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Author Topic: Cole's story ideas  (Read 653 times)

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Cole's story ideas
« on: August 09, 2012, 08:18:42 PM »
Bondage  All that glitters F seeking M

Giana enjoyed the opulent lifestyle that her boyfriend’s job as a stock trader afforded her.  The best of everything and never having to ask how much something cost was a sweet and easy life and Giana didn’t ask many questions as she coasted through life, keeping her man satisfied and living the high life because of it.  Then in a flash the scandal broke, the entire thing was a giant Ponzi scheme, and before she knew it, Giana was caught standing over her boyfriend’s dead body with the gun that killed him in her hands.  It was a cliché defense to say that she found him that way and just picked up the gun instinctively, and all kinds of other evidence, things she knew nothing of, were quickly discovered that pointed the finger directly at Giana and her now dead lover as the masterminds of the scheme, while his shadowy partner skipped town with millions stashed in off-shore accounts.  Giana took the fall and was quickly convicted of both the scheme and murder and was sentenced to life in prison.


Giana improbably escapes, possibly with the unseen help of her boyfriend’s partner who wants her dead before her legal appeals start turning up the truth about him, the once pampered beauty finds herself on the run from both a hired killer and a famous bounty hunter, each looking to collect a check, but with very different motives.  Looking for someone to play the bounty hunter, a tough, strong, no-nonsense man, but one who eventually realizes that Giana is capable of many things, but that murder and masterminding a billion dollar scam aren’t among them.  It takes time for her to win him over as he is trying to bring her in, but the constant attempts to kill her, and now him, draw them together romantically as the real chase begins.  PM me if interested in a long term role-play with sex and romance, but also a lot more.

One-Shot – Hard and Fast Because She’s Furious.  F seeking M.  Taken


Lita has been nothing but faithful to her extremely possessive and jealous boyfriend Greg.  For the last three years he has constantly watched over her, told to dress less sexily and act ladylike, but no ring has appeared on her finger.  One night Lita comes home early from working her second job and finds Greg fucking their next-door neighbor whom has a well-earned reputation as the town whore.  Furious, Lita breaks up with him on the spot, gets a Motel room for the night, but instead of crying her eyes out, she heads to the mall and loads up on make-up and the sexiest, sluttiest dress, undies and fuck-me heels she can find. An hour later and she is hungry and on the prowl, heading to Greg’s favorite bar intending to find the hottest guy she can and fuck him senseless in the parking lot.  Wanna get lucky with Lita? PM me with your take on the man Lita finds at the bar.


Bondage – Sex, Guys and Videotape.  F seeking M/M.


Hope and Alex have been married for ten years and with two kids and both working full-time, their sex life has faded into twice a month, missionary position only territory.  When Hope’s Aunt offers to take the kids for a week and insists that the still young, harried couple take a vacation, serendipity intervenes when Alex’s college roommate, Cale, calls and invites them out to visit him in California.  Quickly taking him up on the offer, they arrive to find that Cale is living in Malibu and enjoying the hell out of his bachelor lifestyle, while earning a living as a videographer for B-movies and cable TV specials.

Cale always had a thing for Hope, one she can still see in his eyes, and while he and Alex head out to do some surfing, Hope finds herself looking for something to watch to kill the time.  She stumbles upon a cache of videos, hardcore amateur porn, that Cale has filmed for an internet sex site.  Hope quickly finds that Cale often joins the couples he films when the action slows down and his huge cock is plowing a horny housewife on the big screen when Alex and Cale return and catch her with her hand down her panties, moaning Cale’s name.  Where do they go from here?  PM me your ideas and which role/roles you want to play.


Bondage/Ex – Once They’ve Seen Paris…    F seeking F.


Two best friends, Ana and Eve, are dating a pair of best friends, Rob and Steve.  All four are students at a college run by a strict, fundamentalist church that forbids pre-marital sex, same-sex relationships and just about everything else that most college students might experiment with.  Life is fine and Ana and Eve are seemingly happy with their lots in life, both having been raised in this morally strict lifestyle.  When both are selected to attend a Parisian University’s prestigious liturgical studies of ancient biblical texts, Ana and Eve are excited and nervous about heading off to attend the program located in a city renowned in their circles for its tolerance and promotion of obscene and forbidden lifestyles.  They befriend a pair of sexy lesbian partners on a tourist trip through the city, not even realizing that the other women are sexually involved.  Ana and Eve learn that the women were best friends once, who took the next step from friends to lovers.  Now Ana and Eve find long suppressed stirrings for each other rising to the surface, and when their torrid affair begins, they see no end to it.  Returning to the States and school, each woman finds herself drawn more and more to the other and towards increasingly kinky and tawdry expressions of their sexuality.  Now they must hide their secret lives from their clueless boyfriends, restrictive families and the school which holds their full scholarships in its obsessively controlling hands.  PM me your interest, your take on the story and just how you might push my existing limits to new places.


Historical - Non-Con – The New Man Of The House.  F seeking M.  Taken


Lilith Reeves finds herself widowed when her entrepreneur husband dies in a steamboat explosion in post-civil War Missouri.  Despite being only 34 and very attractive, the money Lilith inherited upon her husband’s demise, along with the dearth of healthy young men in this war ravaged part of the Country, attracts mostly older, patrician men to her as suitors, all of whom want to ‘take care’ of her and her considerable estate.  Instead, Lilith decides to move West to escape her grief and the expectations of those around her.  Rebuilding her life in one of the wilder, Western territories, the beautifully pale and fair haired Lilith hires a young Navajo man to work for her in defiance of the prejudices of the local white community.  While the young man helps with menial labor around the secluded ranch home she purchased, Lilith finds herself feeling increasingly isolated and lonely and begins to confide in her younger assistant, telling him that she plans on teaching him to read and write English so that no one can call him uncivilized any longer.  Taking affront to her offer and taking charge as he believes a man should, the powerful young man teaches Lilith her own lessons on what her place is their relationship and just who is going to be the man of her house.  This plotline is very open to discussion and variation, including the time and place.  PM with your ideas, keeping a strong historical flavor to them.


Non-Con/Ex – Honey, I’m Home…Now On Your Knees  F seeking M/M   

Sherrie married Phil when she was very young and lacking confidence.  No doubt he has treated her well, but as Sherrie has grown into her sexual confidence and climbed the corporate ladder, she finds that although she loves Phil in many ways, he simply isn’t fulfilling her needs in a lot of areas.  Sherrie finds herself desiring a strong, well-hung stud, one who can give her what Phil never has.  Desperately afraid of losing his gorgeous wife, and truly in love with her, Phil swallows his pride and agrees to Sherrie’s take it or leave it offer to take a lover on the side and still stay married to Phil, but only if he can be present.  Sherrie agrees and begins chatting up some prospects on a sex-site for horny wives.  Finding a man who makes her mouth and pussy water, she heads out for her date alone and promises as agreed to bring her lover home.  When they arrive, the powerful ‘bull’ who arrives with Sherrie quickly sets the ground rules, he fucks Sherrie whenever he wants and however he wants, allowing Phil to watch only from a chair where he is tied and gagged.  When Phil finally is pushed too far and protests, Sherrie smiles sexily and tells Phil that he can participate…as long as he services both she and her lover in whatever ways they desire.  The entire thing was set up by Sherrie who has long suspected Phil had bi-sexual interests.  Phil accepts, grudgingly at first, but soon finds that Sherrie’s lover is here to stay.  Sherrie will be a sub to her bull and a dome over Phil.  Looking for two partners to write this with me in a single thread, PM me with your ideas and the role you are interested in playing.
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