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November 18, 2017, 03:54:45 PM

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Author Topic: The Journey Home (semi historical/low fantasy) *Backstory has been added*  (Read 316 times)

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Offline BelisuaviousTopic starter

So I read a book by John Ringo called The last Centurion, which was based mainly on the Anabasis. All that got me thinking it would be fun to do an RP where the players are members of a military group who get cut off in hostile territory and must make their way back home. That's the basic premise, I'll have more backstory up later(tomorrow or the day after probably), but it's late now and I need to get up early so here is just the skeleton design.

First up are the rules:

1) General stuff (No douchebaggery, basic stuff you should all be familiar with)
2) Tech level is about 11th century, so keep your gear limited to that era. I don't expect 100% accuracy but try to keep it close as you can
3) This is low fantasy, meaning I don't really have much problem with elves/dwarves/various humanoid races but I just don't really like demons/dragons/etc; Sorry if you don't get to be your favorite mythical beastie.
3a) Treatment of the differing races is subject to the area they are in. In most Metropolises, there isn't much bigotry since they don't view each other as "outsiders" and most races will interact with each other at some point in their lives. Outside these areas it's a bit of a crapshoot. Some places are merely suspicious, others downright hostile due to old wars, or simple superstition
4) There is magic in this game, though it will be mostly low-powered stuff.
4a) How magic works is the caster must put some of their life-energy into a spell. Simple things, like small illusions, scrying (through a mirror or puddle) or other non-combat castings don't drain all that much. Spells which have a physical effect (fireballs, causing sickness/diseases) take more energy. As a result, there are very few combat mages and most of them find work as fortune tellers or working with armies.
4b) Magic has a very shitty PR department. Most people distrust it to some degree, and many treat it with outright hostility.

That's about it for rules, so here are the positions that I'd like to be filled up:

1) The Commander: This may or may not have been the commander when the enterprise started, but they have the job now, whether it's from being the highest ranked remaining officer or because they were the ones who knew what needed to be done when things went south. Should be a commander with the safety of the mercenaries under their command, but a cowardly one just might be in charge, only wanting to use the troops to effect their own escape.
2) The Commander's Rival: This is the guy who thinks they should be in charge. While they may be happy enough to follow the current leader's orders for now, or if the alternative is death, this is the one who thinks that the trip back would be better accomplished under their leadership.
3) The NCO's: These can be either actual NCO's or ad-hoc ones assembled from the few survivors of the company. They are in charge of small groups of soldiers and they are of many different moods and motivations, some wanting what is best for the soldiers under their command, others simply wanting to get the hell out of dodge using whatever means necessary. The NCO's can also be in charge of trooper morale, and trying to keep the wavering elements to stick together long enough to get home.
4) The Troops: These are the grunts, the guys and gals who do the heavy lifting when push comes to shove. Like those in the ranks above them, Troopers can be of different mindsets, some realising the need to stick together in hostile countryside, others who may want to try slipping away in the dark and trying to make it on their own.

Additionally, if there is anyone who would like to play any of the locals the retreating mercs will meet (villagers, pursuing soldiers, people like that) feel free to do so. If nobody does, then I'll do my best to act as the local population.

And now for the Character Sheet:

Your Name: Username
Character Name: What your fellow troopers call you. Doesn't have to be their real name, after all some joined a mercenary company to forget their past.
Description: Words preferably, but I don't mind pictures
Rank: What rank your character is. For locals, this would be your title (ex: Villager, shopkeeper, guard)
Gear: What gear your character has. I'll be limiting the stuff to approx. 11th Century tech, though feel free to flavour it however you like.
Biography: What your character has been up to the point of the start of this RP. Maybe the reason why they became a mercenary.
Magical Abilities: This is where you put down your magical talents (if any). Remember that not many people trust or even like wizards, and they have limited powers.
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Offline BelisuaviousTopic starter

Re: The Journey Home (semi historical/low fantasy)
« Reply #1 on: August 07, 2012, 02:12:42 AM »
The land is called Gias, though nobody knows why, or how that name spread to all the people upon it, from the frozen tribes of the north, weathering the harsh winters and spilling south in the summers to raid the warmer lands to the scorching south where only the hardiest survive, proving their strength through ritual conflict and blood feuds that have run on so long that not even the antagonists know why they hate any more.

