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Author Topic: Inspire or be Inspired || F for M || Multiple Ideas (IM or Forum)  (Read 986 times)

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Re: Inspire or be Inspired || F for M || Multiple Ideas (IM or Forum)
« Reply #1 on: August 04, 2012, 11:08:38 AM »

This is the Character and case information for # 10 "Witness Protection"


Miss Ivy LaShanko

Eyes : Blue/Green
Age Range : 33
Height : 5'3''
Nationality : Ukrainian/Persian
Occupation : Consultant/Private Investigator/Tracker
General Personality : Very attentive,  elegant, ethereal, and quite vague with her personal details. She's witty and good natured with a mildly dark 'appetite' and knack for being a smart ass. She's very expressive and emotional though strong willed. She has a sense of humor and the skills to give most men a run for their money, despite having no notable background for it. A walking mystery with all the subtleties  of a sensual core.

Terms: Ivy here by agrees to testify against members of the Illiak Cartel for the Murder of Judge Lilly Whiteford; in exchange, Miss LaShanko is entering WITSEC under a new identity. She agrees to leave everything of her old life behind including friends and relatives.

Case Notes :

  • Entering Witness Protection under the new name of Ivy Carter.
  • Picked up at the house of Judge Lilly Whiteford as one of two survivors (8 total dead, 7 were cartel members, as was the other survivor who corroborated her story.)
    • Judge Lilly Whiteford was being targeted for sending the Don's son to prison for statutory rape
    • LaShanko was believed to be there under the employ of Mrs. Whiteford, investigating her son's disappearance
    • The Son has still not been found (2 years now)
    • It's been stated by both surviving parties that Miss LaShanko killed the 7 cartel members in an effort to save Mrs Whiteford.
    • LaShanko was stated to have disarmed the man holding her hostage in the house, using his gun to kill the others
    • She suffered only minor injuries for which she was treated; split brow and a dislocated shoulder.
  • Transferring from Washington D.C. to Phoenix Arizona.
  • LaShanko's medical history doesn't suggest any allergies or mental illnesses
    • Two weeks prior to the Whiteford murder LaShanko was under investigation for the murder of two cops and four unidentified civilians in the warehouse district
      • Forensics are still trying to piece together the scene, LaShanko claimed no memory
      • She was found unconscious and badly bruised in a storage room after a mobile K-9 unit tracked the dead bodies
      • LaShanko was released from the hospital and not formally charged with anything

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Re: Inspire or be Inspired || F for M || Multiple Ideas (IM or Forum)
« Reply #2 on: August 09, 2012, 05:26:54 AM »

This is an example start up for  for # 5 "Gunning For you" -- in this SL, you will need to describe the guys coming for your character, I will then play her intervention!


Tori's--> That was the name of the bar. It was a bit ritzy with it's fine crush velvet seats, some of them circled around a table in that manner that could trap a few people between a few others. Behind the bar was hip to ceiling with bottles which bespoke of their stock. It wasn't particularly big but spaced well enough if you took a booth you had some semblance of privacy. The lighting was that dim orange like glow of old bulbs and older lamps. Most of the floor was lightly carpeted because it was quieter for the ladies wearing heels.

One such lady was Tori's kid-sister Tiffany. The on-again, off-again local who was fairly well known among the lot as a trouble maker and tyrant. Last time she'd twisted her way through town like a bloody tornado she wasn't quite eighteen. Jailbait. Built like a
w o m a n , she was always a provocateur, though no one could really say if anyone who she'd slept with. Poison. The demon child who was now old enough to buy her own drink,  and was just as provocative and cunning; if not a little more refined.

Her five-five frame was perched on the spikes of four-inch black ankle-strap heels like she was born in them. Tiff almost crossed her legs in a lazy stride that wide hips dominated. Fishnet stockings were worn under the strapless black jumper like a prime cut of hooker-ass. She even wore the cherry-bomb red lipstick that drew out the darkness of
hunter-green eyes and obsidian hair. The Cleopatra cut framed her face perfectly and allowed for a continuously clear line of sight as she prowled around the area they considered the dance floor.

Playing with herself a game of I SPY with respect to a guy she saw at the bar. Drinking up on his beer in a clean cut leather jacket and monochromatic black and gray color scheme; black denim, grey shirt, black jacket and boots. He had that loner-wolf look down pretty well, but Tiffany could see the way he watched the couples. It was as he was ordering a second drink that movement toward the door caused her to look that way...

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Re: Inspire or be Inspired || F for M || Multiple Ideas (IM or Forum)
« Reply #3 on: August 11, 2012, 05:53:21 PM »
Kiahvo, another character option

Name: Kiahvo Kaju (Pronounced: Key-ah-voe Kah-joo)
Age: 28
Height: 5'
Weight: 115 lbs
Eye: Honey Brown
Hair: Black
Nationality: Navatuian (Reclusive 'Native' culture I made up from Greenland)

Basic Personality type: Strong Willed, Compassionate, Empathetic, Logical, Instinctual, Detail Oriented, Observant, Soft Spoken, Engaging, Hopeful -- but not trusting, Optimistic, Realistic, Calm, Collected, Curious, Modest-- but not really bashful
Occupation: Healer at the Burdock Private Practice (Known as the 'Old World Healer' by her colleagues.)

This Character in possible settings for "Unwilling, Unexpected Help"
Setting#1 In this setting the Burdock Private Practice is one of the largest Private Medical organizations in the city. It's known for it's state of the art technology and treatment facilities as well as a Wellness center for aftercare. Kiahvo was brought in partly for publicity as an 'Old World Healer' who doesn't use pharmaceuticals so much as natural herbs and such. Naturists of course eat it up and she happens to be one of few in the area who even practice 'Old World' Medicine. One of the newest gimmicks in modern meds are 'non harmful' radioactive markers that allow various tracking of patients who're taking specific meds or use certain branded supplies. So, if you want to stay under the radar, you have to use old world medicine. This turns out to be why your character wants her, because for -whatever- reason, he needs to stay low key, and he happens to know she'll know how to do it. So he veers off his path to snag her as he runs. Could be at her home or the office or some such.

Setting#2 Burdock Private Practice is a no-name Medical facility in the outskirts of the city limits were most of their service is house-calls to further reaching estates. Kiahvo became a member of the Private Practice after saving the lives of their Mr. Burdock when he was out on vacation in a jungle. Fascinated and amazed he talked her into coming to join him and to learn about new medical technologies. He's an older man and a pioneer for medical advancements who's hoping to find Old World inspiration. It's pure happenstance that your character crosses paths with her, perhaps using their offices as his hide out at first, unaware someone's still there. When he finds out, he insists she help fix him up.

Setting#3 A tangle of trouble. Burdock Private Practice is like the medical Walmart-- for all your healing needs. There are half a dozen in every major city and every one of them is required to have a Healer, someone trained in Old World Medicines. Never mind that Kiahvo's overqualified for what they require, they're just happy to get the spot filled. Most of her clients are the curious sort over the believers and practitioners. It makes her seek fulfillment elsewhere which sometimes puts her in shady places where people don't have doctors who will care for them. It's in a dark alley on her way home that she'd caught up in her own brand of trouble. Chased by a few men around the tight working of double-stack buildings when she crosses your character. Maybe literally running into him. Instinct causes him to kill or otherwise take out the guys following her which, sort of makes her feel obligated to help. Like she owes him, even if he doesn't say it.   
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