in Genetics and Chemistry, he was the one who had initiated it more than anyone else, encouraging all the nasty experiments and suggesting tinkering with it after every single failed result, until there was the final product which was close to being perfect. At least, according to him. But there was something nasty beneath the picture. Some horrors which were hidden rather tactfully.

Just what was Angelspit? Angelspit is a drug which was destined to be the wonder drug which shall cause weight reduction amongst women. Not only that, but it promised to enhance their feminity to produce the image of the 'perfect' woman. As it was to be marketed. But the problem was, the drug though potent wasn't without side effects. The test subjects which primarily consisted of prison inmates and illegal aliens..they developed horrible symptoms. They suffered from hormonal imbalance, some becoming extremely fat, some developing facial hair, some developing highly thin bodies which shrivelled. And despite of warnings from remaining research team, due to Mr. X's insistance it was pushed in the market, unkown to the Board just what dangers were involved. Within months it was chaos as side effects begun to occur. Effects, which ruined lives of countless women. Rest of the team finally their souls unable to bear what they had caused by not shouting at the right time, decided to blow the whistle. The prosecutors charged company and it's employees with offences but it wasn't their fault now, really was it? The major culprit was Mr. X as there was sufficient evidence that he even manipulated test results to even trick the Board. The result? Court offered him a bargain. Along with multimillion dollars fine, either suffer jail for twenty years, or live five years as a woman with an option to revert back to his old life once that time expires.

A FBI agent named Theresa Porter, someone who had the reputation of being rather..unconventional, was put in his charge and to make sure he goes through the change properly and authorized to take any steps which she considers appropriate to tame him. This, is their story.


Okay, so this is the basic idea. It's about how the agent changes him, helps him adjust to being a woman in his new life etc. However the twist in the tail is during that time, he actually comes to like being one..and even begins to admire this dominant woman in his life. They make a strange, intense pairing which often clashes but usually logic and reason makes him continue with his feminine acts. Until at one or other point, the 'wonder drug' is further perfected and is amply sold in the underground circles, which allows one to actually change their gender in matter of weeks after few shots, which Theresa Porter decides to do because she wants to become the perfect man, for the woman which she has come to love so dearly as years have went by.

This is a transgender love story story which is about domination, transformation as much as it is about how two people come to love each other unconditionally regardless of the circumstances and situations they have been put in and the challenges they overcome. Neither of them are particularly nice or likeable individuals at first glance..but beneath all that, there is a heart of gold.

I would like someone who can write detailed posts and bear with my slow posting schedule and who wouldn't mind a long story which spreads over several aspects. I would like to brainstorm before getting things going and feel free to hit me on YIM if you want to. Thank you for reading this.
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