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Author Topic: My maiden voyage  (Read 794 times)

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Offline HarmoneighTopic starter

My maiden voyage
« on: May 07, 2008, 12:45:25 AM »
OK I am just going to jump in with both feet. I have been on here for the past few weeks looking for something that strikes my fancy and haven't found anything yet, or if I did it was already taken. So I am going to do this and see how it goes. First off I should warn you I have never done this before so if I screw up royally please be kind. My idea is actually a story that has been playing out in my head for as long as I can remember. I decided to put it on here because I thought it would be interesting to see someone else's perspective into my crazy mind. OK here it goes. The basic idea is a guy and a girl, I of course would be the girl, so I guess I am looking for a guy.  I don't really have an idea on what they will be doing, I guess we could decide on that before we get started. My one sticking point is the guy, Damon Gabriel, he is very manly and dominate. The rest can be decided on later. I am a pretty submissive person by nature so I don't really see that changing in this, but I do enjoy being in charge everyonce in while. I am not into incest, poop, pee, or severe pain.  I am not sure how I feel about non-con, would be willing to try with an escape clause. I don't really know enough to put any other parameters on this, so some things might change as I figure this out. I am open to super natural, historical, modern, or anything else if you have a suggestion.   Like I said before I am new to this so I am not sure if this is right or even enough to spark someones interest. If you have any questions fire away, maybe I could flesh it out more if I knew what I was doing. So tell me what you think. Thanks for taking the time to read this.

Offline JadeCore

Re: My maiden voyage
« Reply #1 on: May 07, 2008, 03:17:47 AM »
Never could resist a damsel in distress. I'll help in any way that I can - how much that'll be is highly suspect. >_>

Personal preference, but the first thing I'd suggest is to figure out what you're looking for. Are you more interested in the sex and the fantasy of such or are you more interested in developing a story of some sort that happens to have lots of naked happy fun time in it. If you're not really sure how to answer that, here's a crude analogy:

You're sitting down to watch an adult movie with a companion. After popping in the movie and setting things up, your companion finds out that it is one or some combination of...

...a porn movie (Lots of sex, very little if any in way of actual story or character; the point is mostly to just enjoy whatever rocks your socks) erotic movie (A movie where the man focus is some sort of sexual story line; the emphasize as far as we're concerned is usually, but not always, some sort of situational fantasy)
...a movie with adult content (A movie that happens to have sexual content involved; the emphasize is usually, but not always, some sort of character fantasy)
...a romance movie (heavy on the story or character, sex may or may not necessarily occur; the main focus is usually on the relationship and how it affects the sex)
...that film you forgot to get rid of in some fashion such as returning it or erasing it (Someone caught you browse these forums at work or some similar situation that is potentially highly embarrassing.... in which case, best to punch 'em in the nuts and run)
...that film your companion forgot to get rid of in some fashion such as returning it or erasing it (You find out that someone at work also frequents these forums and have a very awkward moment as you remember each others kinks in a public place)
...that film involving you and your companion you forgot to get rid of and awkwardly look at each other (You're still kind of exploring exactly what sexuality means for you and subsequently share an awkward silence as you figure stuff out).

Okay, so maybe those last three aren't really part of the analogy. Anyway, once you figure out what kind of story you're looking for, we can start refining the particulars of what you're trying to accomplish and do, if any. And the reason I'd ask this question is because different games/threads/rps/whatever will emphasize different things as will different players. If you're looking for a very specific story with lots of development and serious tones, jumping into a thread that's all about a bunch of horny anthropomorphic animals doing kinky stuff in various basically unrelated situations isn't going to suit you. :)

And, for the record, I'm not adverse (it's good writing practice) to playing characters of either gender. Not that I'm suggesting anything or something. >_>

Oh, and welcome.
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Offline HarmoneighTopic starter

Re: My maiden voyage
« Reply #2 on: May 07, 2008, 07:53:58 AM »
Sagittary- Thanks that is very helpful, I guess it would be more movie with adult content more than anything else. :D  Usually when I play this out in my head it is a continuation of a book or movie that I liked and when it ended I would just pick it up and keep it going in my mind. There is usually sex but not everytime you turn around. And as for a woman playing Damon, that is cool by me as long as they think that they can do it, I don't have a problem with that.  Thank you so much for helping me figure all this out I really appreciate it.  ;)

Offline JadeCore

Re: My maiden voyage
« Reply #3 on: May 08, 2008, 01:28:19 AM »
You're welcome. :) I remember myself that it was really weird figuring how to approach this sort of thing - it's not like it's written in the Gamemaster's Manual or Player's Handbook. Trying to find the right sort of games and such isn't always straight forward.

After figuring out what the tone of the game is, you should probably figure out what sort of commitment you want from a game. A long term game that's a lot like writing a series of books/playing a traditional RPG game that lasts basically indefinitely, a short term game that's not really going to last after the given story, a scenario or series of scenarios that really don't involve the inbetween (or the inbetweens don't matter). Different games will emphasize different sorts of commitment and will offer different things. While long term games may offer the best chances of really deep development, like in most things, not all of these games will last nearly long enough to accomplish something. Shorter games may do more things but you may find you want more meaningful things to do. Relatedly is whether the game is run more as a collaborative story, GM/player, or a communal game (freeform, basically). Depending on what the point is, the plot and the pacing may or may not be directed. You may prefer a more story oriented format over a game oriented one; you may prefer the more focused but limited small/solo interaction or may prefer a more open ended many player format.

Also, and this is really a personal caveat, is to figure out how you are personally approaching this stuff. Are you an actor playing a role or a writer writing a character? The sort of investment and writing style each of those two approaches involves varies. You may prefer players who have a more direct 'acting' posting style but on the flip side, you may get into trouble by becoming too personally invested.

On a minor point, you may want to figure out how graphic or mature you're comfortable with and what will satisfy you. That is, language (both in use and description), how things are phrased, and so forth. You may want something more explicit ("He thrusted his - - - into her furiously - - - as she screamed 'bleep me!' and squirted blah blah blah") or you may want something that is more prose based ("She fell atop of him as the orgasm overwhelmed her blah blah blah") - this not just being the sex but related details; seems like it tends to be a trade off between raw erotic energy versus sensual romanticism though your mileage may vary.

Anyway, all that should help you get a fairly focused idea of what you're looking for - you'll probably figure out other stuff along the way.

Oh, and since you already have some sort of idea for the character opposite yours, figure out what you're looking to get out of them is good too if you're really picky so your partner knows whether you're looking for Vin Diesel, Sean Connery, or whatever. If you're not, then less of an issue.