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Author Topic: Demascion Lycan's Group Ideas {Cravings noted}  (Read 408 times)

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Demascion Lycan's Group Ideas {Cravings noted}
« on: August 08, 2012, 12:35:28 PM »
Supernatural (Fan RP)
Destrian was in between hunts.  He had just slaughtered a coven of vampires in Washington and was now resting. He wondered what he would do next, though he wasn't ready to start the next hunt. He hadn't yet begun researching the internet or newspapers. He was content to go wherever his manager said they should go next for the tour, and this time it was back to good ol' LA. It amazed him how well his music career was covering his hunting. He would stay a week or so and play large and small venus in the area while killing the unnatural. Even so it was a lonely life. He wished that one of the hunters he had met along the way would suggest something. Call him up for a beer. Anything.

I haven't decided what we'll be hunting first. There will be several hunts going on I'm sure. I would like for this to be very story based with a little smut, but only as much as the show would cover up. I hope for a large group eventually.

Love In a World of Hate

The races weren't always at war. There was a time that no one cared, besides the humans, whether you were elf, dwarve, vampire, or lycan. Everyone kept to themselves and there weren't many racist beings in the tribes.

Of course, nothing is perfect. There are the few that believe themselves to be the superior race, but they are usually in the background and don't get in the way of the peace. As long as they are left alone, there aren't any problems. Life is great.
Unrequited Love

As was told, there was one leader of a Vampire coven that never considered himself Racist. He regularly visited the heads of other races and tried to keep the peace. He did everything right. He never caused any problems. He was a kind ruler.

That's to say untill his daughter fell in love with that of a lycan. He found them walking together a lot, but never assumed that there was anymore than friendship untill he found him in her bed one morning. He raged and roared in anger. Then he did the unexcuseable. He killed the boy.

As was custom, the body of a dead child was returned to his parents. But this was different. This was murder. The boy's parents were uncontrollably angry and they appealed to the alpha male, who took it as an act of racism, and declared war on the Vampires. He pulled together the strongest fighters in the pack and delivered an all out assult on the coven. Only women and children were spared.

Ever since, the vampires and Lycans have been at each other's throats.
Elves, Dwarves, and Humans

The elves were the first to pass judgment on the other races when the Lycans attacked. They didn't trust the dwarves or humans to not turn their alliances over and just lead an assault on everyone else. They hid themselves in the deepest forests with spells protecting their grounds.

The dwarves soon followed as they were sick of their finest crafts being used for such senseless genocide. They soon retreated into the bowels of the largest mountains in the world. They crafted their home in a place that no one would find without being invited.

The humans never did get on well with the other races. They feared what they didn't know and refused to get close enough understand. their fear was especially large in the vampires and lycan's who fed on flesh and blood. They kept to their own. secluded, but not well protected.
A New Story

Centuries after the first assult, the war continues to rage on. The Lycans still hate the Vampires, and nothing has changed throughout the other races.

There are a few though who have strayed from their parent's Hatred. Those who are open minded. Those who dream of the peace that was long lost in the world.

This is where it got interesting. Who was your character?
Character Skeleton

Characters should be sent to me like this in a PM if you are interested in joining this RP. I will be adding your characters in the first post of the RP, so I do need them like this.

Code: [Select]
[b]Elliquiy s/n[/b]:
[b]Character Name[/b]:
[b]Appearance[/b]: [url=enter image url]character name[/url]
[b]Bio[/b]: (at least three decent paragraphs)
[b]Personality[/b]: (include race preferences along with other traits)
[b]Other[/b]: (anything you thing the group should know)

A Few Rules

Also, I feel the need to say that though I am expecting some racism and violence and bondage etc., There will be NO bestiality in this RP. Lycans will have a wolf form, not a wolf monster form. I don't mind homosexual relationships in this RP. Just know My male characters will not participate with another male character.

Any rape should be okayed by the other party. No God modding. If I see you take control of another person's character, I will contact that person to see if they okayed the action. If they didn't, you get two warnings. On strike three, god will strike your character dead and you will be barred from the RP, and any RP I am the author of.

Breaking the System - CRAVING
They had known each other since kindergarten. They went to the same schools their entire lives. Sure, no one else liked them, but they only needed each other. They were their teachers of the world. They were their inspirations. They were their friends. It was all they needed.

In high school, they got wasted for the first time together. They tried different drugs, though only marijuana really stuck. They drank together, smoked together, and when their hormones and desires kicked in, they paired off and gave their innocence to the group. As long as they kept the sex to their little group, disease wasn't a worry. The girls were all on birth control that was provided by the free clinic. Everything was perfect for them. They loved each other like no family ever had before.

Of course, things couldn't remain perfect forever. An outsider catches the eye of one of the members, and they begin getting close. Being friends with an outsider isn't against the rules, but when emotions run wild, the heart starts pounding and they want more than friendship, the system crashes. Total meltdown.

The Lucky Charm - Recruiting Now!!!
Check the thread for available roles!

When Brian O'Connor arrived at his new High School in Springfield, no one knew what to think. He was a quiet kid who didn't have any friends. He was cast out. After all, he arrived as a senior. Rumors spread about the reason he had moved into town. Some said that he had just been released from a mental institution. Others said that he was running from the law. The only thing that they knew for certain was that he was from Ireland. His accent, pale skin, emerald eyes and ginger hair made that obvious.

One thing that the school agreed upon was that Brian was not to be trusted. He was too different, came in too late, or was just too shy to fit in. That is until Jason took a chance. Jason was in a group of misfit friends that had been watching Brian since he started school. The group had three girls (Chastity, Angel and Alexis) and two guys (Jason and Dexter). They all had different backgrounds, religions, etc, but they took care of each other. Jason decided that Brian needed them as much as they needed a guy to even the odds against the girls.

For a while, no one thought anything about Brian joining the misfit friends until things started going especially well for them. First it was small things like Chastity winning fifty dollars off a scratch off ticket she had received for her eighteenth birthday, but the strokes of luck increased the closer the got to Brian. Dexter's mother fell into remission from her lung cancer, Alexis' father hit big on the slots while on a business trip to Vegas, Jason's shoulder injury healed miraculously, allowing him to rejoin the baseball team as the star pitcher once again. No one understood how their luck was suddenly changing, but many noticed that it only started after they had accepted Brian.

Of course, no one could guess the truth. After all, Leprechauns were supposed to be three inches tall and live at the end of the rainbow. Brian never quite fit that description. Sure, he did gave an affinity for green, but many people thought that emerald was a pretty color, and who didn't love gold? Brian knew that he could never tell his friends his secret, but his lucky coin remained in his wallet at all times. He could change anyone's luck as he pleased, whether it be good or bad, and to those who deserved it, Leprechauns tried to keep the balance tipped in their favor.
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Re: Demascion Lycan's Group Ideas
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Re: Demascion Lycan's Group Ideas
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Bumping. Also, please do not respond if you are unwilling or unable to post at least twice a week. I will post every other day at least, as long as I have an active team. ^_^

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Re: Demascion Lycan's Group Ideas
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