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Author Topic: Seeking creative females for Batsose's newest cravings  (Read 1181 times)

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Seeking creative females for Batsose's newest cravings
« on: August 05, 2012, 06:33:44 PM »
Batsose's New Ideas

I have unavailable the last few months for RP, but I a now have some free time to get back in it.

Please PM me if interested.

TAKENHacked Hacker

A young ambitious hacker crosses the line by attacking a.  She is trying to be a hackivist, but doesn't realize it was a trap.  Now some unknown  threatens to expose her unless she does what she is told.  He sends instructions to various acts of sexual exhibition, at first she is repulse, but then she starts to like it.  Open to plot ideas.

PM me if interested

idea #2

TAKENMercenary and the Exiled Princess

A young Princess causes a scandal by being involved in an affair with a married young Noble and is sent in exile.  The truth is she was raped by the young Noble, but no one believed her as she was seen as being a bit flirtatious.  She is sent to a Nunnery but runs away and becomes a high end prostitute in a faraway kingdom.  Years later one of her childhood loves becomes a ruthless mercenary who is now traveling through her land.  He is given an special gift for services he rendered to a local merchant, which turns out to be her.  They both realize it during the act and he falls in love with her and decides to seek revenge on the man who wronged her.  I open to where it goes from here.

Idea #3

TakenThe Nanny

A young woman takes a job with a family as a part time Nanny to help her through school.  She soon develops a crush on the Father, but keeps it to herself.  She is sadden to learn that over the summer she is not needed for the vacation, but then she gets a call and is asked to come help for a few weeks while the Mother has to go attend a sick relative.  Now she is alone with the man the question is what will happen...  I am open to ideas here

Idea #4

Secret to Success
A New Business graduate lands a job at a big Investment firm that promises big money.  She is ambitious, but never seems to get the big reward she is after as she is never given the lucrative accounts.  She goes to her boss who offers her a big account if she wears more provocative clothing to work one day.  She is offended by this, but he explains the quid pro quo atmosphere of work and the people who get the big accounts give something in return.  Her handsome boss states he will deny any wrongdoing and she will stay stuck in her current position, but if she complies with his request she could see a lot of money coming her way.  She does so and is granted the account which immediately has big benefits.  Now she is hungry for more, but what else is she prepared to do for it.  As potential earnings increase so do the acts become more deviant.

Idea #5
TAKEN Hostage Love

Robbery goes wrong when a thief discovers a young daughter who is home unexpected from college is the only thing worth taking.  At first he wants a ransom, but then he finds himself attracted to her and decides he is going to have fun with her while she is tied up.   At first she resist and he forces himself on her, but then she becomes very flirty with him in hopes that he may untie her and she could find a way to escape.  I am open to how this goes, like maybe she becomes attracted to him or tries to manipulate him in some way seeking revenge... 

TakenIdea #6: Forced at gun point
I am interested in any incest ideas actually but this is one that I came up with:

Brother and sister are forced by masked gun man who breaks into their house to have sex with each other.
Idea #7: Softball Coach

A young ball player has always found the coach to be attractive, but he is married and she never considered herself a home-wrecker.  The team goes to Las Vegas and wins regional championship.  Everybody celebrates at the local bar, but the coach excuses himself and heads off to his room.  The young woman is drunk and horny and decides to follow him back to his room.  He resistant at first, but his own desires over take him.  The have a night of passionate sex.  Later, when they return home she tries to forget the incident as a drunken one night stand, but he can’t stop thinking about her and wants more

Idea #8


A rebel girl has to go to detention, if she misses she will be kicked out of the boarding school and sent back home.  She sees the detention attendant is the shy nerdy computer teacher and so she thinks if she just offer him a blow job that will be enough and he will let her out of it.  He nervously agrees, but during it something comes over him and he becomes nasty and mean forces her to do more.  He uses her and then casually dismisses her.  She is embarrassed, but then she can’t stop thinking about him and so later goes to the computer lab wanting more.

Idea #9
Faking an Android

Futuristic Blade Runner type setting - A woman who works in Sex Android manufacturing plant gets into trouble and needs to hide out.  She is working on an the final touches of programing an android to young man special order.  The androids are very life like and the company is known for how real things act and feel.  She is desperate and sees it as a way to escape.  So she dresses herself as the android and goes to his house thinking she is just going to hide out for a little while and then figure a way to escape once the heat dies down.

Idea #10

 Unrequited love

I am looking for something more subtle that takes time to build.  A young man has come to an old English Estate.  The setting is just around the turn of the century, before World War 1.  He is there as a consultant to help bring the  the owner of the estate an older man who has several textile factories, bring his business up to date.  The young man is from London where there are new manufacturing machinery and the elder estate owner wants to modernize his factories  to be competitive.  Upon his arrival the young man is struck by the young beautiful wife of the elder man.  At first she is quiet and does not engage, but he can not help but notice how beautiful she is.  Late at night, the young man cannot not sleep and wanders the estate.  This is where he runs into the young wife and the begin talking late at night.  They develop feelings for each other over time, but keep things a secret as to not create a scandal.  I am very open to how this one plays out. 

Taken Idea #11
Dragon Slayer

A dragon has been terrorizing a high mountain community.  No one knows where the dragon is coming from, but a young girl has her suspicions the Mysterious Dark Lord knows and may even know how to defeat it.  Everyone is afraid of him and stays away from his high mountain castle, but she is not and believes she can convince him to tell her how to slay the dragon.  She goes to him in secret, not realizing he is the dragon in human form.  At first he is strangely attracted to her and begins to instruct her in the ways of magic, but then she discovers his secret...  I am open to how this goes.

