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Author Topic: Fiver's One on One Roleplay Request Thread  (Read 997 times)

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Fiver's One on One Roleplay Request Thread
« on: August 06, 2012, 08:43:13 am »
Hey! I'm Fiver -- or you can call me Leigh. Whichever.

I was scratching my head a little bit, wondering how to get into a plot on Elliquiy until I noticed this part of the forum and felt like an idiot. I'll try and keep this thread if I can, and just update it as I go along. Thanks to the the cool UI of Elliquiy, you can check out my 'preferences' outside of the thread. I'll warn you that I'm sort of going through a little bit of self-discovery, so they're subject to change in an hour, a day, and probably even a few months until I find my "happy medium".

Also, keep in mind I'm putting the story before anything else, and the following few ideas take place in a fake world I created called the Broken Kingdom.

Passing Notes on the Following Ideas:
The following ideas, I've chosen the character I would like -- his name is Ashir. He's a young man, and rather ambitious. His backstory changes in these ideas, but his core personality is pretty much the same: Fair, ambitious, quiet. This will reflect in-character, rather than in these ideas, where I'm sort of tossing him into situations where he'd be just as important to the overall story as my partner's character (whoever they may be). These ideas can be as small in scale or as big in scale as we make them.

I'd like these following ideas to be a M/F pairing.

Idea One
From the Broken Kingdom, sailing away from war, poverty, and disease, a ship is assaulted by a vicious storm while at sea. The result is obvious: the ship becomes just as broken as the kingdom it fled, and the survivors (what few there are) are scattered along the coastline of a new continent, where a tyrannical Empress rules with an iron fist. The survivors are all either taken in by the locals, or taken into slavery.

Ashir would be taken in by the locals, I'd think, after getting into a fight with someone (either a local guardsmen or an Imperial soldier) over a miscommunication. Obviously, among the themes in this plot would be the communication barrier -- Ashir will start out being unable to speak the local language. His initial goal would be finding and saving all of the other people on the ship, if he can, or else somehow getting away from the forgotten continent. I'm sort of leaving it up to my partner to kind of decide the beginning direction of the plot, whether it'd be rebellion, completing the said goals above, or changing the goals, or even getting Ashir into the local politics somehow along with them.
Idea Two
This idea centers around the conflict of the Broken Kingdoms mentioned in the first idea. The Broken Kingdoms are, in effect, what Westeros is after Robert Baratheon dies: a bunch of strong noble houses jockeying for power through war and political back-stabbing. Missing from the Broken Kingdoms are, of course, a history of being ruled (unless you were to talk about a somewhat mythical Empire from a thousand years ago) and the ongoing effects of a dark age, which includes magic -- a lot of the Arts have been lost, and magic is decidedly much rarer in its use by individuals than a hundred or so years ago.

Ashir is an heir disowned: feeling cheated, he's set out to sell his sword and skills in the name of ambition.

It's sort of a playground; we can start anywhere, and my partner can be whoever they want to be, allowing us to shape the following plot however we'd like. I'd prefer to discuss a little bit of the early planning between us via PM, however.
Idea Three
Magic has suddenly and inexplicably returned to the Broken Kingdoms. With it, come the Pretender Gods once more. As old debts are revisited and conflicts spring up, the Pretender Gods begin trying to attain their influence in the world yet again.

That was the gist of this idea: the conflict of the Pretender Gods between one another while using the Broken Kingdoms (a continent full of nations that generally hate one another) as a place for a proxy war. Really, other than the setting I don't have much to put into this idea (other than more ideas, which would make me write out about six more of these in more sploiler tags.) Among them are a prophecy being called, where Ashir and my partner's character is one of the few people who know the Pretender Gods have returned, one where Ashir makes a deal with one of the gods, resulting in <partner character> being put into the plot, one where a Pretender God becomes very successful, and we have the whole Passably 'Good' vs. Definitely Evil conflict... things like that.

Obviously, we'd need to discuss this idea if it's picked.

Note on the Following Ideas:
These are just passing ideas that I'll change from time to time.
IGPX (A Fandom Idea)
The IGPX. A competitive racing sport so popular an entire city was built to house the biggest track in the world: a 60 Mile-long (97 KM) looping behemoth where humanoid mecha duke it out for the win at amazing speeds (360 mph+). The year is now 2054, and the track commemorates it's 5th year in operation. New teams are rising to the top -- among them, a rather rag-tag group of strangers who are said to have passed into the IG-2 league by mere luck.

Basically it'd end up being kind of a love triangle between the three pilots/racers. It can be MMF, or MFF. I'd really like to play the male pilot in the later, but in the former I suppose it wouldn't matter.
Red = Craving
Fantasy-World Based
  • Nobility x Nobility
  • Villain x Princess (Villain here in the fantasy section just means someone who's trying to subvert the current kingdom in the setting that isn't tyrannical)
  • Mage x Mage
  • Mage x Nobility
  • Thief x Nobility
  • Commoner x Nobility
  • Soldier x Ranger
  • Mage x Familiar (A sentient being that's been summoned to serve)
  • Villain x Foe
  • Someone x Bound creature

Modernish-World Based
  • Detective x Killer (This'd be pretty dark, just by its nature.)
  • Bodyguard x Client
  • Assassin x Bodyguard (This'd be FxM and vice-versa. Two men or two women would just want to kill each other in this setting.)
  • Villain x Villain
  • Hero x Hero
  • Villain x Hero

Scifi-World Based
  • Comms Officer x Pilot
  • Genetic Experiment x Scientist
  • Treasure Hunter x Other
  • Starship Captain x Other

A few fandoms, because what vague pairing list wouldn't be complete without a list of fandoms people would want to write fiction in?

Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog (Style! Not that actual universe.)
Harry Potter (I'd only be willing to play an OC, though it doesn't matter who my partner would be.)
Gundam (Maybe the conflict happening before the events of SEED? Or some of the conflict before Unicorn or whatsit... the one with Celestial Being and all that mess of a series?)
Cthulu Mythos
Avatar: The Last Airbender (specifically, Legend of Korra-ish time in-universe. I liked the Equalist conflict in the series, and I have a few ideas for it and would love more.)
IGPX (The racing one, not the gun-fighting arena one.)

Also, I'm ALWAYS open to any ideas you may have. Just let me know and we can talk about them.
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Re: Fiver's One on One Roleplay Request Thread
« Reply #1 on: August 06, 2012, 08:57:46 am »
Made an update. The first three ideas (at the time of this posting) I'd prefer to be a M/F pairing. Edited the OP to reflect this.

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Re: Fiver's One on One Roleplay Request Thread
« Reply #2 on: August 09, 2012, 04:39:58 pm »
Made an update adding a whole bunch of pairings. Also, still looking for one or two more roleplay partners. =)

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Re: Fiver's One on One Roleplay Request Thread
« Reply #3 on: August 10, 2012, 08:42:46 pm »
Updated with the IGPX Fandom-based idea. Kind of craving it, actually.