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Author Topic: After the Storm (Looking for M & F)  (Read 375 times)

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After the Storm (Looking for M & F)
« on: August 12, 2012, 02:40:58 AM »
After The Storm - It was an exclusive tropical island paradise. It was also the middle of hurricane season. It was hot, humid, and people sipped drinks from tall glasses garnished with pieces of fruit around the expensive little resort. The private island in the middle of the Caribbean had withstood many storms over the years, but none like this. The guests at Little Shell Cay were people of notoriety - actors, musicians, authors, artists. They were kept busy by the extra-curricular activities on the island - snorkeling, diving, dancing, sunning themselves, and more. There was a small main hotel plus beach bungalows and glamping for those who wanted the almost camping experience. There was no television here (Though there were screening rooms and flat screens in every room that showed movies with the press of a button), which kept people cut off from the happenings of the real world - no news, no stocks or business information, no seeing yourself on one of those awful tabloid shows. No internet, no wi-fi, no texting or social media. No paparazzi were allowed either, which made it even more inviting for people trying to escape the tabloids or recover from some nip & tuck. It was one of the few places left in the world people could go to and be off the grid for a little while - leave their worries and troubles behind - if you had enough money.

One day the sky turns gray, then black, the swirling clouds and rougher ocean signaling a coming storm. It doesn't just blow over during the evening though, instead, increasing in intensity as the hurricane approaches. Over the next day the guests at the resort are pounded by rain, sand and debris. When the storm finally clears, the destruction of the storm becomes apparent. Part of the hotel has collapsed inward. There are people dead and injured. People washed away out into the ocean when the tide rose and broke through the sliding glass doors. It is up to those who have survived the storm to try to sort through the mess and make their way out. 

As an addition to the hurricane, I'm thinking about a plot twist with a murder being covered up during the damage of the storm. I'm loose on the specifics of the murder - the whys and hows. The longer they are on their own on the island, the closer to danger each one gets with the murder being discovered for what it is. Someone on the island is a killer...

-Yes, I'll need someone to play the killer - let me know if you are interested in playing that part. The specifics will be kept secret of course, for better plot and play. No main characters shall be killed - unless that's your thing, and if so, you'll need to let me know!

-This is a work in progress. I've been thinking something like this over for some time but kept thinking of it as a shipwreck. Think of it much in the same way, except no ship! There's more destruction with the construction materials. If you've been through a hurricane or a tornado you understand the wrath. Ultimately I'm looking play this with maybe one to two guys and maybe even another female, so yes, a <small> group game. It can be played one on one with NPCs of course. Got an idea? Send me a PM! I'm willing to make a Wiki if I get enough interest in this. Yes, this is also posted in group games but I will consider single persons playing multiple roles if you are up to it. If you do contact me, please let me know what kind of character you'd like to play (and if you'd like to play the murderer!).

-The story would start out probably a few days before the onset of the hurricane with the idea that the people on the Little Shell Cay have been there long enough to not have seen the news of a storm forming out in the ocean, either that or trust that there would be communications on the island to alert them if something were about to happen (there you go assuming again...).

-Please do not post in this thread, instead send me a PM to let me know if you are interested. Thank you!!

Here is some inspiration for the story - like I said, if there is enough interest, I'll go ahead and make a wiki page for this.

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