BentNotBroken's RP Story ideas - Added New Idea- Check it out!

Started by BentNotBroken, May 05, 2008, 08:54:22 PM

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I've added another story idea. Hope you like it. :)

The Gangster's Girl

A young pretty 17 year old female who just graduated from high school. Wanting to get away from her small southern town and her wealthy parents, she decides to move away to a big city and go to college there. She wants to prove to herself and her parents that she can make it on her own and not have to depend on them or their money to survive. So she and her best friend move off to a big city together. (chicago, nyc, etc)

Not long after movign to the city, she meets an infamous mobster who becomes infatuated with her. He can tell that she is different from most women he's used to being around. She is sweet and innocent and naive about the way the world works, particularly, HIS world. He decides that she is the one that he wants. And he will enjoy being her first everything and corrupting her and introducing her to his world.

I'm open to suggestions as long as they don't vary too much from the original theme :)

Her Brother's Debt

A young sexy spoiled college sophomore sits home late at night studying for an exam. She comes from a wealthy influential family and wants to make her parents proud. Her older brother, Alex, on the other hand, is the Black Sheep of the family. He's a drug addict (crack, heroin, whatever he can get his hands on) and commits petty crime to support his expensive habit. Their parents have turned their backs on him, so Angel is the only family he has left. B/c of this, she feels responsible for helping him, so she allows him to crash at her apartment when he needs to, since he is technically homeless.

Unbeknownst to Angel, her brother has become deeply indebted to his drug dealer and owes him a lot of money. He has skipped town to avoid having to face the dealer. The drug dealer is notorious for his high quality product, not to mention his HOT temper. What pisses him off the most is when someone messes with his money. He finds out through "interviewing" a crackhead friend of Alex's that he sometimes crashes at his sisters apartment downtown. So, the dealer shows up late at night at her place, determined to confront her brother and get what he is owed.

After realizing her brother isn't there and that he has obviously skipped town without paying(she hasn't seen or heard from him for days), he gets furious and decides that if he can't get his money, then he will take the next best thing - Angel.

~I'd play Angel and I need a guy to play the drug dealer. Will work out the rest of the details before we start. PM me or post here if interested. :)

Mafia Princess

A spoiled young mafia princess daughter of a local Mob family boss. The guy would play the son of the rival family's boss. Our fathers and families are old allies that have become sworn enemies (for whatever reason we decide). This idea could go a few different ways, be it that he kidnaps the mafia princess for revenge against her family, or they happen to meet and fall for each other like romeo and Juliette type thing, etc.

Okay that's all i have, let me know if you are interested. :) Thanks!

PM me if you can, b/c that will get my attention quicker!! :)


I like the 3rd idea the best.  If there is an opening still.