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Author Topic: Lithe (Looking for 3 females and 2 males)  (Read 626 times)

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Lithe (Looking for 3 females and 2 males)
« on: August 05, 2012, 10:48:20 pm »
Basic Storyline

The world is in a state of constant cold war, three major factions make up 80% of the worlds populace The American Statehood, which makes up all of North and South America, Australia and Japan. The European Union which is all of Europe and parts of Africa and the Eastern Confederation of Nations. Which is China, India and various other smaller nations surrounding those two powers.

In the last 21st century a new technology was discovered that the world referred to as Lithe. Lithe is an artificial compound designed by the military, its said that it has always existed but hidden from the world until it was accidentally unleashed. Now consuming this chemical into ones body as a child creates a genetically enhanced version of ones self and has changed the nature of warfare forever allowing mankind to tap limitless untapped potential.

Those children who have consumed Lithe now known as the GE (Genetically Enhanced) they can rip a tank to pieces with their bare hands, dodge and in some cases even withstand fire from bullets and turn battlefields into graveyards single-handedly.

These children trained from birth are raised by various groups and organizations until they turn 18 they are than sent to specialized schools known as Coliseums. Each nation has 10 of these schools that all compete for best position and in place of war multiple competitions are held to see who is leading in the arms race.


Omega is the The American Statehoods second ranked school. Located somewhere on the West Coast it pulls from all forms of combat while still training in basic academics.

The Hierarchy is broken down as such:

Chairman (Said to be one of the first children to consume Lithe, the chairman is incredibly powerful and remains shrouded in mystery)
The Teaching staff (All of various skill levels but top of their class when they were students all have seen time on the battlefield and are veterans)
The Pillars (A sort of student council the pillars are top of their class trained and most have never lost a single battle except with each-other, the pillars are the only ones who compete with other schools and are internationally ranked)
Club Captains (These students are top of a single combat field)
Fourth Year
Third Year
Second Year
First Year

State of the school:

The Pillars rule the Omega school with an iron grip however that doesn't mean there isn't freedom in fact just the opposite students are expected to oppose one another 3 clubs hold sway among the first and second years. Another club known as CORE once held very important meaning for the school but has faded and lost much of its former prestige.
The chivalry society: a group of students trained in an ancient code and all trained with various western sword styles.
The Ops: military nuts obsessed with guns and modern fighting styles developed by the militaries of the 20th century.
Karate Club: Karate was one of the first martial arts to come to the west and has always had a huge following many students join this club and its members are well respected most who enter this club are black belts and above.
CORE: CORE was the predecessor to the pillars it was a club/group that believed in a series of core beliefs that existed in every kind of warrior, it created a sort of unity in the school. The pillars is a much more violent take and is incredibly military in nature it believes COREs outlooks were too soft and believed in a survival of the fittest system which became popular after the school lost its number 1 ranking. Now CORE is made up of just 2 students a third year and a second year.

Your characters

I am only looking for 5 characters 3 female and 2 males Four will be 18 year old first years and one female will be a Second Year. All four first years have come from the same school Black Rain Academy, considered one of the finest GE student high schools around. The Second year will be a member of CORE alongside my own character who is COREs captain. Your characters will end up in CORE probably by picking a fight of some kind or being harassed themselves etc. all four of the first years must be connected some how.

Auction System

Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
This is to settle fights that cannot be done in RP alone, not everything requires the use of these points, for instance if you start a fight with some low ranking goons who wouldn't stand a chance I dont see a need to use the system simply RP it, on the other hand if you're going up against 10 low ranking troops and than a “boss” than the use of this system will be put into effect. (This is to make sure we're not bogged down by the system)

A 150 points are to be divided within the main attributes of the character sheet
A 100 points are to be divided among the GE advantages
25 points untapped points these are placed in one area and its like your second wind its your character reaching into themselves and pulling out one of those famous moves that finish off their opponent despite the odds. This comes out when your health goes under 20 points