The Middle Lands, the least harsh of all the climes, however, are a more "civilised" people. Or they were, at one point, the whole area being ruled by a single Empire that pushed it's borders to the furthest reaches of Gias, stopping only when their people could no longer tolerate the extreme weather. It was not a perfect existence for many of it's subjects, especially since one particular group of people, the men and women of the founding city of the Empire, the Epurians, as their ancient tribe was called, looked down on the many tribes they subjegated, using their military superiority to crush any rebellions and forcing the various peoples to adapt to life under Epurian rule. From the wood-stalking Briguns to the mighty horsemen of the Scyarthian Steppe, all were first conquered and assimilated into the Epurian Empire, who adapted their army after those they had conquered, adding agile cavalry from the western plains, fierce skirmishers from the eastern forests and the mighty phalanxes from the southern mountain range alongside their disciplined heavy infantry from their central position.

That time of unification and power was many, many years ago however. Plots and revolutions have weakened the Epurian's to the point of collapse, and their once mighty armies are being defeated by mere barbarians from across the frontiers. The legions begin to pull back, closer to Epuria, heart of the Empire. But that too is crumbling, with the various nobles squabbling for power while the seemingly unbeatable Barbarians pour from the North and South, while a strange new threat has landed in the West, leaping off their boats and carving themselves a kingdom. The people, abandoned by their former protectors, desperately cling to whatever protection can be offered, and in the west, where the might of the Empire has been shattered, small kingdoms erupt as people pledge themselves to whomever looks to offer the best protection from the invaders.

The East holds on, though the fabled city of Epuria is sacked by Northern raiders and the capital is moved to a safer location where the battered Legions can hold off the raids. The Epurian Empire is shattered, though the Epurians themselves still believe themselves to be atop the world, they are a mere shadow of their former selves. However, the petty kingdoms of the West are in no position to threaten the Empire, but neither can the battered legions of the East assert any sort of control over the West.

That fracturing too was many years past. The Western kingdoms have more or less solidified their borders, some of the unlucky or weak being swallowed up by the strong or lucky. They are still too weak to challenge the Empire though as mutual jealousy and paranoia stop them from working together for too long. The East too has regained it's balance, and looking to reclaim lands thought to be theirs. That is put on hold however, when the old tradition of plotting rears it's head in the East. A young bastard by the name of Iohan believes himself to be the rightful Emperor, and traveled to the West to raise an army of mercenaries to fight for his throne. He found many recruits and raised an army thousands strong to march on Nova Epuria. It looked as though Iohan would conquor, for the Epurian Legions were not what they once were, and poor leadership had doomed many Legions to destruction.

However, Iohan did not count on a brilliant young general named Belisuvus to rescue the Epurian Empire. Belisuvus was intelligent, daring and most importantly of all, loyal to the throne, and he led the Epurian Legions ( though they would have been laughed at by the Legions of old, and barely recognisable as well) in a lightning campaign that broke the invaders in a series of stinging attacks, using the cunning light infantry of the forests to peck away at the morale and numbers of Iohan, before gathering the mighty phalanxes of the mountains to crush Iohan in a mighty battle that lasted most of the day, only ending when night fell and men were too exhausted to keep killing. Iohan was dead, killed near the end of the day by an unfortunate javelin, and all that is left of the once mighty army is a band of fugitives, less than one hundred of the thousands who marched east. Now they are trapped in a hostile country, hundreds of miles from home.
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Offline BelisuaviousTopic starter

Re: The Journey Home (semi historical/low fantasy)
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-reserved for characters-