Idea #12
Science fiction space setting

A science team has been sent to a distant planet to explore a planet for possible mining opportunities.   The entire crew is placed in a hibernating sleep state during the long journey.  When they get there it is discovered only two are alive: a male and female.  They are told they must wait for a rescue ship that can bring them back.  So they orbit the ship around a planet and prepare themselves to wait it out, having plenty of food, air and water to last them several months.  Suddenly the computer goes haywire and begins to deny them their rations and then tells them they must 'perform' to get their meals.  If they do not comply the life support will be turned off.  It turns out someone else is controlling the ship from somewhere else and now is playing with them.  They have to do what is asked, but also are trying to figure out how to take control back from the ship.  I am open to how this one turns out.
Idea #13
The Interrogation Drug
A scientist who works for a military contracting company is working on a new top secret interrogation drug.  When intoxicated, the drug is supposed to make the person answer any question truthfully but it also erases their memory of the event.  The government is hoping it  would make the perfect spy drug as they could get information from people without them knowing it.  The scientist is having difficult as it is unethical for him to test people.  His female assistant agrees to try it out to help move the experiment along.  In the process the drug has some surprising effects, she becomes very uninhibited and vulnerable in that she does whatever he tells her.  At first he tests her out, and afterward she has no knowledge, but then his own desires take over him and the next time she tests the drug he has her do things with him.  She has no memory of the event, but the drug begins to have a longer lasting effect in that she becomes more uninhibited in real life.  To the scientist consternation she begins to have relations with other colleagues, which causes him some jealousy.  He has to figure out a way to tell her without revealing what really happened between them.  I am open to how this turns out.

Idea #14

The Intern's Secret Challenge

An intern at a law firm is excited about the opportunity she is given, but then realizes quickly the duties she has to perform are very boring, making copies, getting coffee, etc...  She expresses her frustration during the break room not knowing someone is paying attention.  Suddenly she gets a secret anonymous email offering her an opportunity to do some more interesting work, if she can successfully perform some exhibitionism tasks.  At first she is mortified by the idea, but her own boredom takes over and she decides to go through with it.  Afterward she is rewarded by being asked to work on a more lucrative case.  Her internship begins to become more interesting, but if she wants more she needs to perform more tasks which become more daring and outrageous.  She is even secretly offered a possible position, but she most do more deviant tasks, some even involving sex acts with strangers.   She never knows who is actually making the request and she tries to find out, but the person eludes her.   The question is how badly does want to succeed?

Idea #15
Demon corruption

A bored housewife is seeking adventure in her life, but is too shy to actually act out on any of her fantasies.  She stumbles across a strange website that offers a spell that will cast a fantasy lover.  Out of boredom and desperation she tries the spell, but at first it does not seem to succeed, but then suddenly a man of her dreams appears in her life and begins to flirt with her.  They begin a lurid and deviant affair and then the man begins to try and corrupt her to do more deviant things.  Suddenly her life begins to get filled with wild sexual adventures, but will it end up wrecking her marriage and her life in the process?

PM if interested

One Shot Cravings

1. Catholic girl wants to maintain her virginity but suggesting to try anal to please her boyfriend.  (Based upon actual events)

2. Brother takes advantage of horny drunk sister who in the dark mistakes him for her boyfriend at first, but then realizes to late it is really her brother.

3.  Taken Daughter's slutty friend.  A Father is home alone with his Daughter and her friends who there on a slumber party.  One of the girls who has always had a crush on the dad sneaks away form the party and tries to seduce the father.  At first the Father is resistant, but then he is into and begins to suggest more naughty things.  This could turn into something longer.

Pm me if interested in any of these ideas


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Re: Seeking creative females for Batsose's newest cravings
« Reply #1 on: August 05, 2012, 09:53:51 PM »
Bumping with new idea #2

more coming....

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Re: Seeking creative females for Batsose's newest cravings
« Reply #2 on: August 05, 2012, 10:08:46 PM »
bumping with Idea #3

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Re: Seeking creative females for Batsose's newest cravings
« Reply #3 on: August 06, 2012, 11:25:32 AM »
Added idea #4 and 5

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Re: Seeking creative females for Batsose's newest cravings
« Reply #4 on: August 08, 2012, 01:18:49 PM »
Added #6, #7 and #8

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Re: Seeking creative females for Batsose's newest cravings
« Reply #5 on: August 09, 2012, 08:44:47 AM »
Adding android idea...

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Re: Seeking creative females for Batsose's newest cravings
« Reply #6 on: August 26, 2012, 11:13:45 AM »
Adding idea #10

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Re: Seeking creative females for Batsose's newest cravings
« Reply #7 on: August 26, 2012, 11:31:39 AM »
Adding One shot and idea #11

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Re: Seeking creative females for Batsose's newest cravings
« Reply #8 on: August 29, 2012, 05:28:58 PM »
Added science fiction idea  #11 and more one shot cravings

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Re: Seeking creative females for Batsose's newest cravings
« Reply #9 on: September 14, 2012, 01:35:25 PM »
added idea #12

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Re: Seeking creative females for Batsose's newest cravings
« Reply #10 on: October 05, 2012, 01:56:02 PM »
adding idea 14 and 15