Strength +10 points when fighting against weapons user
Speed +10 points when fighting against tactics user
Weapons master +10 points when fighting against speed users
tactics + 10 when fighting against strength users

Character Sheet

Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide

Fighting Style:
Untapped: (How does your untapped appear an incredibly powerful attack? A second personality that fights a 100 times better? Some sort of insane Chi increase? Healing Factor?)
Relationships: (This is how your linked to the other 3 and this can be added once we have all the players)

Core Attributes

Strength: (How strong you are)
Speed: (How fast you are)
Tactics: (Using your mind to fight, plan traps catch weaknesses in your opponents etc.)
Martial Art: (Your ability within your chosen martial art if you have 2 styles)
Weapon Specialty: Must spend separate points on each weapon so you have to put 30 in sword and 10 in spear for example)
Stamina: (Free 25 This plus your increased endurance is your total health)
Focus: (Every 5 points here allows you to take on an extra opponent)

GE Advantages

Engineered Strength: (Increases strength)
Engineered Speed: (Increases speed)
Chi: (Increases Martial Arts)
Second Sight: (Increases tactics)
Engineered Endurance: (Increases Stamina)
Untapped: (Add more points to your untapped)
Attribute Increase: (every 25 points added allows you to access another core attribute)

Combat System:
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
It is incredibly simple so that the storyline does not get bogged down. You use 2 core attributes and 1 matching GE advantage your points pool is the three combined you may use up to half of your total in each round (A turn of combat) once points are used they cannot be used again in that fight (Fight is not each opponent but the end of a total battle) You can use all of your points once your health is under 25.

John Doe is a street fighter and so uses Strength (30 pts.) and Speed (15 pts.) and his GE is Increased Endurence (Stamina 25 + 20 Increased Endurence= 45 total health) to fight Leon

Total Combat 45
Total Health 45

Leon Is fighting with traditional Karate and so uses Martial Arts (25 pts.) and Strength (30) His GE is Super Strength (20) Stamina (25)

Total Combat 75
Total Health 25

First Round: John wants to test his opponent so only puts 10 points into it his 45 drops to 35. Leon on the other hand wants to end the battle quickly and goes all out with 30 dropping his total combat to 45.
Damage done to John 30 (Leons Attack)- 10(Johns attack= 20 damage to Johns health

Johns total health 25
Leons total health 25

John realizes that his opponent is serious and does the same going all out spending 18 points. (total combat 17) Leon does the same sacrificing 20 points (total combat 25)

John loses once again and Leon does the following damage 20-18= 2

Johns total health 23
Leons total health 25

John is exhausted and losing badly he uses the last of his energy to launch a counterattack 17 total (total combat 0) Leon continues his assault 13 (Leons total attack is now 12) Johns wild assault lands him an actual hit on Leon.

17-13= 4 damage to Leon

Leons total health 21
Johns total health 23

Leon can now unload on John, John has nothing else and so Leons remaining attack power strikes John for his total remaining 12.

Johns total health 11
Leons total health 21

That would be a full round of combat however each one would have a lot of roleplay attached, if combat is between 2 PCs they will PM me how many points they will spend each round if its against an NPC (Normal) you will just place it in

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Re: Lithe (Looking for 3 females and 2 males)
« Reply #1 on: August 05, 2012, 10:59:10 pm »
Example Character Sheet:

Name: Sean
Sex: Male
Fighting Style: Street fighter
Untapped: Super Strength (+25 to one last punch)
Description: A handsome white male eighteen years old he is usually found in jeans and white shirt he stands out mainly due to the red cap he wears even in class.
Relationships: (This is how your linked to the other 3 and this can be added once we have all the players)

Core Attributes (150)

Strength: 50
Speed: 50
Tactics: 10
Martial Art: 10
Weapon Specialty: 0
Stamina: 25 (+25)
Focus: 5 (2 opponents total)

GE Advantages (100)

Engineered Strength: 50
Engineered Speed: 0
Chi: 0
Second Sight: 0
Engineered Endurance: 50
Untapped: 0
Attribute Increase: 0